Jan 312015

After two postponements, the US space agency NASA launched successfully on Saturday, the first satellite in the world that is able to measure soil moisture on the entire surface of the Earth, therefore researchers can make better predictions over droughts and floods.

Delta 2 rocket which conveyed the satellite SMAP (“Soil Moisture Active Passive”) in its cargo bay, took off from Vandenberg military base in California at 14.22 GMT. Delta 2 is manufactured by United Launch Alliance.

SMAP observatory and Delta 2 rocked on launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base (Image credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls)

SMAP observatory and Delta 2 rocked on launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base (Image credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls)

SMAP satellite, which is equipped with two scientific instruments – a radiometer and radar – is set to perform very precise measurements aiming the water and ice quantities contained in the Earth’s soil.

This mission will allow scientists to compile a map of an unprecedented resolution featuring the surface soil moisture levels on Earth. The mapping process is expected to be updated every two to three days and in this way, scientists get a better idea about the risks and mechanisms triggering droughts and floods.

Jan 302015

A perfect moment turned into a tragedy on the Spanish island of Ibiza where a Bulgarian woman died in split seconds after accepting the marriage proposal from her boyfriend, reports Foxnews.

The chance to be a next-to-be bride, made 29-year-old Dimitrina Dimitrova jump ecstatically right on the edge of a picturesque cliff on the Mediterranean island only to lose equilibrium and fall some 20 meters into . She passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest caused by the wounds.

Dimitrova paid a visit to her waiter boyfriend in the resort of Cala Tarida when he popped the question on Tuesday.

Her Bulgarian fiancé who was left in sorrow, had chosen the magnificent spot — famous for its amazing sunset views.

Dimitrova had traveled to Ibiza just 2 days earlier to visit him and search for a job.

Jan 302015

A disturbing incident emerged in the Netherlands Thursday evening when a gunman broke in a studio of the Dutch TV station NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting aka Dutch Broadcast Foundation), interrupting the evening news and demanding to show up live on television (scroll down to watch the video).

At 20.00 local time, the NOS news broadcast was disrupted by a message stating: “Given the circumstances, no program is available at this time.”


Dutch news broadcaster NOS suspended its programme after gunman attack

The headquarters of the Dutch television in Hilversum was evacuated till the arrival of law enforcement forces. When coming up against the police, the suspect dropped the weapon and raised his hands. He was quickly arrested and according to local media nobody was injured in the incident.

Two out of the three national television news channels were taken off the air during the incident. The NOS news were redirected to air on NPO 1, and showed a still image asking viewers to patiently wait as the news could not be delivered. Furthermore, NPO 2 went dark as well displaying no image or just some graphics.

The motive behind man’s intrusion is yet unknown. The NOS footage shows him saying: “The things that are going to be said [pause] – those are very large world affairs. We were hired by the security service.”

The invader is reportedly Tarik Zahzah, aged 19, who was born in the city of Zoetermeer, the region of South Holland. He lives currently in the small town of Pijnacker near The Hague. He is being held on suspicion of making a threat, weapons possession and taking a hostage.

A threat letter the suspect reportedly handed over to staff, warning of bomb and cyber attacks if he was prevented from going on air, has been made public on the NOS website (in Dutch).

A reporter who spoke to the man said he had claimed to be from a “hackers’ collective”, AP news agency says.

When the channel got back on air, it released a video of the gunman moving back and forth inside the studio before being overpowered by police forces.

Video: Gunman detained inside studio of Dutch news broadcaster NOS

Dutch police arrests armed guy at NOS public television in Hilversum

Jan 262015

Demis Roussos died aged 68! The information was confirmed by Roussos’ daughter Emily to the newspaper Le Figaro.

Greek singer Demis Roussos passed away Saturday night and his death was announced also by journalist Nikos Aliagas on Twitter.

With charm and talent, Demis Roussos managed to conquer the hearts of fans from all over the world and his peerless voice convinced millions of people buy his impressive albums recorded across his career .

Recognition of his talent came also from critics, after the artist sang in several foreign languages​​, winning numerous awards such as : #1 in Japan with “The Roussos Phenomenon EP “, the golden disc in the America with “Demis” and becoming first artist born in Africa (Alexandria, Egypt) that earned success on all continents.

Video: Demis Roussos singing in Moscow: Goodby my love!

Jan 252015
(VIDEO) NATO-Portuguese plane intercepted by Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet over Baltic Sea

A video recorded in November 2014 and allegedly made ​​public by the military, shows a Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker fighter jet aircraft of the Russian Air Force intercepting and chasing a P-3 Orion patrol aircraft of the Portuguese military that was flying over the Baltic Sea (scroll down for what is claimed to be an unclassified [READ MORE…]

Jan 242015
Dorel, a shock resistant Romanian smartphone launched by UTOK

A shockproof smartphone dubbed Dorel was reportedly launched by the Romanian tech company UTOK, informs the local media. The gadget comes with dual-sim slots, 3.5-inch screen, 5 megapixel camera and at a price of about 135 Euro. Dorel weighs 180 grams has a 2,000 mAh battery. As outlined by the company, the phone addresses the [READ MORE…]

Jan 242015
Microsoft HoloLens, innovative glasses projecting holographic 3D images (VIDEO)

The US software giant Microfost created HoloLens, a pair of glasses able to change our world by projecting holographic images (scroll down for video). The device, which generates 3D images that overlap with the surrounding reality, resembles the ski goggles and is according to Microsoft “the first autonomous computerized holographic glasses” because they can operate [READ MORE…]

Jan 242015

Song lyrics praising violence are unusual. However a prosecutor in California is convinced that one singer’s violent lyrics go beyond creation to conspiracy, informs CNN. San Diego rapper Tiny Doo has spent 8 months in jail, and is eligible for 25 years to life in prison if sentenced under a little-known California statute that makes [READ MORE…]

Jan 232015
Twitter urges user not to share Instagram photos on microblogging platform

Twitter began sending messages to its users urging them not to publish photos that have already been posted on Instagram. Some verified users – including celebrities, brands, journalists and other public figures – received from the microblogging website a notification which encourage them “to publish the photos directly to Twitter in order to make sure [READ MORE…]

Jan 232015
Gravity explained by a trivial experiment (VIDEO)

Gravitational pull appears to be one of the most difficult concepts to understand, however an American physics teacher found a brilliant method to explain it. The main question here is: What is gravity? or How would you explain gravity if asked to? Probably most folks would try a theoretical explanation of the principles that underlie [READ MORE…]