Jul 302012

Referendum 2012: OFFICIAL RESULTS 30 July 2012 at 10:00 a.m!!!

Romanian suspended President Traian Basescu seems to survive the second referendum in 5 years, thus proving that he has more support than his opponents believed.

The Central Election Bureau (BEC) released on Monday at 10:00 a.m. the first partial official results of the Romania’s impeachment referendum over President Basescu’s dismissal.

According to BEC, 46.13% of Romanians registered on electoral lists voted on Sunday from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Percentage of valid votes Yes – 87.55% No – 11.12%, annulled votes – 1.31%.

The 46.13% figure is lower than the 50% + 1 threshold set by the Constitutional Court (CCR) and required to suspend Basescu.

BEC announced the preliminary results at 10:00 after collecting data from 97.52% of all polling stations.

The total number of Romanian with voting right: 17,984,621. The turnout number was 8,297,135, thus representing 46.13% of all listed. Valid ballots cast with YES – 7,264,819, representing 87.55% of those who voted. Valid votes cast with NO – 923,147, representing 11.12%. Number of invalid votes – 109,169, representing 1.31%.

A simple calculation shows that 40% of Romania’s population with voting right agreed to suspend their elected president Basescu

The data presented hereby included also the results from polling stations abroad.



  3 Responses to “Romania’s Traian Basescu wins after impeachment vote fails”

  1. This pathetic Popeye Scumbag Bastard wins a Shit, much bigger than he is !
    The total real number of my compatriots with voting right is: 16.598.476. according to National Statistics Institute (2011 census). This communist trick number of 17,984,621 people is according to 2002 census. So, PDL plague advancing this dirty trick with Boycott at the Referendum (completely unconstitutional) and this unrealistic number of 17.984.621 dated from 2002 census (many of these people are dead & many more with other citizenship), ScumBăsescu trying again to escape with the most miserable and undemocratic way…
    I ask you, if in the Netherlands (country related to Foxcrawl with the server etc..) the P.M. Mark Rutte has against him 8 mil. people, what do u think that he will do after: he will resign or he will still stay there as a illmannered cruel jerk ? 🙁

  2. I think and I’m sure 100% that any P.M./President from the E.U.(except Basescu) and from any other democratic country in the world will resign immediately, after seeing that 8 million people NO longer want you.
    But unfortunately in all the cases, Basescu gives a damn about the Presidential chair and about all the people… 🙁
    All that he really cares is the presidential immunity for hundreds of transgressions made with a great thief ability and a horrible cynicism in the last 22 years: 😉

    • Let’s be serious, what happens in Romania is national mental disease. Maybe Basescu might be guilty (who is not in that country), but also USL does not give a damn thing on Romania. First of all,,,was this referendum necessary? Nope. Money spent, political crisis, currency depreciation, rise of prices (as of August 1). If USL was honest and really really cared about people, wouldn’t have allowed such things. They have the executive (government) and legislative (parlament) branches and that’s about 90% of power in a country. Instead they use Basescu as an excuse when in fact the president doesn’t have any power (wasn’t even left to attend Brussels meeting).
      25% cuts from Basescu? Then folks should wake-up and make a simple calculation: while usl’s ruling the salaries/pensions went down by 10% (due to leu vs. euro weakness) and that’s just the beginning. If Romania keeps it that way, certainly the effects will be soon more dramatic,,,but people are blind enough to focus on political stuff instead of their own prosperity. What happens after Basescu? They are left open-mouthed because the situation will remain the same if not even worse,,and the history proved it.
      But in Romania the politics is a way of living…and those 8.4 or 7.4 millions are NOT USL’s property as they scream daily. Do not thing politicians have an excess of popularity there.

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