Jul 282015

Last Saturday, July 25, the Netherlands was rocked by a super storm, one of the strongest summer storms that has ever hit the country. The harsh weather triggered a hectic situation of Amsterdam’s International Airport Schiphol where dozens departing flights have been delayed in order to create more room for incoming traffic, go-arounds and possible emergencies.

Boeing B777

KLM B777 dangerously tilting on right side just before landing

The aerial traffic was dangerously disturbed and the severity of the tempest could be highlighted by two breathtaking landings exposed in the videos below. One shows the final approach of a KLM Boeing 777 plane that rolls dramatically from left to right side just before touching down runway. Fortunately, the crew managed to balance the giant jet and make it safely along the runway.

The second video showcases the approach and landing at Schiphol of a Transavia Boeing 737-800, registration number PH-GUA, performing flight HV-5068 from the Catalan city of Girona in Spain to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. After failing to land in Rotterdam due to heavy weather conditions, the pilots decided to try their chances at Amsterdam where the first landing attempt was aborted and a go-around was chosen. A second landing effort turned out to be quite nerve-racking because the jet with 170 passengers on board was running out of fuel and another go-around was not possible at all. The aircraft came in without flaps and managed to perform its final touchdown at a dizzying high speed of about 200 knots. All three approaches, one in Rotterdam and two in Amsterdam, were violent and passengers were reportedly instructed to assume the brace position for the final landing at Schiphol.

Video: Dangerous touchdown of KLM Boeing B777 at Amsterdam airport

Video: Critical landing in windstorm of Transavia B737-800 at Schiphol airport

Jul 242015

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg seems to make important steps toward becoming the richest person in the world.

According to Bloomberg billionaire list, the man behind the largest social network climbed to 9th position in the rankings of people with the greatest wealth on the planet.

Facebook founder’s fortune is estimated at 43.1 billion dollars, which means an increase of $8.6 billion compared to last year figure.

During his climb, Zuckerberg, 31, surpassed 89-year-old Ikea founder, Ingvar Kamprad, who dropped to tenth with a fortune estimated at 42.2 billion dollars, $2.8 billion less than the previous year, informs The Telegraph.

Jul 232015

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, met informally with French actor Gérard Depardieu who was on a visit to Belarus.

After having fruitful discussions over how to support the Belarussian agriculture and how to cultivate organic, bio or ecological products, the leader from Minsk organized a trip for the French star and taught Depardieu to sharpen his scythe and mow the land belonging to the presidential residence, according to robalt.ru.

Gerard Depardieu said that he loves Belarus especially because it reminds him of Switzerland. After a pretty exciting manual grass mowing session, the actor and president fed a horse with sugar cubes and drove a tractor.

Lukashenko gave Depardieu mowing lessons in Belarus (pic: belta.by)

Lukashenko gave Depardieu mowing lessons in Belarus (pic: belta.by)

Gerard Depardieu arrived in Belarus being particularly interested in the agricultural sector and in buying a farm on the outskirts of Minsk. The actor has a 15-year-old experience in winemaking industry, being the owner of vines land in France, Morocco, Spain and Argentina.

To recall that Gerard Depardieu announced in an open letter to French Prime Minister his intention to renounce French citizenship in order to escape the estate tax. Following this request, he became a citizen of the Russian Federation. Depardieu became apparently the most popular hero of the videos posted on the internet, in which he appears often dressed in traditional Russian shirt and wearing a fur hat.

VIDEO: Gerard Depardieu and Alexander Lukashenko using scythe for mowing grass

Jul 232015

After owning Financial Times (FT) for nearly 60 years, the British group Pearson decided to sell the prestigious newspaper to the Japanese group Nikkei for around 1 billion Euro.

The selling of Financial Times, a publication specialized in delivering economic information and news , has been subjected to much speculation especially after Pearson started showing increasingly more interest in providing educational services in North America and emerging markets.

However, the British group said many times that it remains committed to the Financial Times given the strong brand represented by this publication.

Jul 232015
NASA announces discovery of Earth's twin planet: Kepler-452b

During a press conference scheduled on Thursday at 4.30 p.m. GMT, NASA unveiled the discovery of Kepler-452b, a planet considered the closest twin to Earth. Kepler telescope has found the first Earth-like planet which is similar in size and located in the habitable zone of its star. NASA astronomers said that Kepler 452b, dubbed also […]

Jul 232015

Qualcomm, a company worth more than $ 100 billion, is considering the split and give up about 4,500 employees. Renowned chip maker Qualcomm seems to face a severe pressure from its shareholders in order to take action and reorganize the business amid weaker demands on the market. The semiconductor company is reported to fire 15% […]

Jul 232015
False bomb threat grounds Turkish Airlines flight at Istanbul airport

A false bomb alert stranded a Turkish Airlines flight at Istanbul airport Wednesday evening, a few days after the air operator announced the identification of the author of three previous similar threats, informs agency EFE. According to the daily Hurriyet, after disembarking passengers arrived on a flight from Tallinn (Estonia) plane found a note saying […]

Jul 232015
(Video) Shark attack on former world champion Mick Fanning caught on live television during surfing contest

One of world’s most famous surfers, Mick Fanning, escaped miraculously unharmed after a shark attacked him during a surfing event (scroll down for video). 34-year-old Fanning, who attended the South African stage of the ASP World Tour, was preparing to climb on his surfing board when he was attacked by the ferocious predator, and the […]

Jul 232015
Lufthansa plane avoids collision with drone while landing at Warsaw airport

A Lufthansa passenger plane operating a flight between Munich and Warsaw was on a collision course with a drone during the final approach, announced the Polish authorities. The close encounter emerged Monday afternoon while the plane was prepared for the landing sequence at the Chopin International Airport in Poland’s capital. Commercial drones pose a new […]

Jul 212015

During a test conducted in the US and aiming at proving the vulnerabilities of existing vehicle technologies, two security researchers have claimed online control of the steering wheel of a car from 15 kilometers away and dumped the vehicle into a ditch. While sitting comfortably on a couch, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek managed to […]