Feb 122018

South Korean officials have confirmed that a cyber attack occurred during the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Olympic Games. The hack attempt hit a number of systems, but fortunately no critical element became inoperable.

Pyeongchang 2018

Winter Olympics venue in Pyeongchang (pic: Pyeongchang2018)

The organizers did not want to clearly say who carried out the attack, but there are two primary suspects: North Korea -the historic enemy-, and Russia -the country excluded from the 2018 Winter Olympics because of its intense doping program.

Internet and TV-related systems were reportedly affected by the attack, but organizers say critical infrastructure wasn’t compromised.

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are held in Pyeongchang, just 80 km from the North Korean border, and everyone has initially turned eyes on the northern neighbour famous for its long streak of IT attacks.

Another suspect possibly linked to the hack is Russia, the country that did not get the permission to take part in the Games with its standard team due to a doping program involving many athletes.

However, Russian athletes who could prove they were not part of the state-run doping plan were allowed to compete in Pyeongchang.