May 042011

Oana Zavoranu possessed by the devil and surrounded by crosses is the story behind the nude pictorial of the May 2011 edition of the Playboy magazine. This approach, inspired by one of the star’s favorite movies – “The Exorcist” – convinced her to appear in a magazine for men.

Oana Zavoranu in a demonic pictorial for Playboy magazine, May 2011:

“It was a very pleasant experience. Everything started from the movie The Exorcist. This was the reason I agreed to do the pictorial, it was more related to the concept and less about the nudity. It is a concept, a story, not just a naked woman,” said Oana Zavoranu. The actress told how people from Playboy approached her and what determined her to accept the pictorial appearance.

The actress is convinced that her pictures are quite different than those from a normal pictorial.
“I did not want to do something trivial. All the pictorials I shot for for various glossy magazines have been memorable and it will be the same also for Playboy. I did not wish the men to say: Oana Zavoranu stripped like all others and … This is not the thought they are gonna have it when seeing the pictorial”.

Furthermore Oana says Zavoranu revealed that her Playboy pictorial, which appears on the market today, will not change her relationship with God.

The fiery brunette takes each role seriously and by hard work manages to enter into the skin of each character she plays.

“My relationship with God is untouchable. No role in this world can destroy it. I will ever be the same Oana but just playing different roles which I take them so seriously just to make you believe I live them”, Oana wrote on its social media page. It seems that Oana accepted to remove her clothes in front of the cameras for the amount of 20000 Euros.



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