Feb 142014

SOCHI 2014. Russian ski jumper Mikhail Maksimochkin was hospitalized after falling during a workout before the individual large hill ski jumping event at Sochi’s Winter Olympics.

Mikhail Maksimochkin

Mikhail Maksimochkin taken on a stretcher after crash landing during workout for large hill ski jumping event (AFP)

Michael Maksimochkin got injured as he crashed on landing. Medical teams rushed to help the athlete who was placed on a stretcher with his head immobilized and taken away from the incident scene at RusSki jumping center. After this accident, the training session was canceled.

A statement by Alexander Uvarov, the president of the governing body FIS, revealed that Maksimochkin was not seriously injured.

“There are no life threatening injuries. He has some ribs problems, but according to doctors, he will be released on Thursday,” said Uvarov.

Moreover, Alexander Uvarov said that Maksimochkin will not compete anymore at the Olympic Games in Sochi.
Mihail Maksimochkin ranked 31st in Sunday’s ski jumping event on the normal hill. Qualifications for the large hill ski jumping are set to take place on Friday and the final is scheduled for Saturday.

Normal hill ski jumping champion Kamil Stoch also injured after landing fall!
Maksimochkin was not the only skier who needed medical attention during Wednesday’s workout. Also gold winner Polish Kamil Stoch was injured after falling during landings while training for the individual large hill event.

Stoch, who earned gold medal in the normal hill ski jumping last Sunday, was the last jumper of the evening when he crahsed after missing his landing. He was cared for by medical staff and suffered a bloodied nose but was able to walk on his feet after a brace was attached to his left arm. “Kamil Stoch is heading to the village escorted by a doctor, but he is fine,” assured Poland coach Lukasz Krusek.