Jan 212012

It’s a boy, he is 5 and the world just found out that!!! UK-based web editor Beck Laxton, 46, and partner Kieran Cooper, 44 needed five years to unlock the secrecy surrounding the sex of their son, Sasha. To behave like that, it must be also a little crazy (scroll down for Sasha’s photos).

The couple always referred to Sasha as “The Infant” and they usually let the kid play with ‘gender-neutral toys’ in their television-free house.

Sasha spent the first 5 years of his live “oscillating” between girls’ and boys’ outfits, fact which left people wondering wether “he” was a boy or a girl.

Laxton and Cooper were constrained to finally make public child’s masculinity as it was quite difficult to conceal the matter when he started primary school. Another odd thing is the fact that Sasha now attends the lessons dressed in a girl’s shirt and boy’s trousers. So, practically it will take some time for him to choose his personality.

Beck Laxton's son Sasha dressed...weird. Photo: mirror.co.uk

Sasha and his mother Beck Laxton who raised his as gender neutral for 5 years



  5 Responses to “Photo: Beck Laxton and Kieran Cooper unveiled infant Sasha’s gender after…5 years?”

  1. a hot mess!!!

  2. How stupid…you can tell by looking at the child it is a boy! The mother looks mental!

  3. There is no gender for Stupidity & Child Abuse!

  4. Well, do any of you geniuses have any better ideas about how to liberate ourselves from social norms?

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