Apr 042011

Stunning disclosure was made public by investigators of AF447 crash who discovered corpses of the victims two years after the terrible accident that occurred above the Atlantic and killed 228 passengers. “We have corpses, found among the parts of the wreckage”, the French Ecology Minister announced.

Wreckage parts of AF 447 flight were found in 2009 but other debris have been collected recently (April 2011)

The chief investigator revealed that the main part of the crashed plane has been found. “It looks like we have identified the wreckage site. So far we collected only a few pieces of debris emerged at the suerface of the water,” Jean-Paul Troadec, head of the French Investigation Agency said.

The Agency stated Sunday that components of the crashed Airbus 330 have been recovered during an underwater operation performed in the last twenty four hours. However it was not concluded yet the reason of the tragedy as the two flight recorders are still missing.

The 2009 examination led to suspicions that the passenger jet struck the ocean with the belly first while still being intact. The oxygen masks never deployed suggesting the plane was not depressurized. AF447 flights sent out several distress signals before smashing to the water in an area of the Atlantic located at 2-4 days for ships to travel from Brazil (South America) or Senegal (Africa).

Reconstruction: Final moments of AF Flight 447



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