Jun 042011

(Source: ProTV) After cooking a huge pot of chick soup, the winner of the third place at the 11th season “Dancing for you” (Dansez pentru tine) Roxana Ionescu came up with a surprise for Wilmark on the ocassion of his birthday and subsequently she danced provocatively and sensually using a… ladle.

Roxana Ionescu

Roxana Ionescu revealed stunning dancing skills on Happy Hour show (Credit: protv.ro)

Roxana Ionescu is not only beautiful and skilled into dancing technique, but she turns out to be also a good housewife! She cooked chick soup and bean soup, which she brought to Wilmark during the show “Happy Hour” on June 3.

Wilmark had already received a tri-color cake from the “Happy Hour” team and afterwards he tasted the soup prepared by Roxana specially for him.

In order to have a complete surprise for the celebrated event, Roxana Ionescu performed an extremely sensual dance with the ladle, as can be viewed in the video below. Wilmark granted a 10 for Roxana!
Video: Roxana Ionescu performance, ProTV Happy Hour, 3 June 2011



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