Jun 162016

Mircea Basescu, the brother of ex-Romanian president Traian Basescu, was sentenced to four years in jail on Thursday when the Bucharest’s Court of Appeal upheld the verdict given previously by the Tribunal of Constanta.

Meanwhile Mircea Basescu turned himself in at a Police office in Constanta. Next, he will be taken to Poarta Alba prison where he will stay in quarantine for 21 days. Then a decision will be taken whether to serve the executory sentence in closed or semi-open conditions.

Mircea Basescu

Mircea Basescu (pic: nasul.tv)

Basescu was charged with influence peddling in a case that involves underworld member Florin Anghel (known as Bercea Mondial) and his family.

Marian Capatana, a defendant in the same case, wis set to serve 3 years in jail for complicity in influence peddling, as the judges maintained a decision given by a Constanta Court earlier this year.

The magistrates have also agreed with the “special confiscation” of 265,000 euros from Capatana but rejected the claim of the same amount from Mircea Basescu who is apparently more relieved after a levy on his assets has been lifted.

The two defendants were given also a ban on the right to be elected to any public office and the right to occupy positions involving the exercise of state authority.

On the other hand, the court rejected as unfounded the claim filed by Florin Anghel for the amount of 600,000 euros allegedly given by his family as bribe for Mircea Basescu.

The brother of Romania’s former head of state had been sentenced in January this year to 4 years behind bars, but he made an appeal against the decision.

He was indicted for receiving 250,000 euros from Bercea Mondial’s family, to persuade the judges, so they can rule a favorable solution in a case of attempted murder.

From June to November 2014 Mircea Basescu spent his time in custody, and later under house arrest.

Throughout the trial stages, he had vehemently denied the accusations.

Mar 232016

Former Romanian President Traian Basescu seems to be one of the vocal figures who have warned for long that Europe will face more terror threats as a result of uncontrolled migration.

“I expected such attacks [i.e. Brussels], therefore those responsible should now draw conclusions. I wouldn’t like to make too many comments, at least not at this point. Turning back the time, you will see my previous statements in which I anticipated that not only refugees but also Islamists, extremists, and so forth, will come to Europe”, said Basescu.

Traian Basescu Romania President

Traian Basescu (pic: Facebook)

In the aftermath of the dramatic bombings that rocked Zaventem airport and Maalbeek subway stop in the Belgian capital Tuesday morning, the former president of Romania posted a Facebook message in which he reiterated his position over terrorism and the threats posed by the Islamic State. He outlined that the “terrorist organizations take advantage of the wave of migration in order to transfer their followers into Europe, where they do what they learned best: To kill”. Moreover, Basescu claims that the law enforcement forces can not secure the life of Europeans.

“We lack logical thinking. In Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Yemen, the Islamic militant groups are hardly hit by regular armies, special troops and air forces of NATO, Russia, Iran or Saudi Arabia.

It was quite obvious that the migrant crisis was a good opportunity for the jihadist organizations to relocate as many fighters as possible in a safe place like Europe where they can carry out what they know best: killings. Here they feel safe because the alliance military, regular armies or special forces can not be deployed like in conflict-torn areas. Furthermore, the governments can not afford to declare state of emergency because that will turn Europe into battlefield, and they would also need to admit their fatal error in addressing the uncontrolled migration.

It is outrageous the fact that not the European political leaders, otherwise very well guarded, will pay the bill of their recklessness, but the innocent European citizens. It is clear now that law enforcement forces can not secure the life of Europeans,” wrote Traian Basescu in the message posted on his Facebook page.

Sep 052015

Former President of Romania, Traian Basescu criticizes European institutions that have not found a solution to resolve the migrant crisis. He urges Romania not to receive refugees on its territory warning that among them there might supporters of the notorious terrorist group Islamic State.

traian basescu

Traian Basescu (pic: nasul.tv)

“I am a man who knows very well that the Islamic State owns a lot of assets by controlling large oil fields and refineries in Libya, Syria or Iraq and thus I can find an explanation to the fact that some of the migrants can easily pay 10,000 or 50,000 euros to reach Europe” said the former head of state.

“I know very well that this wave of migration contains Sunnis, Shiites, Kurdish and other sectarian groups which set off bombs in their home countries. We have often arguments with our Hungarian brothers, but we don’t bomb each other”, added Traian Basescu who appears to share the same opinion with Hungarian PM Viktor Orban when it comes to muslim migration to Europe.

Dec 212014

President Klaus Iohannis arrived on Sunday at Cotroceni Palace where he was greeted by the ceremonial honor guard. Iohannis was accompanied by his wife, Carmen.

After the state anthem was played and the welcome formalities were done, Traian Basescu handed over to Iohannis the “Seal of State of Romania“, under which President confers decorations, and The “Order of the Star of Romania” in rank of sash (colan), the highest civil order which, by law, automatically returns to the acting Romanian President during his term.

According to the Constitution, the mandate of the President of Romania is for five years, taking effect from the date when the head of state swears in. It also stipulates that the President of Romania exercises his duties until the newly elected President takes the oath of office.

Video: Traian Basescu and Klaus Iohannis, Cotroceni Palace, 21 December 2014

Dec 212014

Traian Basescu ended officially his presidency term on Sunday 21 December when he handed over the presidential mandate to the next head of state, Klaus Johannis.

To honor his first day of “freedom” after 10 years at Cotroceni Palace, Basescu went to a pub in Herăstrău, Bucharest, where he celebrated alongside his wife Maria Basescu and other important guests including members of the People’s Movement Party (PMP).

Of course, Elena Udrea could not miss the big celebratory event. Dressed in a red dress, the fashionable PMP leader made show and proved her musical talent by climbing up the stage and performing a song in honor of the former Romanian President.

According to local media, Udrea prepared herself very well for this event as she had previously rehearsed the song in a television studio. Many voices claim that the stage performance was in fact Udrea’s Christmas gift for Basescu.

Video: Elena Udrea Basescu sings a song for Traian Basescu at Herastrau terrace

Nov 212014

Klaus Iohannis was officially confirmed as the next president of Romania today: “It was a powerful and very clear vote, I assure everyone that I understood the message!”

A historic moment emerged on Friday at the Constitutional Court headquarters in Bucharest where the ceremony for mandate validation of the elected President Klaus Werner Johannis was attended by President in office, Traian Basescu. However, Iohannis is set to head to Cotroceni Palace on December 21, the official deadline for swaping presidential seat with Basescu.

The anthem of Romania was played prior to the start of the proceedings. After taking note of the Constitutional Court decision, the President-elect Klaus Iohannis thanked CCR, Central Electoral Bureau and country’s citizens for all their hard work they have carried out lately.

klaus iohannis

Klaus Iohannis appointed President of Romania (public domain photo)

While saying that Romania has reached a new milestone, Iohannis vowed to claim full responsibly for the new function and promised a prosperous country at the end of difficult path that is about to set off.

“I would like to thank CCR for the judgement and decision they took not only for me but also for Romania. I thanks BEC members for the very good management of the electoral process. I would like to thanks all Romanian citizens who voted on the 2nd and 16th of November, and obviously those who chose me. It was a powerful and very clear vote, I assure everyone that I understood the message. Now, 25 years since the Romanian Revolution, an transition phase is ended and Romanians made use of their vote to say very clearly: stop and start over. My vision fortunately mingled with people’s expectations. I am aware of the challenges we need to tackle but I am confident that at the end of the road we’ll find a strong and prosperous Romania. Step-by-step and with patience, we are going to to build up a Romania of the “well done work”,” said the President-elect.

Klaus Iohannis

Iohannis message shortly after elections win on November 16, 2014

Klaus Johannis promised to be a president “who respects the Constitution in letter and its spirit.” In this regard, he said that “some changes are urgently imposed in order to bring it in line with the status quo but also to remove some uncertainties”.

“I want to say firmly that I will be the president who respects the Constitution in letter and spirit. I’ll prove what I meant when I popped up before the electorate with the statement “I want to reconnect Romanian Presidency to the Constitution.” I think the President should inspire the Romanian nation through his vision and become a standard in the society through his public behavior,” concluded Iohannis.

Video: Klaus Iohannis presidential mandate validated by CCR

Jun 192014

Mircea Basescu – Bercea Mondial Scandal!
During a press briefing held at the Cotroceni Palace on Thursday, Romania’s President Traian Basescu said that he regrets the involvement of his brother, Mircea Băsescu, in the underworld scandal linked to the famed convicted interloper Bercea Mondial.

“I will not turn into an advocate for my brother as long as it seems he is linked to immoral people he was not supposed to get involved with,” said Basescu who added that his sibling is an adult responsible for his deeds. At the end of the speech, President Basescu dropped also tears.

Mircea Băsescu was detained by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) for 24 hours for traffic of influence and now prosecutors have proposed his arrest.

Mircea Basescu would have received the amount of 250,000 euros from a whistle-blower (Florin Anghel), through an intermediary, in exchange for the promise that he will persuade the magistrates to resolve the case related to the crimes of Bercea Mondial aka Sandu Anghel, investigators say.

May 112014

Romanian President Traian Basescu said during an interview in Timisoara on Sunday, referring to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin’s threats against Romania, that first we must know how much vodka Rogozin drank before making such statements.

“I can only have one reaction to such statements. We need to find out how much vodka Rogozin consumed before making such declarations. It’s a total lack of respect for another state or anything else that is not related to Mother Russia,” Basescu told opiniatimisoarei.ro.

The Romanian Head of State added that Rogozin is old-fashioned and way behind the trend as he still uses a Stalinism thinking.

Asked of the official reaction of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Basescu said: “It is absolutely normal for the ministry to ask for clarifications because neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs knew how much alcohol Rogozin drank before this statements.”

Regarding Dmitry Rogozin’s threat to use a Russian strategic bomber Tu-160 when flying over Romania, President Basescu said that “he was nervous”.

“I think he was nervous and had a slip of his tongue. When it comes to such things, Rogozin does not surprise anymore”, added Basescu.

Mar 022014

Romanian President Traian Basescu said that Ukraine is currently under attack from Russian army but the conflict does not pose a short-term risk for Romania’s security.

Traian Basescu

President Basescu talks about Ukraine crisis and Romania’s security threats (Public Domain)

In a statement released on Sunday, the head of state of the EU country commented on the situation in Ukraine.
“I present the official position over the developments of Ukrainian crisis. The war-like situation in Ukraine is not seen at this point as a direct and immediate threat to Romania’s security and independence or sovereignty over its national territory. Meanwhile, Romania notes that the emergence of a new frozen conflict in Crimea, after those from Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria, is very likely to exacerbate the regional instability and tensions that can lead to armed conflicts. From this point of view, Romania considers that its safety is at risk on medium and long term.”

The President added that Ukraine is at this point invaded by the Russian military.
“Romania points out that presence of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory without [host country] consent and beyond bilateral agreements as well as its subsequent notifications, is an aggression against Ukraine. We believe that Ukraine is attacked by military forces of the Russian Federation. Romania calls for the signatory countries of the 1994 Budapest memorandum to immediately initiate a negotiation process leading to the restoration of international laws, including the cessation of any Russian action in Ukraine. This agreement between the U.S., United Kingdom, Ukraine and the Russian Federation is, in our view, alongside international legislation, a guarantee for the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine. Romania demands Russian to cease any military operations aimed at targeting Ukraine and return to Kiev and Kharkov agreements signed by Ukraine and the Russian Federation in 1997 and 2010,” continued Traian Basescu.

Basescu stressed that Romania unreservedly supports territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. “Romania demands its ethnics in Ukraine to continue to NOT engage in acts of violence”.

UKRAINE CRISIS: Romania’s President also said that Viktor Yanukovych should resign.
“Romania considers that the measures taken by former President Yanukovych, authorizing fire opening with war ammunition against the people, and leaving the national territory in a difficult time for the country, put him in an unlegitimate position and must immediately announce his resignation to facilitate a solution to the current internal tensions as well as the Russian-Ukrainian issues,” concluded Basescu.

Sep 012013

Romanian president Traian Basescu enjoys the first moments as a grandfather after his youngest daughter Elena, gave birth to a baby girl last night at University Hospital in Bucharest. The child who will be named Sofia Raisa, is 2.7 kg in weight.

A photo (see below) that shows the president holding his grandchild in his arms was posted on the Facebook page “Together with our president ” on Sunday shortly after Basescu visited his daughter at the medical center in Bucharest.

President is seen wearing a white coat, holding the baby and looking at the camera . Traian Basescu claimed to be glad to receive ” the noble title of grandfather” , and of his granddaughter said that she is healthy and bears his traits.

Asked whom the baby resembles Basescu replied, “With me, of course.”

He added that does not know anything about the possible godparents. ” I’m glad she’s healthy, and sucked already , which is great,” said Basescu, revealing that doctors have told him that his daughter will remain in the hospital “two or three more days.”

Traian Basescu Sofia Raisa

Traian Basescu and his newborn granddaughter Sofia Raisa