Dec 122011

Romanian singer Malina Olinescu died Sunday night after she fell from the 6th floor of the building where she lived (scroll down for video report).

Malina Olinescu jumped to her death from the 6th floor of a Bucharest building (Olinescu/MySpace)

Malina Olinescu jumped to her death from the 6th floor of a Bucharest building (Olinescu/MySpace)

Investigators who took samples from the death site, have no doubt that it is suicide case.

A Smurd ambulance was called for a North Station (Gara de Nord) area incident, early Monday (12 Dec. 2011) morning at around 1:00, when a woman fell from the 6th floor of a block. Doctors tried to resuscitate her for more than 30 minutes, but it turned out to be in vain.

Later, friends of the victim identified her as Olinescu Malina and they suspect she would have committed suicide because of separation from her lover.

Malina’s friend Calin Geambasu believes she chose the suicide way after splitting from her boyfriend and says she threatened several times that will take her own life.

“She threatened many times that she would take her life. Now she did it. For the past two years she has hinted to do it. In the relationship with her boyfriend, Malina was not fully understood, her feelings were not entirely understood,” Geambasu said.
The body was transported to the IML where it will be subjected to autopsy. Many fans grieve the death of the artist and the headlines of most media outlets feature a sad title: Malina Olinescu has died (Malina Olinescu a murit).

Video: Malina Olinescu death: Images from suicide scene

Malina Olinescu married in 2000, but divorced 7 years later
In 2000, Malina Olinescu married “Compact” band keyboardist Dan Stesco. “I wanted to marry a great man and I found him. Dan is very romantic, he offers flowers, we spend time together. We are a happy family,” Malina said then.

But they divorced seven years later. The divorce was filed by Dan Stesco, saying that the problems between him and his wife started in 2004.

“In the past three years, we have always argued, and in the house there was an unbearable tension,” he said.

Moreover, he motivated in the divorce application that he could not support the “personality crisis” of the artist. “My wife wants to take all important decisions by herself and has an intolerant attitude,” said Dan Stesco.

Malina Olinescu complained that her music was not sought

Two years ago, Malina Olinescu complained in an interview for a music blog, saying that her music was not sought by the record labels.

“In full success, all doors suddenly closed. I mean the doors of record labels. After being sought before, now I was refused. And not only me but also people I worked with. We were told all the time either that our music is not commercial enough, or we should change one thing or another. Quite often we received answers like: “Call me another time or We’ll see”… And practically we found ourselves silenced”, said the artist in 2008.

Who was Malina Olinescu?

Malina Olinescu was born on 29 January 1974 in Bucharest and graduated the Philology Highschool Iulia Hasdeu. Coming from a family of artists (she was the daughter of actor Boris Olinescu and singer Doina Spataru), Malina starts singing since aged 5.

In 1993, after finishing the high school, Malina sang in various Bucharest clubs. Two years later she participates in the festival of light music Aurelian Andreescu, where she wins the first prize of the interpretation contest.

In 1996, Malina enters the “School of Stars” (Scoala Vedetelor), a very popular television show aired across Romania.

Also in 1996, Malina takes part of light music festival in Mamaia, where claims the third prize of the “Interpretation” section. In 1997, at the same festival she wins together with composer Adrian Romcescu, the first prize after performing “I miss you” (Mi-e dor de tine). The same year she tops the podium at the famous festival “Cerbul de Aur”.

In 1998, along with the same composer -Adrian Romcescu-, Malina wins the National Eurovision selection and represents Romania in Birmingham, England, with “I believe” (Eu Cred).

Also in 1998 she won the third prize, along with her colleague and composer Adrian Despot, the “creation” section of Mamaia Festival with the song “I can fly” (Pot sa zbor).

Malina Olinescu is thus the second Romanian singer that commits suicide in the last period after Madalina Manole killed herseft on July 14, 2010 after drinking 400 ml of Furadan, a highly toxic substance.

Video: Malina Olinescu -Tacerea Doare (Eurovision Romanian final 2003)



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