Feb 162017

Pokemon Go, the game that stunned the world when it rolled out last July, will face a major update that adds 80 second generation monsters and brings a number of other novelties.

pokemon go update niantic

Pokemon Go gets 80 Gen 2 Gold and Silver monsters (pic: Niantic)

After sparking an initial fulminant frenzy, the game entered a smooth constant decline for several reasons, but the recent news of a planned upgrade might revive the interest at least for a while.

80 new Pokémon Gold and Silver from 1999 will be added to the 140 already existing creatures. All newbies will make their debut nearly at the same time at the end of the week.

Niantic Labs, the developping company that earned revenues of over one billion dollars from this game which reached even 40 million daily players at one point, announced also other small changes, including “Nanab berries” that slows pokemon down thus making them easier to catch and “Pinap Berry” which doubles the number of “candy” received if the next shot is successful.

Niantic reaveals also the availability of a detailed customization of the avatar, but also new behavior of some Pokemon when they are hunted.

The recent update will not please everyone as some game addicts expect more interesting elements such as the virtual battles between players and the opportunity to exchange Pokemon.

Sep 072016

Quantum Science Data monitored 600 sites in Romania to unveil that Romanians’ interest in Pokemon Go slumped tenfold in just one month after game’s official release and that happened despite the fact that the augmented reality game was one of the favorite topics of newsrooms over the last summer.

pokemon go

Pokemon Go was the hit game of summer 2016 (pic: Niantic)

Pokemon Go was officially rolled out in Romania on July 19, 2016 and more than one million Romanians had been informed about the game in the first month. Three weeks since the lavish launch, the number of Romanians interested in the game peaked at 1,008,614, according to Quantum’s analysis.

Furthermore, before Pokemon hit the Romanian market, there were more than 75,000 websurfers already scrambling various websites and searching for information about the trendy game.

However, the development took a spectacular turn shortly after the official release as people’s interest began to decline.

According to information provided by Quantum Data Science’s the monitoring tools, about half a million Romanians, owners of either iOS or Android gadgets, decided to install the Pokemon Go app in the first month. Yet, the trend appears to be on a descending slope, falling from 12,000 installs per day to just 2,000 / day lately.

In relation to this phenomenon, the keywords mostly used by gamers on search engines are: “Pokemon Go tricks Romania”, “where to find world’s rarest Pokemon, “where to play pokemon go” and “how to retrieve money paid for in-app purchases”.

Worldwide, Pokemon’s success seems to follow the same patters with signs showing that the free-to-play game developed by Niantic is trailing off. But for the time being it’s too soon to know exactly how Pokémon Go is faring in the longer term. A couple of statistics reveal that it’s doing well: it’s the number one free game in the Google Play store (and number four free app overall), and it’s the number two free game in Apple’s App Store (and the 11th most popular free app overall). The game is also yet to launch in many parts of the world, where it’ll collect new fans and might begin to grow again. But according to preliminary data, at least, it isn’t likely to retain the status as an always-open game hit.

Sep 052016

A young Russian vlogger was indicted and detained for two months pending a possible trial, after hunting pokemons in an Orthodox church and posting a video with his feat on the Internet.

Russian vlogger hunting pokemons in church (pic: Sokolovsky/Youtube)

Russian vlogger hunting pokemons in church (pic: Sokolovsky/Youtube)

Accused of incitement to hatred and attack on religious freedom, the 20-year-old gamer from the town of Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg), could face a 5-year sentence in prison, said the Russian investigation services in a statement.

A court placed the blogger under detention for two months, until 1 November.

A video that was posted on Youtube and viewed more than 940,000 times, shows Ruslan Sokolovsky protesting against a TV show which explains the legal risks people can face when playing Pokémon Go inside a church.

“Who could be offended if you walk in a church with a smartphone in your hand?” wonders the young man before heading to Ekaterinburg’s Church of All Saints that was built in 2000 on the site of the assassination of the last Russian tsar family.

“I decided to just catch some Pokemon in church because, why not? I believe it’s both safe and not prohibited by law. Let’s go,” said Sokolovsky before being seen playing Pokémon Go during a religious service and making ironic remarks over Jesus’ existence.

Although it has already become a worldwide phenomenon, yet this augmented reality game is not available in Russia, where fans seem to have found different ways to download it illegally.

Video: Russian blogger catching Pokemon in church