Nov 142011

True 3D technology uses laser-excited plasma to display screenless images,e.g. holograms

Holograms are now closer to reality thanks to the True 3D laser plasma technology which does not require traditional screens for displaying images (scroll down for video).

Holographic messages, which we previously saw only in movies like Star Wars are about to become reality through a new technology arrived directly from Japan. It’s True 3D, which is based on older technology, developed by AIST and Keio University in 2006. This new projection system can be used to present images without the need for a screen.

The system works by focusing a laser beam that generates a plasma environmnet from the oxygen and nitrogen present in air, thus enabling it to display holographic images. According, the projected holographic images appear as 3D floating objects in mid-air.

At this point, the system creates approximately 50,000 points per second and features a frame rate of 10-15 FPS, but Japanese scientists are trying to increase it to 24-30 FPS. So far, the images are only monochromatic (single color), green, but multi-colored images but can also be created using lasers emitting at different wavelengths e.g. blue and red. Below, a video demonstrating the newTrue 3D technology:

Video: True 3D holograms by Laser Plasma Technology



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