Mar 192017

Passengers waiting on the platform of a railway station in the United States put themselves into serious danger as the train cleared the tracks of a thick blanket of snow left behind by storm Stella.

amtrak train snow blast

Commuters unimpressed by the dangerous snow blast (capture: Youtube)

Despite seeing the fast-moving Amtrack locomotive plowing through the deep snow, many people did not even bother to seek shelter, on contrary, they remained on the platform, took out their cell phones and began filming. The amount of snow blasted away was so high that it turned literally into a white tsunami that engulfed the platform.

The video footage was viewed over 9,000,000 times after being posted on YouTube where it triggered heated debate in the online community. While some slam the train operator for not slowing down before entering station, others put the blame on the passengers who were expected to stay in the waiting room until the train came to a stop.

Video: Amtrak train plows snow off railway tracks