Feb 112014

A giraffe called Marius was “euthanized” at Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark for not bearing “proper genetic traits”! (video shows public autopsy)

Giraffe picture public domain

A giraffe named Marius was slaughtered at Copenhagen Zoo (Public Domain)

Animal protection groups protested vehemently after a Danish zoo in Copenhagen killed a young giraffe because did not have a “sufficiently original genetic heritage”. The giraffe named Marius was shot with a rifle used in slaughterhouses, and after an autopsy, the body was dismembered before public audience including children and thrown as food to lions, polar bears and other wild animals. The Copenhagen Zoo claimed it “euthanized” the giraffe in order to avoid inbreeding. A veterinarian shot Marius with a rifle as he leaned down to munch on rye bread, a favorite snack.

The scandal spread out even more after news that several Zoo from Sweden and the UK had been willing to take the giraffe and save her from death, but the Copenhagen Zoo officials said they do not sell animals. Furthermore they refused also a 270,000 euro offer from a private individual who wanted to buy the animal.

It is outraging that a healthy and young animal (one and a half year old) was shot dead as well as the legislative motivation which claims that Marius could not be allowed to grow and breed because of inadequate genetic heritage.

Shocking was the fact that the giraffe was publicly cut into pieces and children were able to attend the gruesome scenes if parents agreed. “I’m really proud because I believe I thought children a lesson about giraffe’s anatomy, a lesson they can’t get from pictures,” said a zoo spokesman.

Scientific director of the Copenhagen Zoo said the staff received death threats, but added that the management will not be changed. Giraffe’s carcass reached the daily meal for lions, tigers, leopards and polar bears.

Video: Danish Giraffe Marius slaughtered and fed to Zoo wild animals



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