Mar 192017
Mobile app helps you find your lost pet

An application for mobile phone comes to the aid of those who lose their loved animals. The app, which was launched by three young people from Iasi, Romania, scans all announcements about lost animals and sends alerts to all users in the area indicated by ads’ owner. The application “Găsitorii” ((Pet)-Finders) is free and very […]

Mar 192017
Turkey "expels" 40 Dutch cows amid tensions with the Netherlands: "They started to cause serious problems"

Political tensions between Turkey and the Netherlands move into the economic area. After a harsh high-level diplomatic row between the two countries, a Turkish farming association decided to expel a group of 40 cows imported from Holland. Members of the Ankara-based Beef and Lamb Producers Association decided to send 40 cows back to the Netherlands, […]

Mar 192017
VIDEO: What happens when speeding Amtrak train runs through station clearing rails of snow

Passengers waiting on the platform of a railway station in the United States put themselves into serious danger as the train cleared the tracks of a thick blanket of snow left behind by storm Stella. Despite seeing the fast-moving Amtrack locomotive plowing through the deep snow, many people did not even bother to seek shelter, […]

Feb 272017
(VIDEO / PHOTO) Romanian Protesters Develop Human EU Flag During 27th Day of Consecutive Anti-Corruption Rallies

About 5,000 Romanians have created the European Union flag during an anti-Government protest at the Victory Square in central Bucharest on Sunday. The crowd marked the 27th consecutive day (& night) of rallies since January 31 when Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu’s cabinet passed the controversial emergency decree decriminalizing the corruption offences. The decree was meanwhile […]

Feb 262017
What would TRAPPIST-1 life look like? Imagining a real alien world!

TRAPPIST-1 life and human habitation. NASA announced the discovery of a new solar system, called TRAPPIST-1, located at a distance of “just” 39 light years from us, and the news of the existence of seven potentially-habitale Earth-like planets sparked numerous assumptions and discussions. Because many people dream of travelling to these alien worlds, the big […]

Feb 262017
Pakistan Airlines PIA investigated for flying extra passengers standing along aisle!

A Pakistani airline is under investigation after a passenger who flew from Karachi to Medina (Saudi Arabia), claimed that a number of additional passengers were standing along the aisle during the 4 hour flight! The Dawn newspaper revealed that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-743 carried 416 passengers on January 20, despite the fact that […]

Feb 262017
Photo | Nigel Farage: "Dinner with The Donald"

Former UKIP party leader Nigel Farage, posted a Twitter phone with the caption “Dinner with The Donald”. It was apparently the last meeting between the US president Donald Trump and the British politician who is known as a vehement critic of conservative Prime Minister Theresa May. Farage, who contributed to the victory of the Brexit […]

Feb 252017
NASA ISS live stream video shows UFO???

A NASA ISS live stream unveils unidentified objects flying in the dark background of the outer space (scroll for photo and video). In a mysterious twist of the situation, the video, streamed live from the International Space Station, is interrupted suddenly every time the unidentified objects seem to enter camera’s viewing angle. The footage shows […]

Feb 252017
IPhone 7 Plus catching fire triggers Apple investigation (VIDEO)

Apple has opened an inquiry into an iPhone 7 Plus “explosion” after the incident was filmed and posted on Twitter. “So my IPhone 7 plus blew up this morning, was not even using it, literally no explanation for this”, wrote Brianna Olivas (username Bree) who captured the situation on tape. She subsequently uploaded two photos […]

Feb 242017
Donald Trump lashes out at fake media during CPAC 2017 speech: Reporters "should not" use sources unless they use names (VIDEO)

During a speech at the annual meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC 2017) in Maryland on Friday, the US President Donald Trump used the occasion to attack once again the fake media which according to him, is the enemy of the state. “We are fighting with false news. They are the enemies of […]