Jul 072017

Actress and Youtube personality Stevie Ryan was found dead at her own property in Los Angeles on July 1. According to preliminary informations delivered by the US news outlets, Ryan would have committed suicide by hanging herself.

Stevie Ryan

Stevie Ryan (pic: Youtube)

Known as the “Queen of YouTube“, she became famous after editing, directing and starring in her own videos that became viral on Internet.

Just a week before her death, Ryan had announced that she felt very sad because her grandfather had died.

The forensic doctor’s office confirmed that Stevie Ryan died on Saturday, July 1, but did not respond to PEOPLE’s request to provide additional comments on the suicide and how it happened.

Ryan wrote, edited and performed in her productions that generated millions of reactions following their media broadcast.

The actress played various characters such as Little Loca and Sceney Sceneable, but impersonated also famed musicians such as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse.

Video: Stevie Kathleen Ryan (June 2, 1984 – July 1, 2017)

May 232017

Salman Abedi is the author of the suicide bombing in Manchester!
The alleged suicide attacker who detonated an improvised bomb at a pop concert by American singer Ariana Grande at Manchester Arena Monday night was identified as Salman Abedi, US official officials said on Tuesday.

salman abedi manchester arena

Machester Arena shaken by dramatic concert suicide attack

Two of the officials, who were in close contact with the British authorities, reported that the suspect was named as 22-year-old Salman Abedi or Salman Ramadan Abedi and is believed to have traveled from London to Manchester by train before the terror incident.

Also British police confirmed the identity of the lone wolf terrorist who killed 22 people and injured 59 others, many of them teenagers.

“We can confirm that the person suspected of committing last night’s atrocities is 22-year-old Salman Abedi,” Ian Hopkins, head of the Manchester Police, told the media, adding that he would not provide further detailed information about Abedi at this time.

What is known so far about Salman Abedi?

Who was Manchester terror attack suicide bomber Salman Abedi?
Salman Abedi was a British citizen born in December 1994 in Manchester from a family of Libyan origin, writes BBC. The identity of the 22-year-old was revealed after teams of armed cops stormed his Elsmore Road home in Fallowfield, Manchester.

According to eyewitnesses, bomb disposal law enforcement units were spotted entering the house before a controlled explosion took place. Armed police have also arrested a 23-year-old man in Chorlton, south Manchester, in connection with the attack.

Abedi, who had at least three siblings, had lived at several addresses in Manchester, including also the Fallowfield property.

MI5 spooks and anti-terror cops are now racing against the clock to uncover Abedi’s links to any possible terror cell.

He was carrying an improvised explosive device which he detonated while in the foyer area moments after the popstar’s concert ended.

Witnesses told how nuts and bolts were sent flying in the blast at the foyer area as fans made their way to Manchester Victoria train station next door.

Nov 252016

President Vladimir gave Steven Seagal Russian passport on Friday and said he hopes that this gesture will be perceived as a symbol of how disagreements between Moscow and Washington start to fade (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO).

Vladimir Putin Steven Seagal

Vladimir Putin presents Russian passport to Steven Seagal (pic: Kremlin.ru)

The Hollywood star signed his new passport right in front of Vladimir Putin, who said: “I want to congratulate you and to express my hope that this is another sign, although small, of gradual normalization of relations between our countries”.

Kremlin officials announced on November 3 that Vladimir Putin signed a decree by which he grants Russian citizenship to action movie actor Steven Seagal.

The decree stated that “Steven Seagal Frederic, born on April 10, 1952 in the US, is naturalized as a Russian”, reported sputniknews.com at that time.

Steven Seagal Russian Passport

Steven Seagal thankful for his brand new Russian passport

The 64-year-old star has close ties with Russia, going back to the 1990s when he opened an outlet of the restaurant franchise Planet Hollywood in Moscow. He became ambassador for Russian firearms manufacturer Orsis in 2013, writes RussiaToday.

As for Mr. Seagal, after earning the new citizenship early this month, he wrote in a Twitter message: “Dual citizenship is not abandoning my country. I love the USA. Family comes from Russia.”

In January 2016, Steven Seagal received Serbian citizenship after he opened an Aikido school in Belgrade and had several meetings with President Tomislav Nikolic and Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic. Furthermore he had been offered a very special job that aimed at training Serbian special police forces and teaching them Aikido.

This is the second time when Mr. Putin honors a movie celebrity with a passport as it is well known that also French actor Gerard Depardieu received Russian citizenship back in 2013.

Video: Steven Seagal drops signature on his Russian passport before Vladimir Putin

Nov 222016

Donald Trump became the 45th and oldest-ever elected President of the United States on November 8th but it wasn’t apparently only the US electors who paved his path to the White House but also various false news websites from around the world.

Ovidiu Drobota

One the multiple Facebook pages owned by Ovidiu Drobota (credit image: facebook/digi24.ro)

Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook’s bogus stories did not affect the outcome of the US elections, but his claims seem to be refuted by a BuzzFeed analysis showing that numerous fake election news turned viral and spread like wildfire across the world’s most popular social network. And part of the news feed came in from…Romania.

How could someone who barely knew something about Donald Trump a year ago, be able to manipulate the political preferences of the American voters? The simple answer is…via a hoax website!

Ending the Fed (http://endingthefed.com/) is a website disseminating bogus information and created by the Romanian netizen Ovidiu Drobota, a Donald Trump supporter. The site gathers about 3.3 million monthly unique views in the US, according to Quantcast, while its Facebook page earned at least 350,000 likes so far, according to INC.com.

One of the its most viral articles emerged in the summer and reported that Megyn Kelly, a prominent journalist at Fox News – a TV channel having tendency to support the Republican Party-, was fired because she would have backed the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. After an internal investigation, Facebook discovered that the news was fake and deleted it.

But “Ending the Fed” continued to publish misleading information. BuzzFeed reveals that the website delivered 4 articles that made it to Facebook’s top ten fake news stories about the US elections.

Another false story served by “Ending The Fed” and widely digested on Facebook, claimed that Pope Francis endorses Donald Trump for Presidency and that news reached out to nearly a million people.

In an interview for Inc.com, 24-year-old Drobota said he was proud to make propaganda in favor of Donald Trump adding that “Ending the Fed” is “one of the “largest websites in the world.”

And the results, even if based on hoax news, prove he is right to some extent. For example, USA Today website has less than 2 million unique visitors per month while L.A. Times receives 3.6 million.

What was the drive behind Drobota’s fierce support for the GOP candidate? “I just liked him!”
“In October 2015 I heard of Donald Trump and I liked him. I thought I could help him win the election using the internet and thus, I created endingthefed.com. I regret posting false news, I deleted them meanwhile, but at the time I did not know they were fake,” said Drobota.

A closer look at the “EndingTheFed.Com” shows that the owner just copy & paste content from other sources, a technique which should normally determine Google take action and blacklist the website for violating its stance over duplicate content and copyright infringement. But that did not happen so far.

Furthermore, it uses search engine’s advertising network “Adsense” for generating revenues. However, that might be possible to change in the near future as both Google and Facebook vowed to ban “fake news websites” from using their ad publishing networks.

Nov 192016

A road in the Japanese city of Fukuoka was reopened on Tuesday after a gigantic hole that appeared in the asphalt a week ago was filled, according to Japan Times.

Fukuoka Sinkhole

Fukuoka sinkhole before and after the ground collapse

Traffic was resumed at first light, on the affected section of the road in the crowded district of Hakata. Furthermore, the public supplies and utilities were fully restored while the eviction order for the nearby buildings was canceled.

After a careful inspection, experts in soil structure declared that the area does not present any risk for population.

The giant sinkhole popped-up suddenly at one of the city’s intersections on 8 November. Despite hole’s unusual size, 30 meters long, 27 meters wide and 15 meters deep, no one was injured when the ground sank, but 800 households as well as Fukuoka’s airport were affected by the interruption of electricity, gas and communication lines.

Local authorities have put the blame on the extension of a subway line and the Mayor of Fukuoka, Soichiro Takashima, urged for the assembly of a commission to investigate the cause of the incident.

Jut day after the appearance of the sinkhole, a team of workers rushed to the site and began to fill it in an operation that required about 7,000 cubic meters of earth, according to local media. For this, it was used a mixture of soil with cement so that the giant ‘filling’ can strengthen rapidly.

Video: Fukuoka sinkhole – street repair works

Apr 112016

A former French Islamist militant who fought in Syria, had warned French police about the Paris terror attacks four months before their occurrence, stating that Abdelhamid Abaaoud had received approval from the Islamic State leaders to commit suicide attacks in Europe.

Nicolas, a 31-year-old Frenchman, would have informed the Directorate General of Internal Security in France (DGSI) with respect to an individual named Abdelamid Abaaoud, who would have received approval from the terrorist network Islamic State to conduct attacks on European soil, wrote La Derniere Heure citing Le Journal du Dimanche.

Street memorial to Nov. 2015 Paris attacks (wikimedia commons)

Street memorial to Nov. 2015 Paris attacks (wikimedia commons)

Nicolas returned to France from Syria on June 24, 2015, after he had spent 16 months in the city of Raqqa, known as the feud of the ISIS terrorists in Syria.

Disgusted by the militants’ actions and plans, he turned himself in to the Turkish authorities before being extradited to France. During interrogations, the guy would have told authorities about possibility for future attacks in Paris and Brussels, indicating Abaaoud as the organizer of plots.

According to the source, Abaaoud was the leader of the terror cell in the commune of Verviers, where raids had been made by French police in January 2015 after the attack on the headquarters of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Furthermore, the ringleader was apparently part of the ISIS special forces, dubbed Emni, responsible for monitoring the spies and supervising the attacks carried out abroad.

The purpose of Emni special forces is “to send militants worldwide to carry out violent attacks and murders, to recruit young people and smuggle chemical materials and equipment needed for the production of weapons,” said Nicolas during his hearing, according to a transcript claimed by Le Journal du Dimanche.

“Every terror spy is paid 50,000 euros to commit an attack in Europe”, added Nicolas, who would have known Abaaoud because he visited the restaurant he owned in Raqqa.

On November 19, 2015, less than a week after the dramatic Paris attacks that resulted in 130 deaths, DGSI questioned again Nicolas, who has supported the statements he had made in June, according to La Derniere Heure.

Abaaoud died in a Saint-Denis apartment during a police raid on November 18. He was also associated with the suicide bombings that took place on 22 March 2016 in Brussels, and resulted in 32 deaths.
Photo credit: By Jean-François Gornet from Paris, France [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Jul 152015

One third of the new vehicles that buzz along the Norway roads are electric. That makes the Scandinavian country rank first in terms of registration and acquisition of electric-powered vehicles.

By March 2015, Norway had registered 8112 electric cars which represents a 40% increase compared to 5775 such vehicles purchased during the same period last year.

tesla electric car

Electric cars get tax exemption in Norway

Why are so many Norwegians increasingly opting for electric cars (in comparison to the U.S. where one in a hundred new purchased cars is electrically powered)? The main reason is explain by the “bonuses”. “Norwegians pay probably the highest taxes in the world, but at the same time they receive huge benefits when purchasing electric cars. An electric vehicle is exempt from VAT, purchase tax – which in Norway, adds 50% to the cost of the vehicle; also exempt from road, ferry and tunnel tolls. In addition, these cars take advantage of free parking and freedom to run on the lanes designated for buses”.

However, these bonuses which aim to encourage people to purchase and use electric vehicles will not last forever. In May, the Norwegian politicians agreed that owners of electric cars should pay half tolls as of 2018 and full tolls as of 2020. The VAT exemption will be replaced by a type of subsidy which, over time, will in turn be withdrawn. Regarding the free parking privilege as well as the use of bus lanes or the exemption from other local taxes, that will be up to local authorities.

Aug 252013

The diamond is a native mineral and also a gemstone. From a chemical point of view, the diamont is one of the forms of existence of the pure carbon, the other forms being the amorphous carbon (graphite) and the fullerenes. The diamond crystallizes in the cubic system and is able to reach a maximum hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale. The hardness usually depends on the purity of the crystal. If you want to get a deeper insight about the diamonds, you can easily take a look on Whiteflash store.

The brilliant is a particular diamond that is characterized by two parts: the upper side, called the crown that has 32 sides, and the bottom side, called the cylinder head, with 24 facets. The glow of the diamonds is given by the decomposition of the light rays which pass through its faces and refract three times. In the case of the briliants, the reflection of solar radiation is total and that fact gives them a metallic sheen.

Furthermore, some brilliants show a 72-cut facets and are able to reflect the rays in eight points, which increase their glitter.

However, not all diamonds turn into brilliants. Some of them can not be cut accordingly because they are either too small or imperfect.

In addition to the brilliant form, the diamonds can be polished and cut in many other different forms such as:

Round brilliant
Straight trilliant or right triangle
Curved trilliant or curved triangle
Princess (square)

The mass of the diamond is expressed in carats and one carat corresponds to 0.200 grams.
Besides the cubic form, some diamond crystals feature a hexagonal structure because they are formed in unfavorable environments. The extreme hardness of the diamonds is attributed to the symmetric stable relationship between the carbon atoms. The diamonds burn in a pure oxygen environment at a temperature of 720 ° C and in air at 800 ° C to form carbon dioxide. The diamond is soluble in some metals such as iron, nickel, cobalt, chromium, titanium, platinum, palladium and other alike metals. The neutron irradiation is known to increase their hardness properties.

Diamonds are formed at depths of 150 km where temperatures get as high as 1200-1400 ° C.
Micro-diamonds arise from large meteorites that fall on Earth (e.g. Barringer Crater) where favorable conditions lead to diamond formation through high pressures and temperatures and the presence of carbon dioxide. The age of the diamonds is very different, some being 3 billion-year-old, and others being ‘just’ a few hundred million year old.

About 250 tons of ore need to be filtered in order to attain an one carat diamond crystal.
The cutting procedure determines how the diamonds shine. The cut is the only human-made contribution that transforms a rough, unpolished gemstone into a faceted diamond. After thousands of experiments that took place across the years, -using exact mathematical formulas-, the diamond can finally be converted into a sparkling stone that reflects and refracts light very precisely.

It was discovered by hearts and arrows cut the best compromise which gives diamonds a special glow. Facet cutting is a process by which some of the light falling on the flat surface of a highly polished facet, is reflected as of a mirror, highlighting the brilliance of the stone. Another part of the light that enters the diamond is refracted and reflected by the inner facets which create the so-called “fires” of the stone.

The most known cutting modes of the diamond are:

Jul 112013

Seven famous paintings stolen from a Dutch museum by Romanian thieves were taken across the border into pillows and none of the custom officials had the curiosity to see what is under their seams.

pablo picasso Tete d'Arlequin

Pablo Picasso “Tete d’Arlequin” (1971) is one of the 7 artworks stolen from Kunsthal

Yesterday, the investigation into the case has been completed and the robbers will be prosecuted. According to the final expertise, -although the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Infractions of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) say it’s not ready yet-, the ash found in a stove from Radu Dogaru’s mother would come from the burned paintings. As such, Gauguin, Matisse, Picasso artworks would have faced Dante’s Inferno ending up in fire after being simply taken off the walls of the famous Kunsthal Museum with a screwdriver and hidden inside the pillows.

Romanian news outlets describe the efforts made by the suspects for transporting the valuable canvases. They reportedly ripped the seam and stuffed the artworks inside. Because Romania is part of the European Union, the border controls are not that strict anymore, and in consequence the painting were quickly smuggled into the country and later carried in a cheap bag throughout Bucharest.

During these days, the robbers are shown the evidence that incriminates them and a conclusive investigation report of the Romanian prosecutors is set to be submitted to the authorities in the Netherlands.

The following (7) paintings fell victim to the biggest art heists in history: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Tete d’Arlequin’, Claude Monet’s: ‘Charing Cross Bridge’ and ‘Waterloo Bridge’, Henri Matisse’s ‘La Liseuse en Blanc et Jaune’, Lucien Freud’s ‘Woman with Eyes Closed’, Paul Gauguin’s ‘Femme Devant une Fenetre Ouvertem dite La Fiancee’ and Meyer de Hann’s ‘Autoportrait’.

Mar 162013

HTC Samsung

HTC One and Galaxy S4 (playtech.ro)

HTC claims that Samsung’s newest smartphone, Galaxy S4, is not up to required quality level of the “One”.

Folks at HTC released a statement which practically slams the new smartphone from Samsung saying that the plastic used is of a doubtful quality. Instead HTC One is praised for its construction and superior materials finished to the last detail. In their view, Samsung Galaxy S4 has no chance to impress in 2013 because the only notable differences compared to S3 are the bigger display and better default resolution.

In other words HTC advertises their merchandise at the expense of their competitors. They also boast that HTC One would be the perfect combination of the latest generation smarphone and a premium design, which deliver an image different from that of most competitors who use plastic in construction of their mobile gadgets. However the new HTC One is rather elusive on certain markets, and sales were quite modest.