Jan 272013

A massive accident occurred in the U.S. state of Ohio, where at least 86 cars collided due to poor weather conditions. Interstate 275 was closed down for a couple of hours.

Ohio pile-up

Huge pileup on Interstate 275 between Hamilton and Colerain, left 86 cars wrecked and 1 dead

Shocking images on a highway near Cincinnati where 86 vehicles were involved in a chain crash. A 12 year-old girl died and 20 people needed medical attention.

The girl had been able to come out of a wrecked vehicle and was waiting on the edge of the road when she was hit by another car.

The crash emerged on the Cincinnati suburb of Colerain Township between Hamilton and Colerain avenue exits and was one of at least four pileups that ruined hundreds vehicles last Monday.

At about 11:30 a.m. police rushed to the incident site just to find multiple collisions.

Workers of the rescue teams made lot of efforts to reach out to people trapped between the wrecked cars and twisted pieces of metals.

Video: Giant pile-up near Cincinnati, Ohio



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