Jan 222017

PROTEST ROMANIA: A new wave of protests against the controversial amnesty & pardon draft bill of the Ministry of Justice, broke out across Romania (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO).

protest Romania

Thousand of people protesting against amnesty and pardon bill in Bucharest (foto: Hotnews.ro)

Tens of thousands of people marched through Bucharest and other Romanian cities Sunday evening to show support to President Iohannis and express their discontent over Grindeanu Government’s intention to set about 9.000 inmates free.

The biggest demonstration took place in the country’s capital, where reportedly over 30.000 protesters filled the University Square and Magheru Boulevard before heading for Victoria Square where they chanted anti-corruption slogans and carried flags reading the following messages: “Corruption kills”, “PSD red plague”, “Down with the Government”, “In democracy, thieves stay in jail” and “DNA, we’re on your side.”

Klaus Iohannis briefly joined the protests!
Romanian President Klaus Iohannis made his arrival at the University Square in central Bucharest where he joined the public demonstration. Iohannis said: “A gang of politicians who have problems with the law want to change the legislation and weaken the state of law … Romanians are rightly indignant.” After greeting and talking to the people for about 10 minutes, the Head of State left the protest site while the crowd was chanting: “Iohannis is with us”.

President Iohannis in the middle of the crowd (foto: @KlausIohannis/Facebook)

Significant protests were seen also at Cluj-Napoca (5.000 people), Iasi (2.500), Sibiu (2-3.000), Brasov (1.000), Timisoara (1.000), Constanta (1.000), Piatra Neamt (200), Pitesti, Ploiesti, Arad or Galati.

Furthermore, rallies are announced in various European cities including Copenhagen, Paris, London and Haugesund (Norway), according to local media outlets Digi24, Hotnews and Antena3.

“I do not agree with the law of pardon and amnesty. It’s a pointless bill that favors some of the most known criminals who pose a threat to the economy and security of our country. It’s a strictly political legislative bill issued with dedication. There are some crooks who will surely benefit from it,” said a man who joined the protests.

Video: Thousands in Romania anti-corruption protests

Video: Massive protests in Bucharest, Romania, 22-01-2017

Scores of people rallied at University Square in Bucharest

Jan 202017

Brazilian singer Loalwa Braz Vieira, known for the global smash hit Lambada, was found dead in a burned-out vehicle on Thursday in Saquerema, near Rio de Janeiro, said police sources cited by BBC.

Loalwa Braz Vieira

Loalwa Braz Vieira (capture: Youtube)

“Yes, I can confirm the tragedy,” a local police officer said without giving further details on the death.

A team of firefighters were called at 3:50 local time to extinguish a fire that broke out in the attic of an inn owned by the singer. The same team intervened at 06:00 a.m. to put out the flames that consumed a Honda Civic. The charred body of the artist was found inside the vehicle.

The authorities have started a probe into the case. The body of the singer was taken to the Forensic Institute for investigation.

Meanwhile police have apprehended three men thought to have committed a robbery at Braz property prior to her death, according to the Brazilian news outlets.

Loalwa Braz, 63, lived in Saquarema, where she managed the inn Azur.

She was born in Rio de Janeiro in a family of musicians. Her father was the leader of an orchestra of traditional Brazilian music and her mother a pianist.

Loalwa Braz was the singer of Kaoma, a French-Brazilian pop group established in 1985 and famous for various music hits like „Chorando Se Foi (Lambada)”, „Dançando Lambada” şi „Lambamor”.

In total, Kaoma has sold over 25 million copies of their albums worldwide.

VIDEO: Kaoma – Lambada, 1989 Brazilian music hit

Jan 182017

Romanians rushed into the streets of many cities across the country Wednesday evening after Grindeanu cabinet expressed its intention to release a large number of prisoners from jails.

People protesting over controversial amnesty and pardon bill (photo credit: Hotnews.ro)

Over 3,000 people gathered at Victoria Square in Bucharest to protest in front of the Government Building against the draft law on amnesty and pardon.

The wave of complaints sparked after Minister of Justice Florin Iordache initiated the public debate of two bills, one involving the Penal Code Amendement and the other concerning the amnesty and pardon.

President Klaus Iohannis had previously said that an amnesty and pardon law would be catastrophic for the Romanian democracy and showed his opposition to such a regulatory act.

A long line of demonstrators was seen streching over a distance of half a kilometer occupying two lanes of Magheru Boulevard in central Bucharest.

They shouted and chanted various slogans including “Resignation”, “PSD red plague”, “Down with Victor Ciorbea (country’s ombudsman)”, “In democracy, crooks must stay in prison”, “Take your hands off the Criminal Law” or “Colectiv”, according to local media outlets HotNews.ro, Agerpres and Digi24.

The president of Save Romania Union, Nicuşor Dan, and USR Senator Vlad Alexandrescu, are among the ranks of protesters.

Video: Protests in Bucharest over controversial amnesty and pardon bill

Dec 292016

China has just opened the world’s tallest bridge, a mega-structure that looms 565 meters above the Nizhu River linking the southern provinces of Yunnan and Guizhou, informs the official television station CCTV News on its Youtube channel.

Beipanjiang Bridge

Beipanjiang Bridge is world’s tallest bridge

Beipanjiang Bridge has a length of 1,341 meters and a cost of one billion yuan (144 million dollars or 138 million euros). The construction work, which was done by over 1,000 people, began in 2013 and ended in September 2016.

This masterpiece of the Chinese infrastructure is part of a motorway that connects the cities of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, and the city of Ruili in Yunnan.

Video: Beipanjiang Bridge, world’s highest bridge crossing China’s Nizhu River

Dec 042016
Shocking Snowfall: Hawaii Engulfed in 90 Centimeter Thick Snow

Shock in Hawaii where heavy snow and wind transformed the holiday paradise into a kind of sky resort. US authorities issued a meteorological warning of bad weather and storm for Hawaii, as the US islands seem to experience a harsh winter these days with layers of snow that already exceeded 90 centimeter (3 feet) in […]

Dec 022016
Hostage-taking situation in Paris travel agency robbery

A gunman took several people hostage at a travel agency in Paris, France. Sources close to the French authorities announced that an armed man is holding several people in a travel office in southern Paris. According to preliminary information cited by Reuters, this is an armed robbery. Intervention forces were deployed on the spot, and […]

Dec 022016
Nico Rosberg announces shocking retirement from Formula 1

Nico Rosberg of Mercedes-Benz announced this afternoon his retirement from Formula 1 with immediate effect and the shocking news comes just days after he was crowned a world champion. The unexpected decision was explained by 31-year-old German driver in an open letter that was posted on both social media websites Facebook and Twitter: Nico Rosberg […]

Nov 282016
Lewis Hamilton could be fired by Mercedes-Benz F1 Team

Lewis Hamilton faces the risk of being suspended by his F1 team Mercedes-Benz because he deliberately disobeyed orders received during the last Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday. In the last laps of the race in Abu Dhabi, the Briton slowed down the pace in efforts to […]

Nov 272016
Nico Rosberg, 2016 Formula 1 World Champion, Wins First Title

Nico Rosberg ranked second in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the last race of the 2016 Formula 1 season, and this result was enough for the German driver to win the world title, the first of his career. “The big loser” of the day was Lewis Hamilton, who, despite winning the contest in United Arab Emirates, […]

Nov 252016
Steven Seagal officially became Russian after receiving passport from Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir gave Steven Seagal Russian passport on Friday and said he hopes that this gesture will be perceived as a symbol of how disagreements between Moscow and Washington start to fade (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO). The Hollywood star signed his new passport right in front of Vladimir Putin, who said: “I want to congratulate […]