May 052011

Gossip outlet Cancan got into the possession of the first photographs of Dinamo’s shareholder Cristian Borcea and his girlfriend, the model Alina Vidican since they made their relationship public. The twosome seem happy and live quietly their romance on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in a dream atmosphere.

Cristi Borcea and his new girlfriend Alina Vidican enjoying the sunny landscape of Florida

“I and Alina are very happy and we love a lot each other! I feel that nothing can change the beauty of our relationship. For us to be together it’s like a dream that came true and we do not have to hide our feelings anymore. Basically, now we are free to enjoy our love and take full advantage of it. What can I say? I’m happier than ever!”

This is the way Cristi Borcea describes his feelings since he admitted in front of the whole world that fell in love and is ready to start a new family with his girlfriend Alina Vidican. Cristi and Alina have already been in love for almost eight years and their feelings became so strong such that they decided to face any obstacle in order to make the relationship official.

However till that would happen, Dinamo shareholder must go through a divorce he wants to be discreet and very civilized. Once the separation of present wife Mihaela – the woman with whom he lived 22 years and has three children – is completed, Borcea will be able to take the new lover as a life partner.

Meantime, Cristi and Alina are fully enjoying their love in Miami, far away from curious and inquisitive eyes of the world. The paparazzi came into possession of some photographs which show without doubt that they are fitted with one another and happy.

The new couple are seen continuously embraced. In one of the pictures Borcea keeps his girlfriend tenderly and tight like being afraid that the dream will end.
Update: Video: Cristi Borcea and Alina Vidican civil marriage 20June2011



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