Jun 162011

In this images Elena Udrea would delight any male

Probably most of the men are impressed and enchanted by Elena Udrea’s appearance. However Mr. Tariceanu thinks otherwise!
Calin Popescu-Tariceanu stirs excitement after revealing a set of pictures that brings Elena Udrea in a quite uncomfortable situation. Attending a meeting of the liberal women to discuss the decency of the ladies from Romanian politics, Tariceanu showed several snapshots of Elena Udrea and compared them with images of other ladies from world’s politics.

The Romanian Minister of Tourism past the “not like that” contest in terms of decency.

The set of surprising photos which caught Elena Udrea dressed in extremely loose garments followed quickly after images portraying Carla Bruni and Michelle Obama during some official meetings. Tariceanu’s presentation delighted the audience. The only person expressing somehow indignation was Adriana Saftoiu – a former adviser of Basescu – who took Udrea’s defense.

“I showed ladies who serve as examples to follow and, coincidentally, I allowed myself to show also ladies … who don’t play role model (e.g. E. Udrea)” said Tariceanu.

The meeting ended with one conclusion: the Romanian Parliament needs a decency code and the liberal women have already begun working on that.



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  1. Preety blonde but on the other hand is very dirty (in her soul) ! :(

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