Feb 262017
Photo | Nigel Farage: "Dinner with The Donald"

Former UKIP party leader Nigel Farage, posted a Twitter phone with the caption “Dinner with The Donald”. It was apparently the last meeting between the US president Donald Trump and the British politician who is known as a vehement critic of conservative Prime Minister Theresa May. Farage, who contributed to the victory of the Brexit […]

Feb 252017
NASA ISS live stream video shows UFO???

A NASA ISS live stream unveils unidentified objects flying in the dark background of the outer space (scroll for photo and video). In a mysterious twist of the situation, the video, streamed live from the International Space Station, is interrupted suddenly every time the unidentified objects seem to enter camera’s viewing angle. The footage shows […]

Feb 252017
IPhone 7 Plus catching fire triggers Apple investigation (VIDEO)

Apple has opened an inquiry into an iPhone 7 Plus “explosion” after the incident was filmed and posted on Twitter. “So my IPhone 7 plus blew up this morning, was not even using it, literally no explanation for this”, wrote Brianna Olivas (username Bree) who captured the situation on tape. She subsequently uploaded two photos […]

Feb 242017
Donald Trump lashes out at fake media during CPAC 2017 speech: Reporters "should not" use sources unless they use names (VIDEO)

During a speech at the annual meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC 2017) in Maryland on Friday, the US President Donald Trump used the occasion to attack once again the fake media which according to him, is the enemy of the state. “We are fighting with false news. They are the enemies of […]

Feb 242017
US President Donald Trump slams FBI for being unable to prevent information leaks to media

US President Donald Trump expressed his harsh criticism against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in a message posted on Twitter shortly after the agenvy would have rejected a request from the White House to deny reports about possible ties between the Republican campaign staff and Russian services before the November 2016 presidential elections. Trump […]

Feb 242017
VIDEO: Strong crosswind blowing big truck on top of police car in Wyoming

A video footage from a dashcam shows the frightening moment a huge truck is blown over by strong crosswind before smashing a police car parked at the side of the Interstate I-80 highway! The accident emerged on 7th of February near Elk Mountain in the US state of Wyoming which was affected by severe storm […]

Feb 242017
VIDEO: FlyBe Flight Crash-Landed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as Plane's Landing Gear Collapsed

FlyBe Crash Landing Amsterdam: An aviation incident emerged at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport where a passenger plane operated by the British airline FlyBe crash landed in extreme weather conditions Thursday afternoon after part of its landing gear failed. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the incident, Dutch media reported. The Bombardier Dash8 Q400 aircraft was […]

Feb 242017
World's Deadliest Airplane Crashes: Worst Aviation Disasters in Featured Images

Aviation industry made remarkable improvements over the past hundred years but yet, plane crashes can not be fully prevented. Despite a decline in commercial flight accident fatality rates, air disasters still happen, unfortunately, often leading to significant number of deaths. The first fatality of a powered flight was Thomas Selfridge who was actually a passenger […]

Feb 232017
VIDEO: Scorpion-3 Hoverbike, a Russian Prototype for Flying Vehicles

A Russian start-up launched a prototype single-seater aircraft that can be flown just as simple as riding a motorcycle. Called Scorpion-3, the hoverbike is an electrically powered quadcopter able to lift one man into the air. Using dedicated software, engineers of the company Hoversurf managed to limit the range and speed of the human-carrying drone […]

Feb 232017
Apple Park opens next April. Apple's futuristic headquarters dedicated to Steve Jobs

Apple Park, the new headquarters of the Cupertino-based tech giant, will be inaugurated in April and will feature a theater named “Steve Jobs Theater” to honor the memory of company’s late founder. One of Silicon Valley’s largest green buildings has been subject of heated debate over the years but all rumors will come to an […]