May 252015

About 100 military aircraft belonging to the US and eight European countries are set to take part in extensive military drills in the Arctic area, particularly in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland.

f-22 raptor

NATO conducts broad aerial military exercise above European Arctic area (public domain)

The exercise aims to test the cooperation between the Nordic countries, a region concerned about the intensification of Russia’s military actions. The exercise had been planned before the annexation of Crimea to Russia last year began to increase regional tensions.

“The objective is to train units in orchestrating and conducting complex air operations, in close relationship with NATO partners,” said Norwegian General Jan Ove Rygg, the commander of the Operations.

The exercise, which sees 4,000 troops, will last until 5 June. It is attended by US allied states – Germany, Britain, France, the Netherlands and Norway- and three other countries – Sweden, Finland and Switzerland, members of NATO’s Partnership for Peace.

This event unfolds as the largest fighter jets exercise in Europe this year and the second of its kind after the one in 2013. It is envisaged to conduct such drills every two years, testing practically any type of intervention, from downing enemy aircraft to refueling in mid-air.

May 252015

The newly elected President of Poland, Andrzej Duda and his team took to a subway station in Warsaw where they shared coffee, snapped selfies and gave autographs, a kind of “youthful” attitude for the 43-year-old leader who wants to give new meaning to the expression “public service”.

andrzej duda

Poland’s new President-elect Andrzej Duda (pic:

Duda answered also the questions about various aspects including the “bins” – a type of employment contract.

“These contracts will gradually disappear and will be replaced by classic work contracts. An agreement in this respect was signed with the trade union Solidarnosc, and will take effect soon,” he said.

Andrzej Duda’s victory was set to be officially confirmed Monday night and could pave the way for a comeback of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the Law and Justice (PiS) party, a conservative, populist, xenophobic and eurosceptic political group.

This victory represents a “yellow card” for the Civic Platform Party (PO), just months before the legislative elections.

May 252015

An Air France passenger airplane operating a flight between Paris and New York was escorted by US military planes before landing at John F. Kennedy airport. The move came following a bomb threat.

air france a330

Air France Airbus A330 (pic: wikimedia)

The Airbus A330 was assisted by US fighter jet aircraft during the final approach at JFK airport after the authorities had received an anonymous call about the existence of a bomb on board.

An unnamed official stated that the caller mentioned about the possibility of a chemical weapon on board of the aircraft.

The American Television WABC says that US authorities scrambled several fighters as Air France did not immediately respond to requests to provide information about the flight situation.

After landing in New York, the Airbus 330 was taken to an isolated area of ​​the airport to be checked by bomb disposal teams, but the threat did not appear to be credible.
Credit photo: By Pawel Kierzkowski [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

May 082015

A super tank which Russians boast it’s the best in the world, stopped operating right in the middle of the Red Square in Moscow.

T-14 Armata, the newest and most praised tank of the Russian army suffered some technical damage during a general rehearsal that took place on Thursday before the lavish military parade scheduled for May 9, Victory Day. The incident occurred apparently right under the eyes of President Vladimir Putin and his foreign guests, according to the site

t-14 armata tank

T-14 Armata breaks down on Red Square (pic: adevarul)

According to, the laudable tank T-14 Armata stopped unexpectedly while moving in the ranks alongside other armored vehicles. An intervention team rushhed to the troubling tank to assist the repair efforts.

At the end of rehearsal, the announcer of the event said: “In these times we showed how evacuation of military equipment takes place. The halt of the tank was planned”. Finally, Armata was partially repaired and pulled out of the square by another armored vehicle. Russian media write that the T-14 experienced problems several times on a shooting polygon outside Moscow.

Army officials have described the Russian T-14 tank as a very flexible, which will enter service in 2020 and is among several latest military equipment presented at the upcoming parade on 9 May 2015.

Video: Rehearsal of Russian army equipment before military parade on Victory Day

May 072015
Dolphins have own social networks

Like humans, dolphins have complex and dynamic networks of friends, choosing to socialize with some comrades or to ignore others, say scientists. The researchers studied the interaction of dolphins in the Indian River Lagoon, a 251 kilometers estuary off coast of eastern Florida. They found that dolphins have shown preferences and avoidance behaviors similar to […Read more…]

May 072015
Turkish Stream gas pipeline to become operational in December 2016

Russian group Gazprom agreed Thursday that gas supplies to Turkey via Turkish Stream pipeline new pipeline will begin in December 2016. Two sides also agreed to upgrade the current pipeline Blue Stream, which transports natural gas from Russia to Turkey under the Black Sea. At the end of last year, Gazprom announced that it has […Read more…]

May 062015
Two died in Amersfoort after lightning strike

Two people died in a park on Randenbroekerweg in Amersfoort on Wednesday after being struck by lightning, according to reports from local authorities in Utrecht area. The firefighters rushed to the incident spot where they tried to resuscitate the victims which were struck at around 14:25. Unfortunately the rescue operation ended without success. The identity […Read more…]

May 052015
Jean-Marie Le Pen: I want my daughter Marine to get married soon. I am ashamed that she bears my name

Political scandal in Le Pen family. After Marine Le Pen, the current leader of the National Front, decided to suspend the honorific role of her father in the party which himself had founded decades ago, he says he wants his daughter to marry as soon as possible, because he is ashamed that she bears his […Read more…]

May 052015
BBC selected new Top Gear team that includes model Jodie Kidd

British public broadcaster (BBC) chose a new team of presenters for the show “Top Gear”, which would be made up of former model Jodie Kidd, actor Philip Glenister and television star Guy Martin. BBC has already found the “dream team” for the new version of the show “Top Gear” after the end of the collaboration […Read more…]

May 052015
US businessman Jim Rogers willing to buy North Korea

American businessman Jim Rogers says in an interview with CNN Money, that he would buy North Korea if I allowed to do so, explaining that he won’t return to the United States, given that he is currently living in Asia. “If I could, I would buy North Korea. I’m very excited about North Korea. I […Read more…]