Jul 052015

Chile has been crown for the first time in history as the winner of Copa America and that was made possible after the host country of the 44th edition of the South American international football tournament defeated 4-1 Argentina on a dramatic penalty shoot-out.

After 120 minutes of play, the scoreboard was still goalless (0-0).

What happened on the penalty kicks:

For Chile scored: Fernandez, Vidal, Aranguiz and Alexis Sanchez, while for Argentina netted only Lionel Messi as Higuain and Banega failed to put the ball into Claudio Bravo’s net.

Who won the Copa America across history:

15 titles – Uruguay
14 titles – Argentina
8 titles – Brazil
2 titles – Peru , Paraguay
1 title – Colombia , Bolivia, Chile .

Copa America 2015: highlights, penalties & goals: Chile Vs Argentina 4-1:

Jun 222015

A US Navy captain and a historian allegedly made an incredible discovery while scrambling the mountains in Luxembourg searching for lost objects left behind after the Battle of the Bulge in the World War II.

The story which is believed to be a hoax, claims that Captain Mark D. Anderson and historian Jean Muller used a metal detector equipment to find a foxhole used by soldiers in efforts to seek for shelter during the confrontation. Inside the hole they found the belongings of Louis J. Archambeau, a US soldier killed on the battle field.

wwii photos

US soldiers fighting in the Battle of the Bulge

Among the lost items of the American soldier, there was also a photographic camera with an undeveloped film inside.

Anderson and Muller have developed the film and thus the images that have been buried for about 70 years came to light.

The Battle of the Bulge was a major German offensive campaign that took place in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg between 16 December 1944 and 25 January 1945 and has caused more casualties among the US military than any other the battle of WWII.

Louis J. Archambeau lost indeed his life in Luxembourg but the photos are not known to have been snapped by him.

December 1944 : Company C , 1st Battalion , 317 Infantry Regiment

December 1944 : Company C , 1st Battalion , 317 Infantry Regiment

soldiers WWII

Soldiers in the densely forested Ardennes region during WWII

world war ii picture

US army suffered about 89,500 casulaties in the Battle of the Bulge

Jun 222015

The mysterious disappearance of Greenland glacial lakes has been finally elucidated. Scientists have been stunned by a phenomenon, at least strange at the first glance.

The ice lakes formed on the Greenland icecap were magically draining a speed that could rival probably the Niagara Falls.

glacier moulin

Water flowing into a glacier moulin (Pic: China Crisis/Wikimedia)

In a study recently published in the journal Nature, the scientists explained the bizarre phenomenon which made the water a glacial lake disappear overnight.

The ice layers featured apparently some vertical wells, called “Moulin or glacier mills”, that were able to drain the water melted under various regions of a glacier.

The phenomenon causes cracks in the so-called supraglacial lakes able to drain the water in a few days, explained the scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (MIT/WHOI) Joint Program in Oceanography.

“We found that before water disappears from the lake, there is a six to 12 hours level rise,” explained Laura Stevens, the leader of the study.

“The movement is sufficient enough to cause a tremendous pressure at the surface of the glacier to form cracks” added the geologist.

According to this study, the discovery might help experts forecast the changes of the global sea level.
Credit photo: I, China Crisis via Wikimedia Commons

Video: Greenland glaciers mapped in 3D from satellite

Jun 202015

North Koreans boast that it has found the cure for the world’s worst diseases such as Aids, Ebola, Mers or Sars, according to worldwide news outlets.

North Korea is known for its poverty as well as the authoritarian and manipulative political regime. In the latest attempt to convince country’s citizens of the greatness of the Kim Jong-Un “Empire”, state-run media outlet KNCA (North Korean News Agency), which keeps the world informed on local events, mostly related to working visits of the supreme leader, announces the creation of a super vaccine able to protect the world’s people against most terrible diseases.

Kumdang2 vaccine website

Screenshot of NK website Kumdang2 which promotes cure for Aids, Ebola and other diseases (printscreen Kumdang-2)

It is reported that researchers developed a vaccine called Kumdang-2 from ginseng grown from fertilizer mingled with rare-earth elements and “micro-quantities of gold and platinum”, according to its website kumdang2.com.

The miracle cure is promoted along with the slogan “everyone has the right to be healthy.”

The only problem is that the secretive state did not deliver any evidence that the cure works and therefore the claim is likely to spark general skepticism.
Source: The Telegraph

Jun 202015

Improper use and maintenance of air conditioning systems can pose a serious risk to the health of the people. You may become sick easily not because of the circulation of the cold air draft as we used to believe, but due to microorganisms gathering and hiding inside the unit. You can get flu, colds and […]

Jun 202015
Earth facing sixth mass extinction of animal species; humans may disappear on early phase

Scientists warn that the Earth has already entered the preliminary stage of the sixth great mass extinctions that hits planet. Those to be held accountable for the new “apocalyptic” phenomenon are the humans who risk to fall victims to their own behavior. American scientists warn that the Earth is doubtless facing an early phase of […]

Jun 192015
Energy-saving solution: Colorado Department of Energy runs self-sustainable office building based on renewable energy

Can you believe that an office building accommodating hundreds of employees, can operate by producing own energy without paying a penny for this utility? It may sound indeed like a dream, but in the US state of Colorado such a dream came true. The self-sustainable building in question headquarters the Department of Energy and produces […]

Jun 192015
Romanian Tomcat Gets Job as PR Manager of Bucharest Startup Business

Videos and photos featuring a Romanian cat have turned viral after the pet claimed a PR Manager position at a startup company from the capital city of Bucharest. It may sound indeed like something unheard of, but is entirely true. The dazzlingly beautiful feline bears the name of Bossulică, which stands for “little Boss”. It […]

Jun 192015
Anonymous hacktivists release encrypted social network Minds to challenge Facebook

Almost every internet user heard of the famed hacking group Anonymous. Now these guys expressed their clear intention to develop and promote a new highly secured open-source social network that aims at contesting the supremacy of Facebook. Minds.com, a new website endorsed by Anonymous, vows to protect user’s data privacy and security, and provide better […]

Jun 192015
Good side of Greek crisis: cheapest holidays within decade

The grim story of the financial crisis that unfolds in Greece has apparently also a good side: tourist holidays to the Mediterranean country are all cheaper than ever! Although avalanches of bad news about the Greece economy poured in, there are also folks able to see the half full side of the glass. Tourists have […]