May 192017

Statistically, it is reported that more than half those who lose their lives in car accidents on New Zealand’s roads, use vehicles manufactured before 2000’s. (see video below)

Toyota Corolla crash test (pic: ANCAP)

In order to demonstrate the claim, Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) conducted an experiment to highlight the development and importance of a car safety performance.

ANCAP experts have set up a crash test using two cars – same brand, same model, – but built 17 years apart.

On the left side there is a Toyota Corolla from 1998 and on the right side a Corolla hatchback (dubbed Auris in Europe) manufactured in 2015. Both Corollas were accelerated to 64 km/h and smashed into each other.

The crash result speaks for itself, hence, which car would you chose???

Video: Crash test Toyota Corolla model 1998 vs. 2015-built counterpart

May 062017

Already in the testing stage, the flying vehicles designated for taxi services are expected to appear soon in the large metropolis landscape, and Uber might be among the first companies to offer such options.

Uber flying taxi Ehang 184 drone

EHang 184 – a self-flying taxi drone to be used by Uber (pic: Youtube capture)

The company’s plans were revealed at a Dallas conference and aim at creating “Elevate Network”, a transport service supported by flight vehicles capable of vertical take-off / landing in specially delimited areas such as public parkings, roof of buildings, or even yard of your own dwelling.

At the event, Uber mentioned its ongoing partnerships with Dubai’s transport authorities, aiming to demonstrate the first functional air taxi service at World Expo 2020. The flight would be served by the eHang184, a driverless drone designed and built in China, able to carry a single passenger weighing up to 100 Kg, and reach a maximum speed of 160 Km/h.

Passengers will be able to enter the desired address in drone’s onboard computer using a touch screen display, and then the vehicle will automatically take off and head for the selected destination. Alternatively, a European version of the air taxi service could involve specially trained pilots to remotely control the flying vehicles.

Fitted with electric propulsion, the flying taxis can ensure a 30 minute flight over a 50 km distance, enough for quick travels between the crowded central areas of the big cities.

Video: EHang 184 – world’s first self-flying taxi drone

Feb 252017

Apple has opened an inquiry into an iPhone 7 Plus “explosion” after the incident was filmed and posted on Twitter.

iphone 7 plus catching fire

Burned and damaged: Iphone 7 Plus (pic: Brianna Olivas/Twitter)

“So my IPhone 7 plus blew up this morning, was not even using it, literally no explanation for this”, wrote Brianna Olivas (username Bree) who captured the situation on tape. She subsequently uploaded two photos with the burned gadget to confirm her assertion.

The viral video of the smoking iPhone 7 Plus shows the handset burning until the case melts away with smoke being released from the side of the device.

An Apple spokesperson quoted by CNET, said that the company reached out to Olivas and is now investigating. “We are in touch with the customer and looking into it”.

Therefore Apple seems to copy Samsung, whose flagship Galaxy Note 7 was withdrawn off the market after getting frequently in flames.

It took South Koreans several months to figure out why their phone caught fire or even exploded in several cases. They discovered that the battery components did not fit properly into the housing thus causing the problems. Another battery was manufactured quickly, but caught fire as well, so Note 7’s fate was sealed.

Now, the incident involving Apple could be a chance for Samsung’s relaunch as Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to be a strong competitor for the iPhone.

Samsung had to remove Galaxy Note 7 from shops just two months after its lavish introduction, and the decision cost the company more than five billion dollars.

Feb 232017

A Russian start-up launched a prototype single-seater aircraft that can be flown just as simple as riding a motorcycle. Called Scorpion-3, the hoverbike is an electrically powered quadcopter able to lift one man into the air.

Scorpion-3 Hoverbike

Scorpion-3: Flying and riding at the same time (screengrab Hoversurf video)

Using dedicated software, engineers of the company Hoversurf managed to limit the range and speed of the human-carrying drone to ensure the safety of the driver/pilot. Inspired by heavy-duty extreme sport-utility motorbike, Scorpion-3 platform has the ability to “sail through the air by changing altitude and direction,” explained the developers on their website.

Despite being a remarkable manned quadcopter, Scorpio-3 is not the only one in its category. Authorities in Dubai hope to launch a self-driving aerial taxi in a few months whereas the US military is already working on a similar device which aims at transporting soldiers on the battlefields.

Video: Scorpion-3 Hoverbike – Manned Quadcopter Prototype

Video: Flying Motorbike (Scorpion) Testing by Hoversurf

Feb 232017

Apple Park, the new headquarters of the Cupertino-based tech giant, will be inaugurated in April and will feature a theater named “Steve Jobs Theater” to honor the memory of company’s late founder.

Apple Park

Apple Park, aerial view at sunset (screenshot Apple promo)

One of Silicon Valley’s largest green buildings has been subject of heated debate over the years but all rumors will come to an end in two months when the campus will open its doors to its employees.

The company claims that “campus’ ring-shaped, 2.8 million-square-foot main building is clad entirely in the world’s largest panels of curved glass” while “miles of asphalt sprawl are converted into a haven of green space in the heart of the Santa Clara Valley”. All local peculiarities were disclosed through a press release published on the company’s website yesterday. In terms of energy consumption, Apple Park is believed to be one of world’s most efficient campuses which will run entirelly on renewable energy.

The money was not an issue when works began at the new site, and the results are obvious. Although conceived for its employees, the 175-acre high-tech environment can also be visited to some extent by ordinary people. In this regard, a cafe and an Apple Store will be found inside the complex.

Apple’s upcoming conferences are expected to be held inside Steve Jobs Theater which is able to accommodate 1,000 people. The theater is located atop a hill — one of the highest points within Apple Park.

Approximately 12,000 employees will take over their new offices within a 6-month time window as construction of the buildings and parklands is scheduled to continue through the summer. It looks like the entire complex is dedicated to Steve Jobs, who was directly involved in the design and architecture of the new headquarters.

Video of Apple Park new HQ in Cupertino, California

Feb 212017

There are only a few more days left till the much-awaited MWC 2017 event in Barcelona, but the Chinese don’t waiste their time and do everything possible to increase the interest of potential customers for their new smartphone Huawei P10.

huawei p10

Huawei P10 (pic:

Huawei already has an impressive market share, especially in China, but that’s not enought for them. The Asians are struggling to reach out to a larger audience with new handsets covering a range of prices affordable to almost any customer. Last year they made waves with Huawei P9, company’s first flagship smartphone produced in collaboration with the German camera manufacturer “Leica”. However, MWC 2017 is ready to reveal P9’s successor.

Rumors about Huawei P10 have been circulating on the Internet for months, but the most interesting features were revealed in recent weeks. The latest element of the comprehensive marketing campaign emerges now as a 20-second teaser (see below) which promises several surprises during P10’s disclosure at the Mobile World Congress.

In general lines, Huawei P10 will most likely be released in two variants -P10 and a P10 Plus- with different screen sizes but similar specifications. Both will have a Quad HD-resolution panel, at least 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage space. The processing part will be ensured by the latest CPU Kirin.

As for the pricing, people could pay for a Huawei P10 about $500 when equipped with 4GB RAM and 32GB internal memory, or 683 dollars for the premium model which features 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage space.

Video: Huawei coming up soon at MWC2017 in Barcelona

Feb 212017

A hair dye changing its color depending on the temperature of the surrounding environment? This is probably the dream of all women who would like their hair to exhibit a color now and another one later. Frequent painting often destroys hair roots and makes ladies take money out of their pocket money at least once a month, but an innovative application might change this situation.

unseen fire hair dye

Color-changing hair dye to revolutionize the industry (pic:

A UK company called The Unseen, created a hair dye that changes color depending on the ambient temperature. The dye is called Fire and was showcased at London Fashion Week. Practically the miraculous paint would alter its color within various spectral ranges. For example, the color changes from black to red, white to black, gray to blue, blue to white or white to yellow, informs

It is important to note that the dye is easily removed after a few washes and produces no adverse effect. The technology relies on a thermochromic ink which is generally used for printed mugs that change color depending on the temperature of the liquid that is poured in. The company that created the “Fire” dye has conducted a test, and the person who took part in the experiment did not face any problem, but warned that the thermochromic ink is a toxic substance in its natural state.

Video: The Unseen Fire Hair Dye @ London Fashion Week 2017

Feb 162017

Pokemon Go, the game that stunned the world when it rolled out last July, will face a major update that adds 80 second generation monsters and brings a number of other novelties.

pokemon go update niantic

Pokemon Go gets 80 Gen 2 Gold and Silver monsters (pic: Niantic)

After sparking an initial fulminant frenzy, the game entered a smooth constant decline for several reasons, but the recent news of a planned upgrade might revive the interest at least for a while.

80 new Pokémon Gold and Silver from 1999 will be added to the 140 already existing creatures. All newbies will make their debut nearly at the same time at the end of the week.

Niantic Labs, the developping company that earned revenues of over one billion dollars from this game which reached even 40 million daily players at one point, announced also other small changes, including “Nanab berries” that slows pokemon down thus making them easier to catch and “Pinap Berry” which doubles the number of “candy” received if the next shot is successful.

Niantic reaveals also the availability of a detailed customization of the avatar, but also new behavior of some Pokemon when they are hunted.

The recent update will not please everyone as some game addicts expect more interesting elements such as the virtual battles between players and the opportunity to exchange Pokemon.

Feb 142017

Nokia 3310 MWC 2017. Nokia is ready to relaunch 3310, one of the most beloved and rezilient cell phone in history.

The upgraded model is set to come as new alternative featuring long-lasting battery and a nearly indestructible housing.

nokia 3310 mwc 2017

Nokia 3310 (public domain)

Nokia 3310 was originally rolled out on the market in 2000 marking the beginning of the modern age of the mobile phones.

The 2017 reincarnation of the old Nokia 3310 will be sold for only 59 euros and will probably be showcased as a second phone for nostalgics who would like to remember they first purchase. The handset will be launched at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona later this month.

After missing the start of the smartphone era, Nokia struggled hardly to keep up the pace with the market and ended up in the hands of Microsoft which powered the gadgets with their Windows Phone software.

Meanwhile HMD Global acquired the brand Nokia and took the decision to use the more popular Android mobile operating system at the expense of Windows Phone. Nokia 6 is the first model of the company being powered by Android.

Feb 142017

When it comes to construction works, the Dutch are for sure the world’s best and a video appears to support the assertion.

dutch tunel motorway a12

Dutch freeway near Schiphol, Amsterdam (

The footage, which was posted on the Google-owned video-sharing website Youtube, shows how the Dutch workers assembled a tunnel under the A12, a motorway linking the cities of The Hague and Arnhem, in just one weekend sparking jealousy around the world.

The source of the video is Rijkswaterstaat, the former Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, now part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

Rijkswaterstaat was the sponsor of the project called “Widening of A12 freeway between Ede and Grijsoord junction”. The 80 million Euro job was granted in 2014 to the famed Dutch company Heijmans Infrastructure and included the widening of 11 kilometers of motorway from two to three lanes.

The “high-speed works” ignited the delight of the Youtube users who praised the effectiveness of the people in the Netherlands while making hilarious remarks about the bureaucratic systems in their own countries.

“In Berlin this would take 5 years – and then they would discover that they have put in the tunnel upside down”, commented a German websurfer while an American one said: “In the US after the first shovel of dirt was moved it would take at minimum 5 years and close down all traffic passing and be 3 times over original price for the job. They would start at 12 and get off at 1 and take a hour for lunch.”

“In Belgium this would take some more years than expected, not due to lack speed. They would have discovered that they were at the wrong location,” wrote a funny Belgian while another user from the other side of Earth said: “In Australia they would have found some rare frog and then spent 5 years doing environmental studies only to figure out there are lots of those f*** frogs in the next suburb pissing themselves laughing.”

As for Canada, someone said: “Amazing, here it would take approximately 2 years and they would shut down whole city to do it :-)”, with a Swedish adding: “In Sweden this would take 4 years because of all the “mandatory” coffee breaks”.

Video: Timelapse 70-meter-long tunnel under A12 motorway in the Netherlands