Jul 052017

During the inauguration of a new bridge over Somes river, the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc, asked the constructors to stay under the landmark as the first vehicles crossed above.

emil boc

Emil Boc (photo credit: wikimedia)

It meant to be an original way of checking the quality of the works that had been performed on the Traian bridge and this “tradition” is set be used in the future to verify the strength of similar infrastructure works.

“The constructor assumed the quality of the works and sat under the bridge when the first cars set into motion, and the bridge passed the test. Let’s hope that this bridge will last for 100 years, as the old one did for 85 years,” said the mayor.

The first driver who crossed the new bridge was awarded a diploma, a tie and a city album handed over by Mr. Boc.

The construction works on the new Traian bridge cost 6.5 million lei and started in August 2016. The bridge has four lanes, bicycle tracks and pedestrian walkways. “As of Saturday, the traffic will be open also for the public transport,” said the Mayor.

The old Traian Bridge over the Somes River was built between 1928 and 1931 and its costs amounted to 6.6 million lei at that time.

In 2013, due to its poor condition, a woman was about to fall into Somes through a hole that opened in the sidewalk.
Photo credit: By Razvan Socol [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Feb 062012

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc and his government resigned on Monday. Country’s president Traian Basescu moved fast to appoint Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu as a new interim prime minister after consultations with all political parties at Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest.

However by the end of the day Basescu proposed the current director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu to be appointed as permanent prime minister.

The resignation of Boc government came after the country was overwhelmed in week-long turmoils over the budget cuts, austerity measures and economic situation.

Romania's PM Emil Boc resigns and ends government after weeks of social unrest over austerity measures

“We decided to hand over the mandate,” said Emil Boc at the end of a short government session, adding that the decision was taken “to alleviate the political situation in the country, but also to not lose what the Romanian people won with much endurance, the economic stability”.

Emil Boc stressed that “after two years of economic downturn, Romania ended the year of 2011 with an economic growth of 2.5%, “one of the highest in the EU” with EC and IMF forecasts announcing a slight growth also in 2012″. “Inflation is at the lowest level, the unemployment rate is below the European average, the currency is stable, the budget deficit under control”, has reviewed the resigned premier.

SIE head Mihai Razvan Ungureanu was appointed by president Traian Basescu as the new PM of Romania. (google images)

Emil Boc also wanted to clarify that right now there is no risk of failure in paying wages and pensions.

Returning to the decision announced on Monday, Emil Boc said: “I quit because I am not the kind of individual to hang on to power” and added that the function matters less for him, especially since there are only a few months left until the general elections.

“But for the country is important to have stability (…) I make a call to the maturity of the political class to pass quickly a new government through Parliament,” said Emil Boc.

He thanked all ministers and President Traian Basescu for collaboration, and leaders of coalition parties that supported the government over hard times of crisis in recent years.

“I speak honestly, looking in the eyes of the Romanians: I thank them because they were the ones who sacrificed themselves and saved Romania; the politicians have only made a duty,” added Emil Boc, saying again that he is aware that by taking harsh austerity measures, the ousted government sparked also inconvenients among people.

“But during crisis situations we have to take decisions with the head, not with heart”, he continued, reiterating an old idea that “the drug had a bad taste, but it was worth, because Romania has recovered”.

The PDL leader hopes that the political leaders will regard his resignation gesture as an opportunity to strengthen the current political situation.

“Today, Romania is stable and economically credible. We proposed the termination of the mandate of the Government. So, God help us,” concluded the Premier at the end of his speech.

Then Emil Boc shook hands with all the ministers present at the meeting and thanked media for the support in recent years before leaving in the applause of the audience.

Also, at the insistence of journalists, Emil Boc said that it will follow all procedural steps, i.e. it will submit his resignation to the president and parliament, as Traian Basescu will make a new nomination for the leader of the executive.

Dec 272011

Ioan Boc, the father of Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc, died Tuesday evening. He was hospitalized in a rehabilitation clinic in Cluj Napoca after he had suffered a stroke two weeks ago.

Ioan Boc suffered a cardio-respiratory arrest today at around 18.20, and doctors have tried to resuscitate him for over 45 minutes, but they could not save him.

Ioan Boc died Tuesday Dec. 27, after he had suffered stroke 2 weeks earlier.Photo: google images

Prime Minister is scheduled to travel to Cluj-Napoca at 22.00, after the Government session over amendments to the Fiscal Code, according to Mediafax. The Government meeting lasted only 45 minutes and Mr. Boc left immediately after the discussions had ended.

Ioan Boc, aged 87, was hospitalized on December 13 in Cluj-Napoca. At that time Emil Boc canceled his official agenda in order to pay him a visit. Following illness, Prime Minister’s father could only communicate through gestures and even managed to stand up.

Subsequently, the Prime Minister said that his father is in stable condition and did not expect “miracles”, but possibly little progresses. He said that “half of the healing is tied to spirit and the other half to physicians.”

Video: Emil Boc’s father, Ioan, dies in Cluj Napoca hospital