Aug 272011

Brianna Caradja stirred sensation a few days ago on the beach!

Accompanied by three men, the Princess made her appeared on a beach in Eforie where she exposed herself. The nonconformist star was not embarrassment at all to show off her tanned skin.

Princess Caradja seen in Eforie (Photo:

Princess Caradja seen in Eforie (Photo:

“I usually go to Vama Veche, but now I preferred Eforie, because during this period here are many concerts. It is true, I went to nudists, because the regular beach was too crowded and filthy. Here are less, therefore their beach is a place where you can breathe,” said Brianna in an interview for Click!.

According to the paparazzi, the four appeared to be close friends.

“I love to tan without traces, so yes, I was lying without a bra. There is nothing shameful in that. The three men who were there are some friends from Italy who came on holiday in Romania. And they were scared of what they saw on the beach, so I decided to come in this isolated place,” added Brianna Caradja.

Brianna comes from a noble family!

Brianna Caradja is aged 50 and has two children. Caradja family is a noble family with Byzantine Phanariote origins. The family settled in the sixteenth century, in the Danubian principalities and had two representatives on the throne of Wallachia.

Brianna Caradja: marriage and divorce from Perry Zizzi Vito

The divorce between Princess Brianna Caradja and the italian lawyer Perry Zizzi Vito began three years ago. The twosome have been together for two years but it seems that their marriage was arranged. After the divorce Caradja disclosed that Perry had gay inclinations.

Caradja's ex-husband Perry Zizzi (left) and his boyfriend Jerome (right)

Accused by Brianna for attempts to steal her wealth, Zizzi revealed during the trial that the princess was supposed to provide her eggs because he and his lover, Jerome wished a child each.

In response, the princess has accused her ex-husband for stealing her eggs, and the twins adopted by Zizzi Perry and Jerome are actually her children.



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