Jan 182012

Contestant Daniel Echaniz allegedly raped co-star Monique Amin during 2012 Big Brother Brasil show

Big Brother Brazil is at the center of a large scandal after allegations that a rape occured live on the reality show broke out (scroll down for report).

Police opened an investigation after a housemate was reportedly raped by a participant on the show. Furthermore the officers even raided the Big Brother studios in Rio de Janeiro. The circumstances that led to such a shocking episode are still unclear.

It is suspected that 31-year-old Daniel Echaniz would have forced student Monique Amin, 21, to have consensual relations with him, taking advantage that the young woman was entirely drunk after a big party.

Meanwhile the two were kicked off competition. However the man was interrogated for three hours, and now police are awaiting the results of the medical tests for further investigation. Depending on the results, Big Brother show might be suspended in the South American country.

Reaching its 12th season, “Big Brother Brasil” has an audience of 8 million viewers.

Video: Brazil’s 2012 “Big Brother” apparently featured rape Live On TV



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