Aug 272011

Love hits usually unexpectedly and looks like the things are getting beter and beter for singer Pepe. After failing in marriage with Oana Zavoranu, Pepe found a new consolation.

The new acquisition is not known as a native starlet instead she is the daughter of the clan chief.

The relationship between the Latino boy and Raluca Pastrama seems very serious. The dating with with the 20-year-old young lady has already taken place for a few weeks.

Raluca Pastrama

Raluca Pastrama, 20, the woman who stole Pepe’s heart (Photo: Enational)

According to Cancan tabloid, Raluca introduced Pepe to her parents and subsequently (after a few days) Pepe took her to his family.

Now everyone wonders if she would be the chosen woman who will heal the wounded soul of the artist and make him forget about Querida. Everything is very likely, especially because the brunette is not missing any physical qualities: she has long legs and a mannequin-like silhouette.



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