Jan 262015

Demis Roussos died aged 68! The information was confirmed by Roussos’ daughter Emily to the newspaper Le Figaro.

Greek singer Demis Roussos passed away Saturday night and his death was announced also by journalist Nikos Aliagas on Twitter.

With charm and talent, Demis Roussos managed to conquer the hearts of fans from all over the world and his peerless voice convinced millions of people buy his impressive albums recorded across his career .

Recognition of his talent came also from critics, after the artist sang in several foreign languages​​, winning numerous awards such as : #1 in Japan with “The Roussos Phenomenon EP “, the golden disc in the America with “Demis” and becoming first artist born in Africa (Alexandria, Egypt) that earned success on all continents.

Video: Demis Roussos singing in Moscow: Goodby my love!

Jan 252015

A video recorded in November 2014 and allegedly made ​​public by the military, shows a Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker fighter jet aircraft of the Russian Air Force intercepting and chasing a P-3 Orion patrol aircraft of the Portuguese military that was flying over the Baltic Sea (scroll down for what is claimed to be an unclassified video).

According to the source that unveiled the incident, the video was shot by “one of the sensors of the P-3 Orion aircraft MPA – Maritime Patrol Aircraft – of the Portuguese Air Force during a surveillance mission over the Baltic Sea .”

Su-27 Flanker

Sukhoi Su-27 filmed by surveillance camera of NATO P-3 Orion plane (pic: youtube)

In the footage, the Russian Sukhoi aircraft is seen approaching stealthily the patrol aircraft from the right side at a safe distance, slowing and matching speed before leaving to the right.

According to military experts, it is not uncommon for Russian Air Force to scramble fighter jets to identify and escort the NATO surveillance planes. On the other hand, also the Russian spy planes are frequently intercepted by NATO aircraft while crossing the airspace boundary of other countries.

This recording proves that Moscow, in turn, keeps an eye on surveillance and intelligence activities held in the region by NATO but also non-NATO states.

Portuguese Air Force operates a fleet of P-3 Orion aircraft in the 601 Squadron “Lobos” (Esquadra 601), a squadron of maritime and anti-submarine surveillance located at Beja Air Base.

Video: Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker surveys NATO P-3 Orion plane over Baltic Sea in Nov. 2014

Jan 242015

A shockproof smartphone dubbed Dorel was reportedly launched by the Romanian tech company UTOK, informs the local media.

The gadget comes with dual-sim slots, 3.5-inch screen, 5 megapixel camera and at a price of about 135 Euro. Dorel weighs 180 grams has a 2,000 mAh battery.

Dorel UTOK

Dorel, a smartphone designed for harsh working conditions (pic: UTOK)

As outlined by the company, the phone addresses the folks working in hard environment conditions:
UTOK Dorel is smartphone developed for those who perform their activities in a demanding work environment under conditions that could normally damage an unprotected phone. The IP67 standard ensures the integrity of the smartphone UTOK Dorel when subjected to mechanical stress caused by one meter high falls, dust and down to one meter deep submersion for about 30 minutes,” says the company.

UTOK sells an array of smartphones priced between 40 and 250 Euro, but also tablets. The company has launched also another smartphone model, called Explorer.

Jan 242015

The US software giant Microfost created HoloLens, a pair of glasses able to change our world by projecting holographic images (scroll down for video).

The device, which generates 3D images that overlap with the surrounding reality, resembles the ski goggles and is according to Microsoft “the first autonomous computerized holographic glasses” because they can operate without a smartphone or syncing with a PC.

microsoft hololens

Microsoft HoloLens shifts world into holograms (pic: engadget.com)

The glasses are said to be released no later than the end of 2015 and expected to run the new operative system Windows 10.

Hololens screen is transparent, therefore the user is able to see everything around by contrast to virtual reality glasses that obstruct the view. That’s the reason why Microsoft uses the term “mixed reality”, ie “combined reality”, a blend of real world and “augmented reality”, that is present in simple shapes in various smartphone applications.

Microsoft says that developers can build virtual objects in a 3D space , objects that will behave like real ones when you interact with them. These objects can become 100 % real in the future and users can do their 3D printing.

The company says that the gadget can also be used in educational projects, but also as an architecture tool for visualizing 3D patterns.

This device is autonomous in operation, comes with video processor and sound unit and does not depend on a smartphone or PC. The battery lifetime remains unknown but is thought to be short due to the extensive graphics usage.

Video: Microsoft HoloLens, groundbreaking technology creating holograms

Jan 242015

Song lyrics praising violence are unusual. However a prosecutor in California is convinced that one singer’s violent lyrics go beyond creation to conspiracy, informs CNN. San Diego rapper Tiny Doo has spent 8 months in jail, and is eligible for 25 years to life in prison if sentenced under a little-known California statute that makes [READ MORE…]

Jan 232015
Twitter urges user not to share Instagram photos on microblogging platform

Twitter began sending messages to its users urging them not to publish photos that have already been posted on Instagram. Some verified users – including celebrities, brands, journalists and other public figures – received from the microblogging website a notification which encourage them “to publish the photos directly to Twitter in order to make sure [READ MORE…]

Jan 232015
Gravity explained by a trivial experiment (VIDEO)

Gravitational pull appears to be one of the most difficult concepts to understand, however an American physics teacher found a brilliant method to explain it. The main question here is: What is gravity? or How would you explain gravity if asked to? Probably most folks would try a theoretical explanation of the principles that underlie [READ MORE…]

Jan 232015
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia has died at 90

One of the most important leaders of the Middle East, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia , died last night at the age of 90! The monarch had been hospitalized on December 31 in a hospital in Riyadh due to pneumonia, and since then his medical condition worsened. Given the advanced age, [READ MORE…]

Jan 232015

The US online commerce company EBay announced that it plans to lay off 2,400 employees. The move comes after the holiday season brought poor sales that triggered a slump in company’s revenue for the fourth quarter of last year. Ebay totaled 4.35 and 4.45 billion dollars, compared to initial estimates expecting around 4.71 billion. In [READ MORE…]

Jan 222015
Obama and Putin among world's leaders with best physical condition, according to Health Fitness Revolution

US President Barack Obama, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the Israeli prime ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Australian PM Tony Abbott are among the political leaders with the best physical condition, according to a survey made ​​by magazine Health Fitness Revolution and its founder, Samir Becic, known as the 4-time winner of the title “No. 1 Fitness [READ MORE…]

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