Mar 192017

An application for mobile phone comes to the aid of those who lose their loved animals. The app, which was launched by three young people from Iasi, Romania, scans all announcements about lost animals and sends alerts to all users in the area indicated by ads’ owner.

lost dog

Lost animal can be found via petfinder app (pic:

The application “Găsitorii” ((Pet)-Finders) is free and very easy to use. To announce the loss of a dog for example, the owner must upload a photo of the animal along with some details about its age, breed and name. Within just minutes, the alert goes public.

“Both the picture and information must be ok. After approval, we notify people within a radius of a few kilometers that person X lost an animal in the neighborhood,” says Andrei Nastasiu, one of the developers of the application.

The team rolled out the app after 6 months of volunteering work. The idea came to life after one of the team members lost his dog and looked for it for about two weeks.

For the time being, the app is available only to the IOS users, but an Android version is set to be launched soon.