Oct 202016

Rumors that Islamic State militants would have shot down a US military plane over the city of Markadah in north-eastern Syria, appear to be unfounded. The US Central Command (CENTCOM) has denied claims that Isis took down one of its warplanes.

 A-10 Thunderbolt II

A-10 Thunderbolt II (public domain photo)

According to terror group’s Aamaq agency quoted by almasdarnews.com, a US A-10 Thunderbolt “Warthog” jet aircraft was completely destroyed while pilot’s fate is still unknown.

“At this time there is no reporting of downed coalition aircraft of any kind,” a spokesman for CENTCOM told The Independent.

The US-led anti-ISIS coalition delivers air support to Kurdish rebels and local fighters who attack the jihadists’ positions on the ground.

Furthermore, the United States carries out air strikes in Iraq as part of the the mission to regain control of Mosul, a large city known as a main stronghold of ISIS terrorists.

Oct 202016

A cat managed to interrupt a TV show in Turkey. The cute feline appeared in the studio while a press review was revealed.

The cat climbed onto the desk, inspected the objects that came across its path and then found a comfortable place on the keyboard of presenter’s laptop.

The cat is named Husnu and was reportedly adopted by an employee of the television.

Video: Funny cat perturbs TV program on Turkish television

Oct 202016

Former liberal legend Radu Câmpeanu died today at the age of 94. He was born on February 28, 1922 in Bucharest, Romania.

radu campeanu

Radu Campeanu died at 94 (photo: europafm.ro)

“We announce with sorrow that senior liberal Radu Câmpeanu ceased to exist today. He will remain in our hearts as the first PNL President after 1989, the man who refounded Romania’s National Liberal Party after experiencing harsh communism period and terrible years in jail as a political prisoner. We send our prayers and condolences to his family,” reads a statement from the Liberal Party.

Also Romanian President Klaus Iohannis mourns the loss of the great liberal leader:
“The reconstruction of the National Liberal Party and the rebirth of a democratic life in Romania are related to the name of Radu Câmpeanu. While in exile, he promoted a free Romania and after 1990 he fought for his European values in his home country. The death took away one of the most authentic political seniors of Romania. May he rest in peace!”, wrote Iohannis on Facebook.

Radu Campeanu was the first president of PNL after the fall of communism. He served as president of the Liberal Party from 1990 to 1993.

A lider of the Liberal Youth before the Second World War, he was a student during the war. After the WW2, Campeanu took part in anti-communist demonstrations from 24 to 28 February 1945.

He was arrested in 1948 and spent several years in Communist prisons. After his release as a political prisoner, he emigrated to France with his wife Monica Papadopol and their son Barbu. In Paris, he was very active among the exiles, and was suspected as a security informer after the arrival of Paul Goma.

In 1990, Campeanu returns to Romania where he contributes to re-foundation of the PNL party whose president will be between 1990 and 1993. He was also elected a liberal senator of Bucharest during the 1990-1992 legislature. He ran for Romania’s Presidency in the 1990 elections when he earned 10.64% of votes and ranked 2nd.

In April 1992, PNL split from the Romanian Democratic Convention under Campeanu’s rule, and the party scored under the 3% threshold in the elections the same year.

On February 28, 1993, Liberal Deputies and Senators removed Radu Câmpeanu from function and replaced him with Mircea Ionescu-Quintus who was elected as the new president of the party.

Oct 192016

Wednesday is a day of paramount importance for the European Space Agency ESA as Schiaparelli space probe is scheduled to land on Mars.

schiaparelli lander

Schiaparelli EDM Lander (pic: wikimedia)

Update on Mars landing: ESA’s orbiter unveiled success, however no information yet on Schiaparelli probe – live. The ExoMars mission was hoping to land the module at 3:48 pm GMT time, but no signal from spacecraft has been received so far.

Schiaparelli is part of ExoMars project, a mission that has lingered for a long period before emerging officially. It was originally thought as an independent project of ESA. Later, NASA got involved but withdrew due to financial problems in 2012. In the end ESA continued the mission alongside Russian space agency ROSCOSMOS.

Members of the European Agency are now waiting for the breathtaking moment when the probe will land on Martian soil. Schiaparelli has a purely technical mission: to test the techniques that will be needed over 4 years, when a broader mission called ExoMars 2020 will be initiated.

Before landing on Mars, Schiaparelli EDM Lander will face serious challenges as it has to travel 121 km through planet’s atmosphere and decelerate from an interspace speed of 21,000 km/h to rest (0 km/h) in just 6 minutes. During its descent, the probe will deploy a parachute that will slow down its speed to 250 km/h.

However, there is a problem that puts the scientists in an awkward situation: the batteries of the landing station will not last forever, and will be exposed to danger posed by extreme low temperature. This situation raises new motivations for scientists who need to overcome this issue by creating a system that does not use the battery power.

Video: ExoMars 2016: Schiaparelli’s descent to Mars in real time

Oct 192016
Rafael Nadal inaugurates own tennis academy

Rafael Nadal inaugurated a tennis academy that bears his name in his hometown of Manacor on Wednesday, during a ceremony that was attended by Swiss tennis player and friend Roger Federer and many other officials, including ITF president David Haggerty, and ATP Chief Chris Kermode. “It’s a dream come true and a special day for […]

Oct 192016
SIGN OF APOCALYPSE! Strange sound terrifies Slovaks (VIDEO)

Strange noises were heard over the past days in some areas of Slovakia. The sound were quite frightening like the roaring of an animal, with the difference that the animal does not exist and sounds seem to come from the sky. Some folks blame the aliens or an approaching apocalypse, while others argue that the […]

Oct 192016
Anonymous Hackers warn: "Third World War is inevitable"

Anonymous hackers have delivered a new message to “world’s citizens” in the context of tensions between the United States and Russia over the situation in Syria. The famed hacking group revealed that “World War III is imminent” for the Pentagon. The message comes just a week after former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev said that “the […]

Oct 172016
Explosions and fire at BASF chemical plants in Ludwigshafen and Lampertheim, Germany (VIDEO)

A series of explosions rocked the German company BASF, world’s largest chemical producer, Monday morning. There are reports of victims and missing people after the blasts crippled two chemical plants in the city of Ludwigshafen where BASF is headquartered. The company announced that 14 production sites in Ludwigshafen area have been shut down as a […]

Oct 112016
World's smallest "elephant" lives in Namibia

A new species of animal dubbed to be the “tiniest elephant” in the world, lives in Africa. In a remote area in northwestern ​​Namibia, researchers have found a coppery colored shrew hiding between some reddish volcanic rocks. Investigation has shown that the animal belongs to a species, called “elephant shrew“. These creatures look more like […]

Oct 092016

Nico Rosberg of team Mercedes made a huge step towards claiming the 2016 Formula 1 world trophy. The German won the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday marking career’s first victory at Suzuka International Racing Course. Rosberg had a very good start and was most of the time at the top of the race. Following his […]