Apr 142011

According to the FBI files about 8000 cows have been abducted by aliens

Some declassified FBI files have created stir at the White House after their content has revealed that more than 8,000 cows have been abducted by UFOs, mutilated and then left on the southern territory of the United States territory.

Farmers in the area claimed that the problem is an old one and still giving them headaches now. In consequence there was founded an extensive Internet community dedicated to the issue of cow abductions by aliens. The files describe how the aliens were taking components of their victims in the form of parts of the body, draining them of all blood, or sending them back on earth without genitals.

Close encounters of a herd of cattle kind: Recent declassified FBI memo revealing a bull sacrifice by extraterrestrials

In one of the exposed files is presented the case of a 11-month calf was found near a house without the genital organs. The authorities report explains that the animal had visible bruises around the chest, indicating that it was tied with a belt which helped to lift the animal on the ship. The meat had a pinkish color and the heart and the liver were very soft. Pink colour might have been caused by a type of radiation used to kill the bull in question.

FBI files were made public in the same period while a secret memo was presenting how the military and police have witnessed the explosion of a UFO over Utah in April 1949