Feb 102018
Arizona residents could pay taxes with cryptocurrency

The Senate of the US state of Arizona passed a bill a few days ago which aims at enabling people to pay their taxes using cryptocoins. The bill, which was approved by a 16-13 margin, could allow taxpayers to make use of their digital coins such as ethereum, bitcoin or ripple, to pay “tax and […]

Feb 102018
Cryptocurrency and ICO at center of ESMA supervisory priorities in 2018

European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) summarized its primary areas of interest for the coming year in a work agenda revealed on February 7. One of the 2018 missions is to watchdog the evolution of financial innovations, which includes among others also the trendy cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. ESMA stated: “Monitoring developments in financial innovation, […]

Feb 102018
Facebook bans cryptocoin ads due to high scam probability

Facebook has announced its decision to ban all adverts that refer to bitcoin, cryptocurrency and initial coin offering (ICO), thus trying to combat scams and fraud, informs Techcrunch. The social network claims that such cryptocoin ads promote deceptive commercial practices including as examples: “Start binary options trading now and receive a 10-risk free trades bonus“, […]

Feb 092018
Ryanair Boeing 737 returns to Bucharest Airport after tailstrike on takeoff

A Boeing 737-800 passenger plane operated by the low-cost airline Ryanair, made a request to return to Bucharest Airport after it hit the runway with the tail during the take-off procedure, informs Aeronews.ro on social networks. The plane, which was heading for the Irish capital of Doublin, dumped the fuel before touching down again at […]

Feb 092018
Most cryptocoins are gonna crash to zero dollars - Goldman Sachs says

The past few days were brutal for the cryptocurrency world. The lowest point was reached on Tuesday when a value of some $550 billion was wiped off the market and Bitcoin was as low as $6000 per coin for the first time since November. The research firm of Goldman Sachs does not seem surprised of […]

Feb 092018
Binance back in bussines after lengthy system upgrade. No FUD anymore!

Binance, one of world’s most popular cryptocoin exchanges, has finalized the system upgrade and informed its customers about the resumption of all trading processes, including deposits and withdrawals, as of Friday at 10:00 a.m. GMT. The platform announced in a Twitter post that will lower trading fee by 70 percent until February 24 at midnight […]

Jan 282018
IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad dies at 91

Ingvar Kampard, the founder of IKEA, died at his home in Sweden on Saturday, his family said in a public statement. He was one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the last century, entering business when he was only 17-year-old. Despite his considerable fortune, Ingvar Kamprad was recognized for his modest lifestyle and his discretion. Ikea […]

Jan 212018
Romanians join #Rezist movement to fight against corruption in nation-wide protests on January 20, 2018

Protest Romania 2018: A long awaited wave of protests that have been planned for months by the #Rezist community, swept over Romania and its diaspora on Saturday in retaliation to lawmakers’ obsessive desire to gain control over the judicial system. Around 100,000 people demonstrated in numerous cities across the country on January 20, although many […]

Jan 202018
Viorica Dancila appointed as Romania's first female Prime Minister. What about Iran or Pakistan???

Viorica Dancila, an obscure Romanian MEP who claimed during an interview that Iran and Pakistan are members of the European Union, was appointed as the country’s first female Prime Minister. How did she get to the top of the country’s government? Well, it happened after the ruling social-democrat party (PSD) kicked former PM Mihai Tudose […]

Jan 092018
SpaceX lost its Zuma spacecraft after secret launch

After a secretive launch on Sunday, SpaceX reportedly lost its spacecraft “Zuma” which apparently did not make it to the intended destination. Zuma was lifted up from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket but it failed to reach a stable orbit. It seems that the spacecraft did not […]