Feb 142017

Nokia 3310 MWC 2017. Nokia is ready to relaunch 3310, one of the most beloved and rezilient cell phone in history.

The upgraded model is set to come as new alternative featuring long-lasting battery and a nearly indestructible housing.

nokia 3310 mwc 2017

Nokia 3310 (public domain)

Nokia 3310 was originally rolled out on the market in 2000 marking the beginning of the modern age of the mobile phones.

The 2017 reincarnation of the old Nokia 3310 will be sold for only 59 euros and will probably be showcased as a second phone for nostalgics who would like to remember they first purchase. The handset will be launched at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona later this month.

After missing the start of the smartphone era, Nokia struggled hardly to keep up the pace with the market and ended up in the hands of Microsoft which powered the gadgets with their Windows Phone software.

Meanwhile HMD Global acquired the brand Nokia and took the decision to use the more popular Android mobile operating system at the expense of Windows Phone. Nokia 6 is the first model of the company being powered by Android.