Jul 262011

Last Friday (July 22, 2011) Norway was hit by a terrifying tragedy that left about 90 people dead and dozens injured. 2 bombs exploded in central Oslo killing about 8 people but later on another threat was about to shock the world.

One and a half hour after Oslo’s blasts, Anders Behring Breivik, the man allegedly thought of detonating the bombs in the capital city, climbed on a ferry and traveled to Utoeya island where a Labour Party youth event was held. Breivik clothed as a police officer approached the meeting attendees and…spread the terror by gunning down everyone in his path. The death toll amounted about 80 victims although a detailed final report is still pending.

In the wake of the incident, theatlantic.com website presents wide imagery taken in Oslo and Utoeya over the course of a few hours period. Some of them are labeled with warning/graphic content notices.



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