Feb 232017
VIDEO of Harrison Ford near miss at California's John Wayne airport

A video footage showing Harrison Ford mistankenly landing on a taxiway instead of runway and narrowly missing American Airlines passenger jetliner at John Wayne airport on February 13th, has emerged! When it comes to Mr. Ford’s aerial adventures, perhaps a movie script could be written. After coming out alive of a scary crash two years […]

Feb 222017
NASA reveals new Solar System: TRAPPIST-1 star & 7 Earth-sized planets

TRAPPIST-1 Solar System: NASA have just unveiled the existence of a new solar system filled with 7 planets that appear like Earth and could support life. The system was discovered by Spitzer Space Telescope and named TRAPPIST which stands for “The Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope”. Of the seven planets, at least three are […]

Feb 212017
Growing interest for Huawei P10 which unveils new teaser before MWC 2017

There are only a few more days left till the much-awaited MWC 2017 event in Barcelona, but the Chinese don’t waiste their time and do everything possible to increase the interest of potential customers for their new smartphone Huawei P10. Huawei already has an impressive market share, especially in China, but that’s not enought for […]

Feb 212017
Advanced malware steals data after hijacking computers microphones

Security experts discovered a dangerous malware that stole massive amounts of data by hijacking the microphones installed on computers and laptops. More than 600 GB of data from 70 targets in a range of industries and businesses, including those related to infrastructure, media and research, were siphoned by this sophisticated malware which is part of […]

Feb 212017
The Unseen unveils Fire, a hair dye with temperature-dependend color

A hair dye changing its color depending on the temperature of the surrounding environment? This is probably the dream of all women who would like their hair to exhibit a color now and another one later. Frequent painting often destroys hair roots and makes ladies take money out of their pocket money at least once […]

Feb 212017
YouTube gives up 30-second video ads with no "Skip" option

Youtube Unskippable Ads Removal: YouTube’s conclusion that websurfers do not respond positively to unskippable 30-second video ads, does not come as a surprise to anyone. Why? Because they are indeed annoying to the human eyes. The company announced that the video streaming service will withdraw such ads starting 2018, diverting its efforts on “less intrusive” […]

Feb 212017
Verizon to acquire Yahoo for $4.48 billion transaction

Verizon Communications Inc., the largest US mobile operator, announced on Tuesday that has reached an agreement to take over the core operations of the Internet giant – Yahoo! for $4.48 billion, by 350 million dollars less than the initial offer, informs Reuters. The deal will combine Yahoo!’s search engine, email and messaging services with Verizon’s […]

Feb 212017
Small aircraft crashes into Melbourne shopping center near Essendon airport

A light airplane with five people on board crashed into a Melbourne shopping complex, BBC quoted Australian authorities as saying. A retailer who witnessed the accident said the plane fell from the sky before smashing into its rear warehouse but fortunately all employees were safe. It is believed the shopping centre was closed at the […]

Feb 212017
Indian passenger plane escorted by German fighter jets. Jet Airways Boeing 777-300 fails to respond to ATC

2 German fighter jets were scrambled to escort a large passenger aircraft which appeared to remain silent to any ATC calls and a stunning video showing the interception moment was filmed by pilots of another commercial plane in the neighborhood. According to RP-online.de and Aviation Herald, the incident occurred on Thursday, but the German authorities […]

Feb 202017
Vitaly Churkin dead. Russia's ambassador to United Nations dies of heart attack

Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nation, has died in New York City on Monday. The diplomat was rushed to a Manhattan hospital following a cardiac arrest, writes the US press, revealing that upon rescuers’ arrival Vitali Churkin was unconscious and needed resuscitation maneuvers. Unfotunately the doctors could no longer do anything for him […]