May 232017
MotoGP star Nicky Hayden dies after cycling accident in Italy

US motorcycle racer Nicky Hayden, a former MotoGP world champion, died Monday at the age of 35, five days after he suffered a freak cycling crash in Italy, reports BBC. Hayden was riding his bike last Wednesday on a road between Tavoleto and Riccione, near Rimini, when he was hit by a car. He suffered […]

May 232017
Explosion rocks Manchester Arena during Ariana Grande concert

A dramatic explosion rocked Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert Monday night, and the British police reveal that 22 people have been killed and 59 others injured. Preliminary reports indicate that the possible cause for the explosion was a suicide bombing. In a Facebook post, Greater Manchester Police wrote: “Emergency services are currently responding […]

May 192017
ANCAP VIDEO unveils crash test involving old and new Toyota Corolla's

Statistically, it is reported that more than half those who lose their lives in car accidents on New Zealand’s roads, use vehicles manufactured before 2000’s. (see video below) In order to demonstrate the claim, Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) conducted an experiment to highlight the development and importance of a car safety performance. ANCAP […]

May 162017
Bono bars Donald Trump from attending U2 concerts

U2’s vocalist, the famous Bono, barred the US President Donald Trump from attending rock band’s performances in the United States, though he does not have the same problem with president’s supporters who happen to be music fans. The 57-year-old Irishman said he would not welcome Donald Trump on his concerts, especially since the 70-year-old US […]

May 122017

Enter Pyongyang presents a daily kaleidoscope of the North Korean society trapped in the dynastic communism of the dictator Kim Jong-un and a historical reality propagandistically governed by the myth of the “besieged fortress.” The touristic outlook of the video could not avoid details of the daily life impossible to translate into the triumphal fiction […]

May 062017
The Sound of the Universe. What did Cassini "hear" when it passed between Saturn and its rings?

The universe seems to “speak” to us again. The US Space Agency has released new recordings of the space sound, captured in the proximity of planet Saturn. A space probe whizzing between Saturn and its rings has recorded a sinister noise resembling the “dolphin language” and NASA scientists are now trying to decipher the information […]

May 062017
Facebook has nearly 2 billion monthly active users

Facebook’s 2017 first-quarter financial report comes packed with a series of very interesting information about how the platform has evolved over the past few months. It seems that the number of social network users is steadily increasing, now reaching a figure equivalent to about 25% of the planet’s population. The company’s revenue amounted to $8 […]

May 062017
Uber to operate flying taxi services before 2020

Already in the testing stage, the flying vehicles designated for taxi services are expected to appear soon in the large metropolis landscape, and Uber might be among the first companies to offer such options. The company’s plans were revealed at a Dallas conference and aim at creating “Elevate Network”, a transport service supported by flight […]

May 062017
VIDEO: Pilot records amazing timelapse of Milky Way during flight from Switzerland to Brazil

The pilot of a commercial airliner used a Sony a7S camera to film the magnificent splendor of our galaxy during a TransAtlantic flight from Europe to South America. The video shows the lit up cities on the Earth beneath and the shining Milky Way above. From time to time, other planes are spotted whizzing by […]

May 052017
VIDEO: Family with two children removed off Delta Airlines plane

After United Airlines, another US flight operator triggers a monster scandal by kicking passengers off a plane. (SCROLL FOR VIDEO). A family with two young children, aged 1 and 2, was removed from a Delta Airlines flight despite having their seats booked and paid. Brian and Brittany Schear, of Huntington Beach, had to leave the […]