Jul 062011

Moni Gabor is the new image of Mr. Pink Tea brand. It is well known that Monica Columbeanu or more recently Gabor (after divorce) was traveling pretty often to US claiming that she signed a 1 million euro modelling contract. However the Romanina gossip magazines like Ciao or Cancan launched a wide 2 week investigation to track down Monica in LA. They found the ex-Columbeanu lady quite happy, hanging out with a Chinese millionaire who is allegedly thought to have offered her the fabulous one million euro contract, Monica’s reason to travel Romania – USA back and forth. The pictures taken by paparazzi are a little stunning regarding the fact that the guy is wearing a kind of marriage ring.

Now Mrs. (former) Columbeanu’s trips make sense to anyone. Ciao! team went to Los Angeles to see exactly how the affairs run and found out that the much-advertised million comes from a rich Chinese, with whom Moni have lived already for some time and believed to be the reason of divorce from Irinel Columbeanu.
Finding Monica in Los Angeles is not a trivial matter, but reporters have developed a wide search and in the end they successfully accomplished their mission. As expected, Monica was not seen working hardly in an office or photo studio, but just entertaining herself in the company of Chinese man, who made her the image of Mr. Pink tea, manufactured by his father. Pictures reveal that Monica Gabor is quite spoiled in the U.S. She and Chinese lover live on Willshire Blvd., one of the most popular boulevards in Los Angeles, which is within
walking distance of Beverly Hills residential area where a penthouse cost 8.5 million dollars! Moni overwhelms her “sponsor” with tenderness and attention and walks just hanging by his neck. This attitude is reminiscent of
the early relationship of Monica with Irinel. She was the one who held his clothes and take care to light his cigarettes up when he was craving to smoke. Irinel prefer Blackstone, packaged cigarettes one by one, difficult to open and Moni was always struggling to pull them out just to please her partner. As proven also in US, Monica was sent by the Chinese partner to pay the parking and she complied, even if she is not quite skilled to use the parking device. However she requested the help of a employee.In one of the days spent in LA, Monica and Chines boyfriend entered a luxury pawn shop where she spotted an expensive watch, a Rolex with white dial. It is well known that former Mrs. Columbeanu has a weakness for watches. “Surprisingly”, the guy refused to buy her the Rolex despite that insistence and despair could be read in Monica’s eyes.
However subsequently Moni  convinced him to make the investment. Upon the return to Romania, Miss Gabor was seen wearing a Rolex on her hand, but with black dial, a sign that she knows efficient methods to determine the Chinese to be kind when she wants something expensive.



  2 Responses to “Monica Columbeanu and her beloved Chinese millionaire”

  1. what a shame!!!!!!! Come on china man,you are way smarter,don’t let this gold digger fool you,you are just giving shame to woman,to Romanians,to humans beeing,to your parents,to chinese people!
    that chinese food is not for you dear!
    25 years old?go work,you lazy girl!
    by the way,she will marry you,take your money and divorce you…….

  2. I agree with “haha” Well,she’s a bit*ch ,she was a prostitute a few years ago.Bad choice Mr Pink..

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