Jul 072011

Would that be true or is just something staged for a little bit of advertising? According to apropo.ro, Simona Trasca, called also “Pamela of Romania” was allegedly filmed while “playing” with a stripper in public.

Simona Trasca or Miss Pamela: Credit: Antena1tv

Paparazzi overtook blonde Simona Trasca “Pamela de Romania”, the former girlfriend of George Ciubotariu in very intimate situation with a guy hooked up in a club.

After both enjoyed the great time in the club, they came out to cool down into the street. It seems that the twosome did not figure out that entire scene might be filmed by paparazzi.

The racy moment was caught on tape by paparazzi of the television station 6TV.
It is presumed that Simona and her friend wished to take advantage that nobody was walking at that early hour and release their fantasies.

Their passion led them in the street where they began kissing each other and finally getting rid of their clothes to get more quickly to the… climax.

The action took place inside blonde’s car, where they allegedly tried all “vehicle corners” (as apropo said). However a similar (apparently staged) situation took place between Bianca Dragusanu and Catalin Botezatu.
See the original article/video on apropo.ro.
Now do you think that also the video involving Trasca and her companion was staged?



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