Jul 162016

A military coup attempted by a faction of the Turkish army was foiled by the people who took to the streets at the request of country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Troops have been spotted in the streets of Ankara and Istanbul and there have been reports of fighter jets flying low over the cities. The plot was apparently masterminded by lower officers who had rebelled against senior officers, writes CNN.

Turkish Coup: Military units shut down traffic on Istanbul bridge over Bosphorus

Turkish Coup: Military units shut down traffic on Istanbul bridge over Bosphorus

The events seem to be hectic as Prime Minister and military both claim to be in control of the situation.

Main headlines:
A Turkish F-16 fighter jet has shot down a helicopter used by coup plotters over Ankara, according to CNN Turk.

The military claims it has taken over the government and imposed martial law, according to state broadcaster TRT.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reacted by issuing a statement via Facetime on CNN Turk television urging people to defend democracy in to the streets. “This was done from outside the chain of command,” he said.

In Istanbul, the Ataturk International Airport and the two main bridges over Bosphorus Strait have been shut down while in the capital of Ankara, the major bridges have been closed.

A crowd of 200-300 residents gathered with flags at Taksim Square in Istanbul and at least one tank and military vehicle are present in the area.

Gunfire heard at Istanbul airport and near the police headquarters.

Turkish chief of military staff taken hostage in Ankara.

Curfew declared across the country.

Video: Turkish Army Coup takes President Erdogan by surprise.

Jul 152016

A deadly terror attack took place in the French city of Nice where a truck plowed into the crowd killing 84 people and injuring 200 others (52 critical), according to the latest reports.

The drama broke out Thursday evening at 22.30 local time as people were celebrating the National Day of France watching a fireworks display.

Boulevard des Anglais in Nice where the truck hit the crowd (pic: cnn.com)

Boulevard des Anglais in Nice where the truck hit the crowd (pic: cnn.com)

The attack began when an occupant of the truck shot into the crowd and then drove for 2 kilometers along the pavement of the Boulevard des Anglais, the main street in Nice, writes CNN.

Local and national authorities claim that this is a premeditated action and that the truck driver was shot dead by police.

Several other sources suggest that the attack involved more suspects, one of whom was arrested. This information was later refuted by the authorities who said that only one man was in the truck.

French daily newspaper Le Figaro says that a hostage-taking situation emerged at a local hotel, but the information has not been confirmed yet.

Furthermore, weapons and grenades were found in the deadly truck, fact which confirms the idea of ​​a terror act.

Security forces are calling on citizens to stay inside their homes. Various video images show people fleeing the scene in horror. French mass media praise the gesture of the taxi drivers who volunteered to evacuated the victims with their cabs.

President Hollande made an urgent return to Paris from Avignon in order to set up ca crisis team. Until now, the head of state has not made any official statement.

France seem to fall again under the terror threats after a series of armed attacks, bombings and hostage taking situations rocked Paris last November when more than 100 of the approximately 1,500 spectators attending a concert inside Bataclan theater were killed.

Jul 062016

Marcel Lazar Lehel aka. Guccifer, the Romanian hacker who broke into the personal email server of the US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was allegedly found dead in his prison cell in Virginia, according to Christian Times Newspaper, a controversial online news outlet known to disseminate often fake or conspiracy-related stories.


Guccifer taken into police custody in Romania

For the time being there are no reliable sources acknowledging this information.

Guccifer was extradited by the Romanians to the United States last March for a period of maximum 18 months after admitting openly that he broke into Hillary Clinton’s account. To mention that he had been already sentenced in his country to 7 years behind bars for hacking the email accounts of the former Romanian intelligence chief George Maior and the Facebook accounts of some local celebrities.

The rumor that Guccifer is missing from the Viginia prison were he was incarcerated, began to circulate Tuesday morning, shortly after the FBI retracted any accusations against Mrs. Clinton over the use of a private email system while Secretary of State (read HERE the full statement by FBI Director James B. Comey)

Tuesday night, various reports claimed that the Romanian hacker was found dead after dinner, hanging from a rope in his cell.

Official statement over Guccifer's status

Official statement over Guccifer’s status

FBI Director James Comey said on same day that “America’s enemies and individual actors are those who have accessed the emails of Senator Hillary Clinton and Guccifer was the only person who could provide details about their content”.

Guccifer argued that the server was “like an open orchid on the internet” and that “it was easy … easy for me and for anyone else to hack that e-mail account”.

Reports are still ongoing and official statements are expected to be released by the US authorities.

Christian Times writes that “it is worth noting that Hillary Clinton and her advisers have previously involved the White House in the questionable suicide of employee Vince Foster back in 1995”

According to Snopes.com, officials at the Virginia jail denied the death rumors by confirming that Mr. Lehel is well, alive and in custody there. Hence, there is no truth to the news he went mysteriously missing from his jail cell earlier this month.

Official Statement on “Guccifer” Rumors

“Marcel Lehel Lazar, a federal inmate also known as Guccifer, is at the William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center in Alexandria, Va. He is alive and has never been missing from this facility.

Sheriff Dana Lawhorne
July 6, 2016”

Jun 292016

Nigel Farage, the uncontested leader of the British extremists and the moral author of the Brexit, managed to convert the European Parliament into a circus place to the delight of the audience. He began his triumphal amid the jeering and booing of his continental colleagues who were reduced to silence only after the intervention of the EP President, Martin Schulz, who said: “Ladies and gentlemen. One major quality of the democracy is to listen to various even if you don’t share their opinion.”

nigel farage

Nigel Farage (pic: wikimedia commons)

“Good morning. Funny, Isn’t it? When I came here 17 years ago and I said I wanted to lead the campaign to get Britain to leave the European Union, you all laughed at me. I have to say you are not laughing now, aren’t you?” Farage began his speech.

“The reason you are so upset, the reason you are so angry, has been perfectly clear from all the angerily exchanges this morning. You, as a political project, are in denial. You are in denial that that your currency is failing. well, just look at the Mediterranean [states]”, said Farage while the other MEPs started to speak derisively.

“And you are in denial over Mrs Merkel’s call last year for as many people as possible to cross the Mediterranean into the European Union, fact which has led to many divisions between countries and within countries”, continued the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) whose whose “full performance” can be viewed in the video below.

Photo credit: By Dweller [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Jun 282016
Iceland historic win over England triggers funniest jokes about British / English!!!

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Jun 272016
VIDEO: Iceland claims shock 2-1 win over England at EURO 2016

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Jun 272016
VIDEO: Italy beats Spain 2-0 in Paris after spectacular EURO 2016 match

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Jun 272016

A Singapore Airlines airliner with 241 people on board caught fire while making an emergency landing at Singapore’s Changi International Airport. According to The Telegraph, no one was injured in the incident. The blaze began shortly after the Boeing 777-300ER returned to the airport as a result of an engine oil warning message. Passengers on […]

Jun 192016
VIDEO: What would happen if, instead of money, you get a black hole in your pocket?

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Jun 192016

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