May 052017

After United Airlines, another US flight operator triggers a monster scandal by kicking passengers off a plane. (SCROLL FOR VIDEO).

Delta Airlines plane

Delta Airlines plane (public domain)

A family with two young children, aged 1 and 2, was removed from a Delta Airlines flight despite having their seats booked and paid. Brian and Brittany Schear, of Huntington Beach, had to leave the plane due to their refusal to give up a seat they had bought for their teenage son and were attempting to use for his 2-year-old sibling who was secured in a car seat, writes Washington Post.

Flight attendants refused to let the little boy occupy the seat and suggested he must sit in an adult’s lap, although the law of the Federal Aviation Authority claims that children are safer in government-approved car seats — not on laps, saying, “Your arms aren’t capable of holding your child securely, especially during unexpected turbulence.” Even Delta urges parents to purchase seats for children younger than 2 and to use approved child-restraint systems during the flights.

The American family were disembarked and forced to wait another flight without being offered accommodation or assistance. Delta Airlines apologized subsequently for the incident and announced that it will offer compensation.

Father: He (the baby) has traveled earlier on a car seat, also on a Delta Airlines flight.

Flight attendant: That’s unfortunate. Unfortunately I don’t know what to tell you … According to the rules, he can not sit in such a chair… The plane will not move, we can stay here all night.

Father: Ok, let me get this straight. We passed the security with two kids, two car seats, all the way through the gateway, and now you tell us we have to get off this plane? What should we do? We have two infants, we have no where to stay, there are no more flights … What should we do, sleep in the airport?

Flight attendant: It’s not up to me.

Father: It should be.

Attendant: It’s not. At this point YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!!

Video: Delta Airlines boots family with 2 kids off their airplane