Jul 052017

A Romanian company is ready to invest $100 million in the United States according to the Minister of Business, Commerce and Entrepreneurship, Ilan Laufer, who refused to disclose the name of the firm and its operational sector.

Ilan Laufer

Ilan Laufer (photo: Facebook)

“We have already announced an investment of about $ 100 million from a Romanian company in the United States. I think this is a big step forward for us,” said Laufer.

Despite requests from journalists, the Romanian Minister said he can not reveal the activity field of the company or its investment sector on the US market.

Laufer’s Ministry is currently working on the development of a funding mechanisms that aims at stimulating the small companies to further grow their businnes.

The Minister reminded that the Government approved a program on the internationalization of Romanian companies.

“Submission to the internationalization program of the Romanian companies will begin in about three weeks from now,” said Laufer.