Jul 302012

Referendum 2012: OFFICIAL RESULTS 30 July 2012 at 10:00 a.m!!!

Romanian suspended President Traian Basescu seems to survive the second referendum in 5 years, thus proving that he has more support than his opponents believed.

The Central Election Bureau (BEC) released on Monday at 10:00 a.m. the first partial official results of the Romania’s impeachment referendum over President Basescu’s dismissal.

According to BEC, 46.13% of Romanians registered on electoral lists voted on Sunday from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Percentage of valid votes Yes – 87.55% No – 11.12%, annulled votes – 1.31%.

The 46.13% figure is lower than the 50% + 1 threshold set by the Constitutional Court (CCR) and required to suspend Basescu.

BEC announced the preliminary results at 10:00 after collecting data from 97.52% of all polling stations.

The total number of Romanian with voting right: 17,984,621. The turnout number was 8,297,135, thus representing 46.13% of all listed. Valid ballots cast with YES – 7,264,819, representing 87.55% of those who voted. Valid votes cast with NO – 923,147, representing 11.12%. Number of invalid votes – 109,169, representing 1.31%.

A simple calculation shows that 40% of Romania’s population with voting right agreed to suspend their elected president Basescu

The data presented hereby included also the results from polling stations abroad.

Jul 242012

Traian Basescu may change strategy as 700.000 Romanians intend to boycott the referendum. Capture: B1TV

Suspended Romanian President Traian Basescu appeared on Monday evening on B1 TV’s show “Under the question mark (Sub semnul intrebarii)” claiming that “there are too many indications pointing to USL intention to defraud the July 29 referendum”.

Furthermore Basescu revealed to show host Robert Turcescu that he may ask the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) not to send its representatives to the polling stations in order to boycott the voting process. The decision comes as a retaliation to USL’s failure to assure the security measure specific on such an event.

“If the referendum is validated, then the coup would be backed by people’s vote. Therefore all efforts need to be made to have an invalidated referendum and the culprits [i.e. parliament members] must respond in front of the law,” said Basescu.

Initially the elected president had urged country’s people to go to the poll. However, there is apparently a new trend that broke out on the internet: the boycott.

“Immediately after the suspension had been announced, I was very very determined to urge citizens to vote. Now there is a new trend: boycott. 700,000 people thoughout Romania have decided to boycott the referendum, according to an updated survey. Even if I want, I can’t make these people go to vote. PDL officials are seriously discussing this issue because they do not want to take part in the coup. Hence I raise my question: is my problem or their problem to gather enough people to validate the referendum?” added Basescu.

Jul 142012

The elected (but currently suspeded) Romanian President Traian Basescu started the electoral campaign for the July 29 referendum when people across the country will decide whether he should get back in his office or not.

It’s worth to mention that Basescu, whose legal presidential mandate ends in 2014, was ousted on July 6, 2012 during an impeachement vote in Romania’s Parliament. Therefore the politicians dismissed the head of state, fact which set the country in turmoil and triggered worrying signals from the E.U. and American leaders.

In order to recover the presidency, President Traian Basescu kicked off a harsh competition which aimed at attracting as many votes as possible. And support seems to come form the real world as well as the virtual.
The online environment revealed the appearance of a new webdomain called www.basescupresedinte.ro, a website featuring Romania’s national colours -red, yellow and blue. The site was apparently inspired by one of the national trademarks of the United States of America.

Homepage design of President Traian Basescu's newest website

While U.S. tourism industry logo contains green dots, Basescu’s fans designed for their president’s website a dotted-style logo featuring the colors specific to the Romanian flag.

The site makes public the events aimed at supporting the suspended president Traian Basescu and users can read an anti-dismissal manifesto. You can opt for “Send President a Message” or the “Design shirts” section which allows the download of a printing logo.

Furthermore whenever users click on “Access the list of president’s supporters”, there pops up the following message “Do not forget to copy-paste www.basescupresedinte.ro and maybe you will become Prime Minister”. Source: evz.ro

Basescu's supporting website apparently inspired from Discover America trademark

Jul 102012

A peaceful protest took place yesterday in The Hague (Den Haag) where a group of about 20-25 Romanians expressed their concerns related to the threat against the democracy and rule of law in Romania (scroll down for photos).

The rally was organized in front of the Romanian embassy, the event being supervised by a police van.

At the end of the one-hour gathering, 7 protesters were invited inside the embassy for discussions. The ambassador was not present during the meeting which was instead hosted by her rep. After the talks, the protesters handed over a written manifesto to the embassy official.

Hereafter you can read protesters’ full statement which did not mention names, political parties, etc.

“Public appeal to all European political leaders

We are a group of Romanian citizens, most of us highly skilled professionals, living and working legally in the Netherlands. We all hold high moral values and respect for the law.

We are extremely concerned with the current political events taking place in Romania at the moment.

As you are already aware, in the past few days the current government has interfered with the normal functioning of the state’s institutions, the most important to be mentioned here being that the Constitutional Court’s attributions were restricted.

The Constitutional Court is the only institution which guarantees the Constitution’s supremacy, thus the state of law.

As an effect of the government’s actions, the separation of powers ceases to exist in a country which is a member of European Union. The very values and principles that stand at the heart of the European Union are being trampled.

We are concerned that the country is heading towards a single party government. Romania has had a bad experience with single-party governments and dictatorships, as it has been only 2 decades since the Ceausescu regime was overthrown.

The voice of the people must also be backed by the voices of the leaders and officials in the European Union, and the democratic world. France, Germany and the United States of America have already expressed their concerns about this matter.

As European citizens, we need the support of European leaders, before the situation degenerates, and before sanctions are imposed by the European Union’s institutions.

Therefore, we ask the Dutch government to take an official position regarding these events.”

Romanians protest in The Hague on July 9, 2012

People disagree with political situation in Romania by protesting in Den Haag, The Netherlands

Protesters' written statement for European officials

Manifesto signed by all participants at rally in The Hague

Warning for Romanian politicians!!!

Fundamental declarations!