May 052017

North Korea slams the US intelligence service for planning to kill the supreme leader Kim Jong-un with “biocides,” reports BBC.

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un (pic: google images)

The regime in Pyongyang vows to carry out a counter-terrorist attack on the United States and South Korea in response to the alleged assassination attempt on Kim Jong-un. “The anti-terrorist attack will start right now,” the regime said.

The North Korean press agency, KCNA, claims that a group would have infiltrated the country and tried to use radioactive substances with poisonous nanoparticles in the alleged plot and said the authorities would find and “mercilessly destroy ” the terrorists.

Kim Jong-un was allegedly the target of the attack at a military parade. It is claimed that South Korean and US intelligence approached and bribed a corrupt North Korean official, referred to as “Kim”, while he worked for a timber company in Russia. After being paid, “Kim” was given a “satellite transmitter-receiver” before returning to Pyongyang where he was supposed to receive detailed instructions about various opportunities to complete the attack.

The Agency also specified that the effects of the biochemicals would be visible within 6 to 12 months. The CIA declined to comment and South Korea has issued no statement so far.

Dec 192011

Late NK leader Kim Jong-il used often a sophisticated train in order to trick the spying enemies

North Korean former leader was using a so-called “invisible” train, covered with a special coating making it thus undetectable for radars, fitted with infrared sensors and sound capture devices. Kim Jong Il usually travelled only by car or train so he needed a special train to get rid of spy satellites of country’s enemies.

The press reported that the U.S. tried to keep under observation North Korea President movements by employing spy satellites and high-altitude aircrafts. Not once, U.S. intelligence tried to intercept telephone conversations held by Kim Jong-Il from ‘wheeled residence’, as it was called his armored train.

Over the years, the leader from Pyongyang has used various strategemes to deceive the vigilance of Western intelligence services, therefore he put into circulation copies of his armored train. Also, according to South Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo, Pyongyang is now seeking to expand its network of underground tunnels linking the residence of Kim Jong Il to various locations belonging to communist party, military and government.

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il, aged 69, died Saturday of heart attack (following “physical and mental exhaustion”) while making a journey by train, the official media said on Monday in Pyongyang.