Nov 232014

Seven decades have past since the end of the second world war but Adolf Hitler yet remains as one of the most representative figures of the modern history.

Besides politics, the totalitarian ruler of nazist Germany featured different hobbies such as writing and painting. That fact was proven recently by Nuernberg-based Weidler Auktionshaus auction house which managed to sold “The Old City Hall”, one of Hitler’s paintings, for the record amount of 130,000 euros ($162,000) to a private collector from the Middle East who was among the audience during the bidding process.

Adolf Hitler painting

“The Old City Hall” by Adolf Hitler. Painting sold for 130000 euro (pic:Michael Probst)

It is reported that between 1905 and 1920, Adolf Hitler made over 2,000 paintings in order to earn money for daily living as he was very poor and without support.

For six years he lived a miserable life in the poorest neighborhoods of the city, the only source of income being secured by painting illustrations of various buildings in Vienna, which he painted and sold in cafes.

Kathrin Weidler, the owner of the auction house was slammed for bidding the dictator’s artistic works which dates back to 1914, but she defended herself by saying that the complaints should be in fact addressed to the real owners of the painting – two German sisters, aged around 70s, whose identity was not disclosed.

Other five paintings by Adolf Hitler were previously sold for smaller amounts, ranging between 5,000 and 80,000 euros, and the vendors donated 10% of the earnings to a foundation which supports disabled children.

Nov 232014

An incident broke out in Athens urban area of Piraeus, Greece, where a man entered a nightclub with a Kalashnikov and started shooting randomly on early morning of Saturday

The shooter, known for links with various drug dealers, had initially entered the nightclub accompanied by a young girl.

A few minutes later, the he came out of the bar, but returned armed with a Kalashnikov assault riffle and started shooting randomly.

According to witness accounts, the suspect, thought to be in his 50s, scared terribly the local customers by shouting out loud “you will all die.”

The attacker, an Albanian national, managed to run away with a taxi and is now sought by police throughout Greece.

Of the 15 people wounded in the shooting spree, three were in serious condition and needed surgery.

Nov 222014

A video footage that shows the reaction of a Panda bear cub when seeing snow for first time in its life went apparently viral around the Internet.

There is an adage claiming that most sincere reactions come from the young children and pets, but this time a panda cub provides the best proof.

Da Mao, one of the two panda cubs housed at the Toronto Zoo, was captured on tape by the cameras of the institution while enjoying the first snow of 2014.

Those few inches of snow have delighted Da Mao beyond expectations, the panda being filmed while playing and doing all kind of tumbles and somersaults.

The images made ​​the delight of more than 1.000.000 Internet users who liked the video.

Video: Panda bear cub exited by snow at Toronto zoo

Panda bear

Panda bear “Da Mao” tumbles in snow at Toronto Zoo

Nov 222014

Culita Tarita died at the age of 62 after losing battle with pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest forms of cancer. The news of the death was announced by his family. Tarata was married and had three children.

In the past six months, the head of Neamt County Council underwent ​​chemotherapy treatments at the AKH clinic in Vienna, Austria. The disease had a strong impact on his physical appearance which changed radically as his health condition worsened.

Culita Tarata

Culita Tarata died of cancer (pic: web)

Lately, Tarata Culita was rarely seen at the County Council headquarters, being mostly out of his office on a sick leave.

Tarata was a social-democrat deputy in two legislatures, between 2000 – 2004 and 2008-2012.
He resigned from the PSD in 2011 when became the founder and vice president of of UNPR party.

As an agronomic engineer, Tarata founded TCE 3 Brazi Holding, a company that went bankrupt in September 2014. In the past six years, TCE 3 Brazi has gathered a 50 million euro profit, but also 30 million euro in debts. Culita’s firm became the largest recipient of State Domains Agency (ADS), after being given on lease 57,000 hectares of land in the Big Island of Braila.

Local media reported on Saturday that the coffin with Tarata’s body was laid at the politician’s home and burial ceremony is set to take place at the cemetery Eternity in Piatra Neamt on Tuesday.

Nov 222014

2014 delighted the internet users with a broad options in terms of online storage, as the providers offered storage spaces at moderate prices. CNET made an overview of the main platforms that provide cloud storage services. iCloud Drive offers 5GB of free space, and the additional space is charged between 0.99 and $19.99 per month. [READ MORE…]

Nov 222014

Yahoo! is due to become the default search engine of the Firefox browser in the United States on desktop and mobile devices, according to a strategic partnership announced by both companies on Wednesday. The collaboration is seen as a good opportunity for the two internet giants to design, develop and market new products. Yahoo! says [READ MORE…]

Nov 222014

The answer to the question: “How to crack a computer’s password? appears to be quite trivial according to the videos below! These seems to be hope for those who forgot the password of their computers as an American IT company posted online some tutorials that show how to break into the machines in order to [READ MORE…]

Nov 212014
PUMA military helicopter crashed in Sibiu county, Romania

A military IAR-330 PUMA helicopter of the Romanian air-force crashed in the county of Sibiu near the settlement of Laslea, Friday morning. The chopper caught fire while airborne according to local media outlets. Of the 10 people on board the aircraft, only 2 survived the ground impact, said the Minister of Defence Mircea Dusa. The [READ MORE…]

Nov 212014
Klaus Iohannis officially appointed as President of Romania by Constitutional Court CCR

Klaus Iohannis was officially confirmed as the next president of Romania today: “It was a powerful and very clear vote, I assure everyone that I understood the message!” A historic moment emerged on Friday at the Constitutional Court headquarters in Bucharest where the ceremony for mandate validation of the elected President Klaus Werner Johannis was [READ MORE…]

Nov 212014

The Semifinal of Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London was punctuated by moments of tension between the two combatants, Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka. According to British media, the two athletes had a private exchange of words, after Federer ‘s wife, Mirka, had inappropriate remarks over Wawrinka. Various sources claims that Wawrinka went frantic [READ MORE…]