Nov 202015

170 people were taken hostage at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Mali’s capital of Bamako on Friday when two gunmen stormed the hotel, according to Reuters. The place is a highly frequented hub for foreign tourists.

CNN quotes the hotel chain as saying that two armed men have locked in 140 guests and 30 employees.

The shooters arrived in a diplomatic vehicle Friday morning, opening fire as they entered the hotel, said witness Amadou Keita, who works at a cultural center close by.

The gunshots went on for several long minutes, he said.

Two Malian nationals and a French national have died in the first instance but the death toll jumped later to an overall 27 fatalities, a U.N. official disclosed.

Malian soldiers with help from U.N. troops have the hotel surrounded and a large number of hostages.

Early unfolding of events:
12:05 p.m. (CET) The Islamist attackers search the Radisson floor by floor reaching the 7th level.
11:30 a.m. (CET) Special Forces of Mali arrived at the site of the attack and prepare for the assault; France provides logistical and informational support.
11:29 At least three hostages were killed, security forces began the assault (Mali Ministry of Security)
11:26 Security forces evacuated about ten people from the building.
AFP correspondent could see three people coming out of the hotel, including two women.
11:25 At least seven Chinese hostages are inside Radisson
11:20 French nationals are reportedly among the hostages, but their number was not specified, writes Reuters, citing sources close to the presidency of France.
11:17 Turkish Airlines announced that six members of its staff were at the besieged hotel.
11:10 The police managed to evacuate two women.
11:00 The attackers freed several hostages, including those who could recite verses from the Koran, according to sources close to the security services, cited by Reuters.

Nov 192015

Belgian jihadist Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged ringleader of the bloody Paris attacks that left 129 people dead and over 350 injured last Friday, was killed in the assault of the police commandos in Saint Denis yesterday, the French justice announced.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud

Abdelhamid Abaaoud killed in French police operation in Saint Denis

“Abdelhamid Abaaoud was killed in the police assault. He was formally identified after comparing fingerprints (…) It is about the bodies found in the building,” said Paris prosecutor Francois Molins who is in charge with the investigation of the bombings and shootings that sent the French capital into mourning last week.

27-year-old Abaaoud died along with his female cousin who committed suicide by blowing herself up when police special forces stormed the site. Eight other individuals were arrested in the large operation.

Besides being the suspected brain behind Friday’s concerted assaults, Abaaoud had been involved in an Amsterdam-Paris high-speed train attack that was foiled by some US soldiers who were coincidentally on that train. In addition, the Belgian terrorist of Moroccan origins had connections also to a church incident near the French capital at the beginning of this year.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian jihadi of Moroccan origins, was taken out in Paris raid (Twitter)

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian jihadi of Moroccan origins, was taken out in Paris raid (Twitter)

Nov 192015

The blackmail situations seem to target the football celebrities all over Europe and not only. After the still fresh Benzema – Valbuena scandal, a new such incident arises as the Spanish media outlets writes that Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and his famed partner Shakira are being blackmailed over a sextape.

Shakira, 38, and Pique, 28, form one of the most famous couples in the music-soccer world. The footballer and his pop star girlfriend are hunted by paparazzi worldwide but now the situation has gone too far.

According to Diario Vasco and AS newspaper, the couple is blackmailed over a sensitive tape by a former employee who asked for a large sum of money as a condition not to make the footage public.

However, Gerard Pique denied reports that he and Shakira are being blackmailed over a home-made video with erotic content.

This emerges just shortly after Karim Benzema was formally accused of having helped three people to blackmail his French national team fellow, Mathieu Valbuena.

Benzema was arrested by judicial police in Versailles, west of Paris, in connection with the case, although his lawyers insist he played ‘no part’ in the attempt to extort money from his fellow France international.

In this case Benzema is liable for a five year jail sentence if found guilty of helping blackmailers get their hand on an intimate video featuring Valbuena and his girlfriend.

Nov 192015

Francois Hollande urged government to take measures for countering any possible attack with chemical weapons, and ordered hospitals to acquire stocks of neurotoxin antidote drugs. The decision comes after the attacks that killed 129 people and injured many more in Paris last Friday.

Under the emergency measures, the French Ministry of Health requires hospitals to store stocks of atropine sulfate, the only effective antidote to neurotoxins, the toxic substances which alters the normal activity of the nervous system in such a way as to cause damage to nervous tissue, reports website

France fears a chemical warfare (pic.

France fears a chemical warfare (pic.

Until now, the atropine sulfate was only found in the French army stocks.

The order was signed by Benoit Vallet, the head of the Directorate General for Health in France, and adopted at the request of Health Minister Marisol Touraine.

According to French media, the decision was taken because the authorities fear an attack with chemical compounds such as VX and VR gases.

In case of an attack with neurotoxic substances, the victims should inject 2mg doses of atropine sulphate every five minutes, until the symptoms disappear, according to experts quoted by the French press.

State Islamic terrorist network has claimed responsibility for the massacre that broke out in Paris on November 13 when 129 people were killed and about 400 injured.

Nov 182015
French police dog Diesel dies in Paris anti-terror operation in Saint Denis

French police dog Diesel has just died in the anti-terror operation in Saint-Denis on Wednesday. He gave his life for the democracy and freedom of the people of France who will never forget him! #ripdiesel. The 7-year-old Belgian Shepherd was killed during the seven-hour siege in northern Paris, French police tweeted. The hashtag #JeSuisChien, which […]

Nov 182015

Facebook’s “check-in” feature was activated after 32 people were killed by a market bomb blast in the Nigerian city of Yola. The activation comes after users slammed Facebook for using it selectively during Paris massacre. Facebook activated its “Safety Check” feature in Nigeria after scores of people were killed and injured in Tuesday night’s bombing […]

Nov 182015

A new terrorist attack shook the world after a market bombing killed tens of people in Nigeria on Tuesday night, writes Al Jazeera. According to preliminary reports, the terrorist attack left 32 people dead and over 80 injured in the city of Yola. The attack in northeastern Nigeria took place near the largest fruit and […]

Nov 182015
Bomb Alert in Denmark: Copenhagen Kastrup Airport terminal evacuated after suspicious package found

A terminal of the International Airport of Copenhagen was evacuated on Wednesday after the Danish authorities spotted a suspicious bag. “It was reported a suspect bag and police are currently investigating the case,” said Sisse Hansen. Plane boarding were moved to the other terminals of the airport, she said. Meanwhile, the subway company announced that […]

Nov 182015

Russian media draw attention about a suspicious man who appears in various video footage recorded by television cameras during Antalya’s G20 summit when Barack Obama had a sidelines meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Russian journalists are presuming that the man is trying to catch a glimpse of the discussion between the two world […]

Nov 182015

The United States will initiate an operation with Turkey to fully secure the country’s border with Syria, an area where the terrorist organization Islamic state is very active. “The whole northern border with Syria will be closed. So far, it has been secured up to 90 percent. We will initiate an operation for closing the […]