Feb 162017

A café in Vienna decided to impose a tax on phone charging because visitors who keep their mobile gadgets plugged in for more than two hours should pay for the consumed electricity. The fee is one euro.

People may pay for charging phones at Vienna coffeehouses (public domain)

A tourist who spent a consistent time at the café in the famous Hundertwasser House (Hundertwasserhaus) in the austrian capital wrote on Facebook that besides the price of the four glasses of spritzer she drank, she was charged one extra euro for having her smartphone connected to the electrical socket all this time.

The cafe’s manager said that only those who keep their electronic devices plugged in for more than two hours, will be charged.

From a legal point of view, this fee may be applied only if the customers are verbally announced of its existance.

The average electricity costs for charging a mobile phone are estimated at only one euro per year but life seems to become harsher in Vienna where about 20% of its coffee shops charge the tourists asking for tap water.