Jun 142011

Romanian media broadcast unedited images of the wreck of a small plane that crashed Monday night in Deva – Alba area.
According to the first information, it is very hard to reach the crash site being needed to cross the bed of a river and furthermore the airplane debris are scattered over an area of about 50 square meters.

Baru Plane Crash

The wreckage of a small plane that crashed in Baru, Hunedoara, killing pilot Mathias Gabrowski (Photo: cancan.ro)

Romanian authorities make extensive efforts to recover the body but also the aircraft debris.

Former head of the Civil Aviation Department, Sorin Stoicescu said that currently the suicide hypothesis is not confirmed and since the plane crash did catch fire, it is believed to have run out of fuel.

Aircraft wreckage was found Tuesday morning. The plane crashed in the locality of Baru from Hunedoara district, about 80 kilometers from the take-off place.

Stoicescu stressed that although this type of aircraft can glide up to 15 kilometers when running out of fuel, however the crash took place in the mountains at dusk, when the risk of such accidents is extremely high.

Moreover, Sorin Stoicescu believes that the pilot experience (claimed to be 200 flying hours) was not so significant for geographical and atmospheric conditions at the moment of the flight. The small plane took off from Hunedoara’s Săuleşti Aerodrome on Monday at about 5 p.m. and it was piloted by the 47-year-old German businessman Mathias Gabrowski. In fact Gabrowski had both German and Romanian citizenship. 

It was supposed to be a short-range, pleasure flight but the pilot has not landed. At 8 pm, the airfield duty officer announced that he totally lost contact with the aircraft and does not know anything about its position. See more images from mountainous crash site Baru.