Nov 092016

Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States with an unbelievable victory. Now it’s time for him to “Make America Great Again”. Furthermore, after securing the presidency, the Republicans keep also control of the US Senate.

Donald Trump tower NY

Donald Trump has become 45th US president

After 45 of 50 states, Trump has already claimed 275 electoral votes to beat Hillary Clinton in the race for the White Houte and become the 45th US president.

The battlegrounds of Florida, Ohio and North Carolina paved his way for his Brexit-style upset.

Mr Trump’s projected win in Wisconsin put him over the 270 out of 538 electoral college votes needed to win the elections.

The US president-elect took to the stage at his party office in New York and said: “I just received a call from Secretary Clinton. She congratulated us on our victory. It is time for us to come together as one united people.”

Video: Donald Trump delivers victory speech at New York headquarters

Nov 092016

It looks like Donald Trump does not really trust his wife and that’s confirmed by a picture that is worth not 1,000 but 1,000,000 words.

The Republican candidate and his family strode into their assigned polling station but while standing near his wife Melania, the real estate magnate couldn’t keep his eyes away from checking that his spouse was indeed voting…. her husband.

The cameras captured the glorious moment and the images spread like wildfire on Internet triggering thousands of funny comments / debates and being tremendously shared in the social media environment. Therefore enjoy watching Trump peeking at Melania!

Oct 202016

A cat managed to interrupt a TV show in Turkey. The cute feline appeared in the studio while a press review was revealed.

The cat climbed onto the desk, inspected the objects that came across its path and then found a comfortable place on the keyboard of presenter’s laptop.

The cat is named Husnu and was reportedly adopted by an employee of the television.

Video: Funny cat perturbs TV program on Turkish television

Sep 272016

A Twitter photo seems to be the perfect proof that we live in the era of selfies!!! The viral image shows Hillary Clinton, who could soon become the first female president in the history of the United States, standing and waving in front of a room packed with people. But instead of having all eyes on her, the audience turned their backs on her as if something more interesting was happening on the other side of the room. The situation looks so hilarious that even Hillary Clinton seems to greet someone else.

Well, nothing is what it seems 🙂 because the image does not reveal disrespect or ignorance about the Democratic candidate, but a lot of young people holding their cameras high and snapping selfies in efforts get in the same photo frame with Hillary. And it happened at a campaign event in Orlando, Florida.

The picture was taken by Barbara Kinney, a photographer for Clinton’s campaign, and it was taken over by designer and Clinton supporter Victor Ngon who posted it on Twitter where it was shared over 20,000 times in just a few hours, attracting hundreds of comments.

Sep 122016

A Briton from Wakefield, Yorkshire, became an internet celebrity overnight after deciding, jokingly of course, to put his wife up for sale on eBay.

British wife auctioned on eBay by prankster husband

JOKE: British wife auctioned on eBay by prankster husband

Simon O’Kane, 33, advertised his wife saying she has “a decent bodywork” and “skills in the kitchen.” As for the reason of the sale, the man “complained” she was not playing the role of a devoted wife.

Well, when Leandra heard of her hubby’s prank, she got extremely upset.

The 27-year-old beautician said: “I wanted to kill him. Everyone at work saw the announcement and laughed. Not only he traded me, but he used also a terrible photograph. He always complains that he’s sick, he’s a hypochondriac, and then goes to the gym for three or four hours. If he can go to the gym, then he does not really deserve to have my mercy.”

Leandra O’Kane was stunned when found out that bids hit £65,880 within two days. “Who knows how worth I would have been if eBay did not withdraw the advert?” said the lady, cited by media outlets in UK.

As for O’Kane, he said he feels lucky that his wife was not too angry in the end. “I am a very lucky man because she is so good and endures all my jokes,” he said adding that he would not let anyone buy his wife because she is ‘too kind’, but admitted he is curious about how the auction would have ended.

Sep 012016

Indeed, it may sound crazy but sheep are sometimes herded along the…high speed roads. It just happened, again, in Romania on the A2 motorway (better known as The Sun Motorway) between Bucharest and Constanta where the drivers were stunned to see themselves surrounded by a very large group of sheep even if they knew that the speed limit in the area was 130 km/h (SCROLL FOR VIDEO).

Sheep on A2 freeway crossing a bridge over Danube river (capture: youtube)

Sheep on A2 freeway crossing a bridge over Danube river (capture: youtube)

Without thinking much of eventual consequences, several shepherds herded their flocks at night on the freeway. Despite struggling to keep the sheep as close as possible to the outer edge of the road right, the animals took over all lanes forcing the drivers to slow down.

It appears to be a regular habit in Romania to see herdsmen acting so irresponsibly, but this time the situation posed a higher danger of accidents due to the pitch black darkness.

According to authorities, the shepherds can get a fine worth 300 lei on average, that’s about 75 US dollars. Fortunately for them, no driver called 112 to file a complaint.

The incident triggered also the amusement of the netizens who left dozens of funny messages on social media networks: “The Sun Freeway … overwhelmed by hundreds sheep … however police decided to not fine the shepherds because all sheep were running over 80 :)”, reads one of the comments on Facebook.

Cu turma de oi pe autostrada soarelui

Posted by Antonio Fabrizi on Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jun 282016

8 best jokes hinting at the British & English people after Iceland humiliated England’s national football team @ EURO 2016 with 2-1 victory in Nice at the Allianz Riviera Stadium:

Funny stuff involving...Brexit :)

Funny stuff involving…Brexit 🙂

1. It seems that Iceland has just activated Article 50.

2. We [British] said Brexit, then be it Brexit in all ways.

3. The British have proposed to do a Brexit at all competitions.

4. Second Brexit follows. This time without referendum.

5. English desperately search on google what football is.

6. British are frantically googling what Iceland is.

7. England’s team decided to quit this championships because it’s…European and after all why would they take part in it?

8. British fans were chanting “we voted out, we voted out, out, out, out, out!”

Nov 162015

Three stray cats proved to be skilled enough to make it through the security filters at Antalya’s G20 summit on Monday only to walk around freely on the podium before the appearance of world leaders.

Cats on podium at G20 summit 2015

Cats on podium at G20 summit 2015

Initially, one of the cats popped up on the stage before crossing it to the front and then pacing it from right to left just to stop to smell some bunch of flower lying near the flags of the participating countries. Then, two other felines came in from behind the curtain and joined their sister.

The three cats were captured on cameras by various television crews waiting for the arrival of the heads of state and government at this important summit focused on economics, politics and combating terrorism.

Turkey is known for its many stray cats which are often cared for by the locals.

Video: Stray cats preceding world leaders at the 2015 G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey

Sep 222015

Volkswagen DieselGate scandal brings back into the attention a parody of the series “Hitler reacts to … .” The result is a video that makes fun of the emissions and fuel consumption issues faced by the Volkswagen Group in the United States where the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asked the German carmaker to recall about 500,000 vehicles which passed the pollutant test due to tricky built-in Diesel Emmisions-Cheating Software.

Video: Hitler deeply upset on the VW-EPA DieselGate Scandal

Sep 152015

A Russian voter and his bear arrived at the polling station to cast the ballot as part of country’s local elections. The reaction of committee members was reportedly downright amazing.

Local elections were held in Russia on Sunday, but for a circus artist it appeared to be no problem to show up with his own pet at the voting office.

In Russia bears go to vote (pic: youtube/V Sm)

In Russia bears go to vote (pic: youtube/V Sm)

Video footage shows the man pulling the bear from a leash while the two walked along the street without being disturbed by anyone.

The animal seemed to be very friendly, especially after receiving some food from a member of the voting committee.

The event took place near St. Petersburg in Leningrad region.

According to Russia Today, the man, who was coming with the animal from a local fairground, feared not to miss his right to vote and rushed to the polling station to fill the ballot.

Video: Man and bear turn up to vote at polling station in Russian local elections