Apr 202014

At least seven people are thought to have died on Sunday afternoon when a plane carrying amateur parachutists crashed in Finland.

The accident occurred in Jamijarvi (West) about 70 kilometres from Pori, Finnish police said in a statement, without specifying the exact number of deaths or the nationality of passengers.

According to witness accounts, the small plane’s engine seem to have stopped in midair.

“Out of the blue, the engine’s roar stopped and I noticed it because it sounded so strange”.

Helsingin Sanomat news outlet revealed that 11 people including the pilot were on board. Three of them would have jumped out of the aircraft while still in the air, while the situation of the eleventh passenger was unknown.

Engine malfunctioning are suspected now to be the main cause of the Comp Air 8 turboprop-powered light aircraft.

Jämijärvi airport is frequently used by amateur skydivers

Apr 162014

Real Madrid won the edition 2014 of the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) after winning 2-1 over the long-time rivals from Barcelona in a fierce final match at Mestalla Stadium in Valencia on Wednesday evening (scroll down for all goals and highlights).

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale scores late and brings Copa del Rey to Madrid (Photo: web)

Real Madrid V Barcelona 2-1: El Clasico 2014
Gareth Bale, who signed one of the most expensive transfers in football history, earned the trophy for Real in the 85th minute after a sensational 50 meter individual race.

On the other side, Neymar missed a great occasion after his kick hit the post in the very last minute of the game.

Barcelona and Real Madrid met six times in the final of the Spanish Cup, the teams sharing the victories equally following Wednesday’s match.

The trophy was handed over to Galacticos by King Juan Carlos, a fan of Real Madrid. This was the 19th Spanish Cup won by Real Madrid and the second consecutive time when the “Bernabeu” squad snatched it from Barcelona.

Video: Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona 2-1 Copa del Rey 2014 Spanish Cup highlights

Video: El Clasico 2014: Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 1-2, all goals

Apr 162014

The life of a woman from the Colorado city of Denver ended abruptly after being shot by her husband while speaking to 911 emergency service.

44-year-old Kristine Kirk spoke for 13 minutes asking insistently for police assistance when the conversation was terribly ended by a loud gunshot.

After officers made finally their arrival at the scene, they found the victim dead and arrested 47-year-old Richard Kirk on charges of first degree murder.

What happened?
While on the phone, Kristine told 911 dispatchers that her husband was fearing the imminence of the apocalypse and asking her to shoot him.

The victim added that they owned a gun which was reportedly locked in a safe.

The 3 kids of the family started to freak out, and the woman said that her husband became entirely delusional. Then the woman started screaming, a gunshot was fired and the line went dead.

The drama has sparked controversy over the slow response time of the police.

Apr 162014

Ukraine is on the verge of a civil war that many fear it could be the spark for the World War III !

ukraine army soldiers

Ukrainian army and pro-Russia militants face off in East Ukraine

UKRAINIAN CIVIL UNREST: Pro-Russian fighters have captured six of the Ukrainian army’s armored vehicles in Kramatorsk area in eastern Ukraine, said the country’s Ministry of Defense denouncing terrorist activities.

The seized armor vehicles were part of a military convoy that was headed towards the city of Kramatorsk where armed clashes broke out between the Ukrainian security services and pro-Russian insurgents on Tuesday.

The vehicles were blocked by residents before being captured by the pro-Russian fighters. “It’s about a Russian terrorist group,” said the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. It appeared that the Ukrainian soldiers came out of the tanks, surrendered their weapons and then went away by foot.

NATO strengthen the air, maritime and land defense throughout its allied countries in Eastern Europe amid tensions in Ukraine, announced Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Secretary General of NATO on Wednesday.

“We will have more planes airborne, more ships at sea, and training of land forces will be consolidated,” said Rasmussen at the end of a Brussels meeting with the ambassadors of the 28 EU member states.

“The central role of NATO is to protect and defend our allies. We have already taken a number of steps such as increasing the aerial missions in the Baltic countries and air surveillance flights (aircraft equipped with the AWACS system) above Poland and Romania,” said Rasmussen.

“Today we agreed on new military actions in order to fortify our collective defense and demonstrate the robustness of allies solidarity,” he added.

These measures, which “are in full compliance of our international commitments will take effect immediately”, NATO’s Secretary General stressed. “If necessary, others will follow in the weeks and months ahead.”

Rasmussen reiterated that the NATO members support a “political solution” for the crisis.

NATO is set to head a meeting in Geneva on Thursday when Ukraine, Russia, the United States and the European Union (EU) will try to find a political exit from the Ukrainian crisis.

Video: Tensions escalate in Slaviansk, Ukraine

Apr 162014
Massive Passenger Ship Sinks in South Korean Waters. More Than 450 People On Board

A large passenger ship with more than 450 people on board is reportedly sinking off South Korea, the incident emerging 102 years after Titanic’s dramatic shipwreck. The ship named “Sewol” is currently tilting on one side, taking water and submerging (SCROLL FOR VIDEO). According to coast guard cited by Yonhap news agency, the rescue operation [READ MORE...]

Apr 142014
Russian fighter jet Sukhoi Su-24 made 12 close-range passes near U.S. Destroyer Donald Cook in Black Sea

A Russian fighter jet Sukhoi Su-24 passed 12 times about 300 meters from U.S. Warship Donald Cook!!! PENTAGON CONFIRMED the close encounter between a Russian military aircraft Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer and guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea on Saturday. A very serious incident involving the United States and Russia emerged as [READ MORE...]

Apr 142014
Total lunar eclipse. Sun, Earth and Moon to line up and form spectacular Blood Moon on April 15, 2014

A total lunar eclipse is gonna take place on April 15 at about 2 a.m. EDT. (6 a.m. GMT) when the Sun, Earth and Moon are “scheduled” to align such as our planet’s shadow engulfs entirely moon’s silent surface. The phenomenon is called also blood moon and coincided with significant religious events across the history. [READ MORE...]

Apr 132014

Widely famed American singer Beyonce made a dynamic appearance at Coachella on Saturday when she enchanted the audience along with with her younger sister Solange. The Knowles took the stage and danced together “Losing You” while amazing spectators cheered on the antics. The event, which made the sisters embrace each other at the end, prompted [READ MORE...]

Apr 122014
Ukraine Security Council: street fights in several eastern cities

Acting President of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turcinov, convened the Security Council on Saturday evening, in relation to the violent events in the east, where street battles take place in several cities, according to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. The meeting of the Security Council was scheduled for 21.00 local time, according to the President of Ukraine, while [READ MORE...]