Feb 022012

Noelia Rios, who grew famous as Argentina’s “Virgin Model”, seems to have found the true path in her life. Raised in the jungle, Rios has admitted to being a real amateur of parties. While claiming that she has not dated any man before, Noelia made ​​a real show in the Big Brother house, revealing skin in front of other contestants. The pretext: she taught them how to cook in the virgin forests. She came up with a simple explanation: “I did not feel excited therefore I do not have to be ashamed of anything. I am a nudist, but I did not even show something spicy”. However that’s only partially true because she revealed enough to stir the males imagination. Anyway the Argentianian hotness does not care. She is aware of the changes that happened to her, since she came face to face with civilization. “In fact, I believe that I am a party girl,” she said. Ok, then obviously it wouldn’t take her long to find a partner.

Noelia Rios participating in Gran Hermanos, the Argentinean version of Big Brother

Noelia Rios a controversial participant at Gran Hermano aka Big Brother Argentina



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