Mar 282015

An audio recording purported to be from Flight 4U9525 cockpit voice recorder and disclose the last minute on Germanwings plane Airbus A320 that crashed in the French Alps with 150 people on board, has popped up on the Internet (scroll down for audio).

In the alleged recording you can hear passengers screaming in terror, various alarms sounding and a noise caused by blows of a hard object, as the captain most likely tried to break the locked door of the cockpit.

So far there is no official confirmation over the veracity of the audio file.

Germanwings flight 9525 bound for Duesseldorf dropped from the sky in the French Alps on Tuesday just 50 minutes after taking off from Barcelona El Prat international airport.

After investigating the black boxes, French prosecutors stated that the aircraft was deliberately downed by the first officer Andreas Lubitz. Further probe carried out by the German authorities concluded that Lubitz had serios menthal health problems and was previously treated by a psychiatrist.

Audio recording unveils disturbing noises

Mar 282015

The incumbent Romanian Minister of European Funds, Eugen Teodorovici has been put forward to become the Ministry of Finance following the arrest of the previous minister, Darius Valcov, who has been indicted for corruption by the DNA prosecutors.

Teodorovici’s vacant seat will be taken over by Marius Nica, who is currently the Secretary General of the Ministry of Labour.

Eugen Teodorovici

Eugen Teodorovici (pic:

President Klaus Johannis accepted both proposals, said Prime Minister Victor Ponta from the government office on Friday.

Eugen Teodorovici is set to take the oath at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace in Bucharest next Monday.

“I discussed with President Klaus Iohannis ago shortly and with Mr. Teodorovici. Marius Nica will take over the European Funds portfolio. The President accepted both proposals,” added Victor Ponta.

The Presidential Administration stated in a press release that the Head of State Mr.Iohannis and Prime Minister Victor Ponta agreed during a meeting at the Cotroceni Palace over the appointment of the new Minister of Finance as Eugen Teodorovici and the Minister of European Funds as Marius Nica.

Mar 282015

Prosecutors scrambled a graveyard in efforts to find the hidden fortune of the former Romanian Minister of Finance, Darius Vâlcov.

According to unofficial information, the DNA investigators raided the burial ground of Strehareti, Slatina, to check two graves suspected to hide money and extremely expensive paintings.

Darius Valcov

Darius Valcov, former Romanian Minister of Finance (pic:

Anti-corruption prosecutors expanded their searches at the cemetery after nearly 100 paintings, money, and gold bullion were found at four different locations.

This initiative emerged as prosecutors concluded, before requesting the arrest of former minister, that he received money in plastic bags with the transactions being done among the tomb stones.

This information popped up in the arrest warrant report issued on the names of the mayor of Slatina, Minel Prina and the businessman Lucian Petrut Susala.

Mar 272015

Two stranded dolphins were rescued from the shallow waters of Black Lake in Mandurah, about 70 kilometers south of Perth, Western Australia.

According to officials form the Department of Parks and Wildlife, both marine mammals ended up in this situation most likely after pursuing fish from deeper waters of a nearby river.

In overall 10 people took part in the rescue operation of the dolphins which were freed in the Lower Serpentine River.

According to authorities, mammals are perfectly healthy , but probably a little exhausted after their exciting escapade.

Video: Dolphin stranded in Black Lake, rescued successfully

Mar 272015

Moldova seems to be one step closer on its way to the European Union after a historic event that took place in Germany’s constitutional and legislative body, Bundestag. The German Parliament ratified the Association Agreement between Moldavia and the European Union on Friday and the great news was made public on social network Facebook by […]

Mar 272015

American Rapper DMX was involved in a traffic accident in the Romanian capital of Bucharest on Friday, shortly after he got off the plane and set foot for the first time in the east European country. At the time of the accident, the singer was traveling from Otopeni International Airport to Bucharest, where he is […]

Mar 272015
Moldova to extend Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline to Chisinau

The works on Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline extension to Chisinau is likely to begin in the fall 2015. The announcement were made by the Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Adrian Candu after attending an event hosted by the Royal House of Romania. Candu argues that the joint projects signed with Romania aim at enhancing the energy […]

Mar 272015

An Airbus 320 plane operated by Spanish low-cost airline Vueling made an emergency landing at Barcelona El Prat airport on Wednesday shortly after take off as the crew detected smoke in the cabin. The Emergency Protocol was activated and the landing was completed safely at the same airport where Germanwings flight 9525 to Dusseldorf took […]

Mar 272015

German prosecution raided the residence of Andreas Lubitz, the Airbus A320 co-pilot suspected to have deliberately crashed the Germanwings flight in the French Alps on Tuesday while en rounte from Barcelona to Duesseldorf (scroll for video). In efforts to find evidence, prosecutors and police searched 28-year-old Lubitz home in the town of Montabaur, south-east of […]

Mar 262015
Andreas Lubitz: Who is the pilot who crashed Germanwings?

After the French authorities confirmed Thursday at noon, that Germanwings A320 aircraft was intentionally crashed by the co-pilot, the first details about his identity began to emerge. 28-year-old Andreas Gunther LUBITZ was living with his parents in the German city of Montabaur, from the Rhine-Palatinate region. Andreas Lubitz had 630-hour flight experience and joined the […]