Feb 162017

Oberhausen chemical plant accident: Residents in the German city of Oberhausen were urged not to go outside their houses because of an incident that occurred at a local chemical plant in the industrial Ruhr district. A plume of thick smoke rose high into the air and formed a toxic acid cloud hovering above the city, reports Deutsche Welle.

oberhausen chemical plant accident

Dense acid smoke expelled in chemical tank incident in Oberhausen, Germany. (pic: RT)

According to firefighting services, a tank containing sulfuric acid cracked as hydrochloric acid was improperly added and the leaked chemical was being confined during the Thursday morning operations.

At least 150 people suffered minor respiratory problems following the chemical spill at the plant, but only two of them needed to be transported to the hospital for medical care.

Local residents have been asked to keep their houses’ doors and windows closed and advised not to leave their homes.

The cloud spilled from a 600 cubic meter tank at the Hamm-Chemie facility. Hamm-Chemie supplies sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and caustic soda to customers throughout Europe and has tank capacities of more than 14,000 tonnes, according to its website.

Video: Oberhausen Chemical Plant Accidentally Releases Acid Cloud