Aug 282011

Cristi Borcea is decided to offer an unforgettable wedding to his new wife Alina Vidican (scroll down for wedding images).

The bride experienced several veil troubles.

How much did Dynamo’s shareholder spend?
Well, since the beginning, the groom and bride revealed they do not lack the money at all as long as they spent a little wealth for their wedding rings: no less than 80,000 euros.

Cristi Borcea and Alina Vidican during the civil marriage followed at close range by godfather Gigi Becali

The wedding party takes place at one of the most exclusivist Romanian locations in Otopeni, and the menu amounts to 600 euros per person.

About 600 guests are expected to attend the fancy wedding. They are scheduled to be welcomed by 20 hostesses and will be served by 100 waiters, who will receive 500 euros each for the profitable night.

Besides the exclusive menu, the guests will be provided with the best possible drinks – among them, 500 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne, which costs 160 euros each.

The party will end with a fireworks display, which will last 6 minutes. Alina and Cristi vowed faith to each other in front of…8 priests.

Despite the spicy price, the wedding dress provided countless troubles as the bridesmaids struggled to handle the veil which was gripping repeatedly the red carpet.

Video: Alina Vidican Borcea – wedding dress malfunction (veil troubles)



  3 Responses to “Cristi Borcea and Alina Vidican to set luxurious wedding”

  1. This Christie Borcea is another controversial businessman along with his illiterate Godfather (Gigi-George ‘F’ecali). Borcea he grew up to a few blocks from me in the eastern side of Bucharest (Titan neighborhood).
    He’s ‘great’ business was started in the early 90’s with the gas cylinders/bottled gas at a small level in the hood & now it proclaims himself a ‘multimilioner grandiose’ with big businesses in Romania and Florida.
    In reality Borcea’s wedding cost over 1 million euro (not only 80000 euros)
    He even wanted to have at the wedding the famous Shakira Singer, but Shakira’s agent required a tremendous amount: 2 milions Euros per 1h !!! Too much even for such a ‘grande’ millionaire. 😉
    I’m curious if someday FoxCrawl team will search Borcea’s businesses in Miami and what will be discovered after….. 🙂

    • Simon,,apparently Borcea left Bucharest for U.S. like you:)

      • No, no !
        I never left Bucharest (U can also see on your Histast where I am) & I never been in the U.S.A. but I believe that I’m a person well informed even here (zelfs in Boekarest). 😉

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