Jun 012012

Cristiano Ronaldo denies fan girl an autograph because of wearing Barcelona jersey. Photo:realitatea.net

The sports daily “Record” published a letter sent by the father of a 10-year-old girl who was denied an autograph from Cristiano Ronaldo because she wore a Barcelona t-shirt.

The girl tried to claim an autograph from her idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, but Real Madrid star refused her because she popped up wearing a jersey of the rival team from Catalonia.

Girl’s father sent an open letter addressed to Ronaldo:
“Hello, I wish I can look into Ronaldo’s eyes and tell him that lost a fan, no matter how insignificant it may seem this fact. I’ll tell you what happened. Today, my daughter, 10, had scheduled a workout, but she found out that the same complex hosts the training of Portugal squad, therefore her workout finished earlier. She received permission to go along with her colleagues to where Portugal team was preparing to see their idols from close range.

When I went to pick her up, I expected to find her very happy, but it was not so. She was quite sad and depressed. When I asked her what happened, she said: “Cristiano did not want to give me an autograph, because I wore a Barcelona t-shirt. “I was speechless, I did not know what to say. I had bought the t-shirt when I was in Barcelona and she used it for training. If we visited Madrid most likely the t-shirt would have been different…You can imagine the pain I felt when I looked in my daughter’s eyes and I had to explain to a 10-year-old child why a member of the national team acted like that. I would like you to explain me, because I can not do it. You, who live daily in this world, maybe you know a similar case which can explain and excuse this kind of behavior.”



  9 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo refuses to sign autograph to girl dressed in Barcelona outfit”

  1. In Brazil people always makes jokes telling about how dumb Portuguese people are. This is another huge proof that this is not a joke, that’s real. If the father knows, as he claims to know, his daughter is a Cristiano Ronaldo fan, why did he dress her up with his rival’s jersey? Plus, the Portugal and Spain are big rivals, it is not a good idea to wear a Spanish jersey in the Portuguese training…

    • @Murilo: The girl had not planned to meet Ronaldo. She went for work-out (wearing probably a t-shirt she liked) and then it happened the national Portuguese squad to be around. Anyway, despite rivalry, Barcelona is a big team and anyone admits that,,,it is quite merciless to reject a kid because of her outfit. Whatever…

  2. he has himself to blame, football jerseys aren’t cheap that was bought with an intent. I agree with that brazillian

  3. That’s absolutely horrible.

  4. heartless…

  5. How is that a big deal that a young girl was denied an autograph from a Real Madrid star (C-Ronaldo) mainly because the girl was wearing a rival jersey Barcelona FC. Well that is soccer world and it’s all about fans and not lovers. She should have know to wear a Madrid Jersey or get one. Popping out to see Ronaldo in casual is better that wearing his rival Jersey. Ronaldo loves his team and also Real Madrid fans. So he has done absolutely no wrong denying the 10 yrs old girl an autograph. Hala Madrid C- Ronaldo.

    • Dayo, you’re an idiot. She’s 10!!! And it was opportunistic that the National team (Not Real Madrid, dumbass) was using the same complex. You think she was knowledgeable in wearing the Barca top to spite the player she wanted an autograph from? She’s a fan of football, and many of its stars, not just one self-righteous pompous prick. Again, she’s 10!!! For Goodness Sake!!! How the hell are you expected to grasp the gravity of tension between the two Spanish giants at that age? So be a true professional and give her a signed Madrid top instead, or give her an autograph, wait for her dad to come and take it up with him instead. Ridiculous… Remove your blinkers… Any educated person would know to remove bias from logical thinking…

  6. Its his dad fault why did he buy her a barcelona shirt i would it bought her a portugal or a real madrid shirt

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