Dec 172014

Romania booked the last position of the 2014 European Internet Chart: 39% of Romanian population have never used the internet this year.

The Romanians sit on last place in the European Union when it comes to accessing internet. Approximately 39% of Romanians have not used the internet at all in 2014 and only 8 % of the population used cloud services.

In addition, only 32 % of Romanian nationals are believed to browse the internet daily, which is the lowest percentage among EU Member States where the average is 65 %, according to Eurostat statistics.

In Denmark, only 3 % of the population say they never used the Internet in 2014. It follows Luxembourg (4%), the Netherlands (5%), Finland, Sweden and the UK, all with 6%.

Regarding the use of the cloud resources, Denmark ranks first (42% of the population), followed closely by the UK with 38 %.

The average internet usage in the EU is 18 % while the use of cloud services is 21%, according to Eurostat.

Dec 172014

A United Airlines plane carrying 240 people on board and operating Flight UA28, returned to London’s Heathrow airport on Wednesday due to technical problems, according to sources quoted by ITV station. The plane had taken off at 10:36 a.m. from the British capital and was due to arrive at New York’s Newark airport in the United States at 1:40 p.m. local time (6:40 p.m. GMT).

United Airlines Boeing 767

United Airlines Flight UA28 returned to Heathrow due to technical fault (photo: public domain)

The United Airlines Boeing 767 (UA28) was reportedly spotted circling in the skies just off the Isle of Wight for nearly two hours, and aviation experts claim that such an action was most likely taken in order to dump fuel before coming back to the ground.

Due to technical issues, the pilots made the request to get back to London.

“United Airlines Flight UAL28 having 227 passengers and 13 crew on board returns and lands safely at Heathrow airport after facing a technical fault”, the US airline said in a statement.

The aircraft appeared to have flow for long in the neighborhood of the UK coast as it landed at Heathrow at around 3:50 GMT, delaying entirely the flight schedule to the U.S.

Dec 172014

United States and Cuba have decided to restore their diplomatic relations whic were discontinued back in 1961. “We made ​​the decision to create new bilateral opportunities; a new chapter of the relations between the United States and Cuba will be open,” said Obama, noting that the history of relations between the two countries is “complicated”.

Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro decided to resume their countries’ diplomatic relations (photo: public domain)

“Cubans in the US helped build America. The United States proudly defended democracy and human rights in Cuba. We have a unique relationship,” said Obama.

US President Barack Obama spoke with Cuban counterpart Raul Castro on Wednesday during a telephone conversation that lasted about 50 minutes.

US administration will announce Wednesday measures to normalize relations with the Cuban state.

Alan Gross, a US citizen aged 65, who had been jailed for five years in Cuba for espionage, was freed on Wednesday in exchange to three Cubans convicted in the US. Gross was sentenced in 2011 to 15 years in prison for reportedly smuggling communications equipment into Cuba.

“Alan Gross was released on humanitarian reasons,” announced a US official, adding that the United States freed at the same time 3 Cubans convicted of espionage.

Pope Francis has played a crucial role in negotiations between the United States and Cuba, said a senior US official. Pope sent letters to the presidents of the two countries, Barack Obama and Raul Castro and the Vatican discussed with delegations of both nations.

Dec 172014

Ministry of Foreign Affairs MFA of various European countries informed its citizens who are traveling to Canada that outbreaks of avian influenza broke out in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

According to an official press release, there were initially discovered two outbreaks, at a turkey farm in Abbotsford and a chicken farm in Chilliwack, both located near each other in two areas along Fraser Valley, southeast of Vancouver.

“Currently, the epidemic of avian influenza which is caused by the H5N2 virus, engulfed 10 poultry farms situated in the Fraser Valley (Abbortsford, Chilliwack and Langley) affecting a number of over 233,000 birds (turkeys and chickens) that have been or will be euthanized,” the release reads.

Veterinary authorities have imposed a ban area within a radius of three kilometers and a quarantine area within a radius of 10 kilometers around the farms as well as a surveillance procedure on half of the province of British Columbia (southwestern part of the province).

Dec 172014

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was invited to attend a ceremony in Russia in May, which marks the end of World War II. This would be the first visit by the leader in Pyongyang since taking power in 2011. According to diplomatic sources, Kim Jong-un would probably have a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, [READ MORE…]

Dec 172014

Alan Gross, a US citizen who was detained in Cuba for espionage, was released on Wednesday in exchange for three Cubans convicted in the United States. 65-year-old Gross was an employee of the US Agency for International Development. The American citizen was sentenced in 2011 to 15 years in prison for bringing communications equipment into [READ MORE…]

Dec 152014
Selfie makers trigger ire after mocking Sydney cafe hostage situation

Several happy bystanders sparked outrage after snapping selfies around the besieged Lindt cafe in Sydney, posting the photos on the Internet and making ​​jokes about the dramatic hostage event. They have been harshly criticized for “insensitivity”, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. A few cheerful passers-by took pictures with their ​​mobile phone cameras next to Martin [READ MORE…]

Dec 152014
Sydney cafe siege: Lindt chocolate shop faces hostage situation

Dozens people have been taken hostages on Monday inside Lindt Chocolate Café at Martin Place in Central Business District in Sydney, Australia. Local television showed images with hostages holding their hands raised and palms pressed up against the windows while two other people were holding up a black flag with white Arabic writing, raising fears [READ MORE…]

Dec 032014
Ukraine's Zaporizhia nuclear power plant crippled by accident that shut down reactor

An incident at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Ukraine has been kept secret by the authorities for five days. It happened on 28 November 2014, forcing one reactor to be shut down. The power plant management board decided to shut down the reactor for repairs until Friday. Prime Minister Andriy Yatsenyuk’s government has only [READ MORE…]

Dec 012014
Bomb alert aboard American Airlines plane that landed at JFK airport in New York

An American Airlines plane flying from Barcelona with 200 passengers and nine crew members on board, landed safely at JFK airport in New York on Sunday, following a bomb threat that ultimately proved to be false, informs ABC News. After landing, the plane was taken to a secure area of ​​the airport, where bomb disposal [READ MORE…]