Feb 172017

A military helicopter landed in the middle of a road from Kazakhstan during a terrible blizzard but it was the pilot who captured the whole attention in this bizarre incident.

Chopper pilot running towards truck to ask driver for directions (capture: Youtube)

A video footage from a dashboard camera shows the pilot getting off the chopper, then running towards the truck in front of him, shaking driver’s hand and exchanging a few words before returning to the aircraft.

The lorry driver radioed his friend from the vehicle behind telling him that the military were apparently lost and asked for directions.

According to BBC, the aviator asked the way to the north-western city of Aktobe, to the amusement of the two drivers in radio contact.

On the other hand, the Defense Ministry in Astana said that the pilots were performing an orientation training flight in difficult weather conditions and the “interview” method was part of the plan.

“The pilots landed on the highway, then found out the location and flew to the military base thus completing the exercise successfully”, said the Ministry.

Video: Lost army helicopter lands on road in Kazakhstan during severe snowstorm