Jul 072012

President of Romania Traian Basescu was suspended yesterday for the second time in five years. The impeachment motion was passed with 256 votes in favor and 114 against suspension. Basescu is being temporarily dismissed from office until July 29 when the Romanian voters will choose on whether they want to continue with him or not (scroll down for video).

Publication Hotnews.ro presents a video overview featuring the reactions of Traian Basescu, Crin Antonescu and convicted Senator Catalin Voicu during the impeachment procedure.

As characteristic to Romanian Parliament, during the plenary session, lawmakers took pictures, read news on tablets or solved Sudoku puzzles.

The video shows how a senator convicted of corruption assured the president that he will vote, two MPs try to look inside the voting urn (they were quite curious to see results in advance), and future interim president laughed and joked continuously with the other MPs. Quite a happy day for leftist USL coalition, however there are possibilities for their happiness to be shadowed at the end of the month during the referendum.

Video: Lawmakers reactions during Parliament vote to impeach Traian Basescu



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