Nov 162011

Yes folks, that’s really true. Stacey Rookhuizen will star this year in Christmas edition of Playboy.

Stacey Rookhuizen to appear soon in Playboy, December 2011 issue

Update: Stacey Rookhuizen Playboy release 7 December 2011

The rumor was widely spread in the media, but now it’s official: Stacey Rookhuizen is going to pose for the Christmas edition of Playboy magazine. Presenter of Project Catwalk and judge of X Factor, Rookhuizen is scheduled to shine in a surrealistic photoshoot against the New York skyline. According to Playboy the outcome aims at being glamorous, stylish and sensual.

So, in consequence Stacey can not dream of exotic islands, palm trees, white beaches or blue seas because the producers chose the international top photographer Jaap Vliegenthart, best known for his surrealist style and subtle sense of beauty. Maarten Spruyt was asked to help with the styling, chielf editor Jan Heemskerk said: “I do not want to disclose too much on the event, but New York will “at the center” of the shoot, and a Stacey as people has never seen before. I am a lucky person.”

Despite all comments made after the announcement was revealed, Stacey remained cool: “It’s just a pictorial for a magazine”, she told RTL Boulevard on Wednesday.

Usually every year there a surprise celebrity to feature in the last magazine issue of the year and Stacey Rookhuizen is now the third celebrity in a row following Amanda Krabbe and Britt Dekker. That’s gonna be unique in the history of the famous men’s magazine.
The Christmas edition of Playboy will be available in shops as of December 8, 2011.

Video: Stacey Rookhuizen in surprising Christmas appearance