Dec 172011

Indian Jyoti Amge, 18, was crowned by Guiness Book as world's shortest living woman.Photo:Reuters

Smallest size, biggest dreams!

18-year-old Indian student Jyoti Amge measures only 24.7 inches (63.74 cm) in height.

Recently she was registered as the world’s shortest living woman in the Guinness Book of World Records. The record had been previously held by American Bridgette Jordan who is 27 inch (68.58 cm) tall.

“It is great to celebrate my 18th birthday anniversary with a new Guiness Record, it’s like an extra birthday gift,” said Jyoti Amge in an interview on Friday as she was handed her certificate in the presence of her parents.

“I feel thankful for being such a small size,” she added. “Probably if I was not small and had not claimed these world records I would have never visited Japan and Europe, and many other beautiful places,” Amge said.

Amge held previously the title of world’s shortest teenager, and she is 2 inches shorter than Bridgette Jordan, the American woman who was crowned as the shortest woman before her. Because Amge features a type of dwarfism called achondroplasia, she can not grow anymore.

“In agreement with our guidelines, Jyoti underwent 3 measurements in the past 24 hours,” Guinness World Records said of her new record.

Despite her small size, Amge has big dreams as she wishes to become a Bollywood celebrity and intends to get a college degree, according to BBC.

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Jyoti Amge welcomes birthday wishes as well as Guiness World Records title in Nagpur, India.Photo:AP



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