Jun 192011

Mariana Moculescu and boydriend Cristi Marin involved in scandal in Bucharest club

Gossip media Cancan revealed a monstrous scandal that occurred Thursday night in a club from downtown Bucharest! Mariana Moculescu and Cristi – her ex-boyfriend – had a hot quarrel of great days, spreading insults all over, curses and even a series of slaps or punches! Irritated by Cristi’s jealousy, madamme Moculeascu outbursted and punished her alledged boyfriend. Although the scandal could escalate further, Cristi was calmed down by bodyguards, because, otherwise, probably he would have retaliated and hit back restless Mariana.

Bitter arguments and reproaches that Mariana addresses so far to her ex-boyfriend during TV shows are considered insignificat compared to the scandal they made on Thursday in the pub. The dance performed by a stripper in front of Mariana minded Cristi, who jumped off the seat and asked explanations from his woman. Of course, when looking at the video it would be obvious for everyone that all the situation was somehow staged with that stripper sparking the spirits. Probably he had an agreement with the plenty of gossip reporters around.
Subsided by bodyguards, Cristi was taken over by an agressive Mariana, who, full of anger, she “blessed” him with plenty of injuries and insults: “Junkie, dirty scum, trash! Get out of here, take him away from me”, Mariana shouted. You are a psycho who have brought all whores in the house! Stinking punk you are, look at you,” exclaimed Mariana, while chasing Cristi in an attempt to apply him a few slaps.
In reply, the nervous man tried to seize Mariana and probably wanted to pay back with same coin, but he was stopped by bodyguards. It would not be surprising if this scandalous event was just an advertising plan.
Watch Video: Mariana Moculescu and Cristi Marin, scandal in Bucharest club



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