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Real or photo hacking? FBI must unveil (or already unveiled)!!! Scarlett Johansson is rumored to have appeared pretty empty in two leaked pictures which were taken by herself using the photo camera of her own phone. (scroll down for video report)

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson fell victim to phone hack attack (Public domain)

Now there are a lot of controversial debates if the photos are real or just a hoax. At a first glance it looks like Scarlet Johansson stars in the still images but not everyone can put the hand in fire for that.

Certainly Scarlett’s leaked snapshots held the front page of many gossip websites and the topic became viral over the web since it sparked on Wednesday September 14, 2011.

Supposing the two photos are real, it seems that Scarlett took them while being…at home (as she admitted). The first photo was captured in the bathroom revealing actress’s body in front of a mirror, while the second snapshot shows Johansson lying sideways on a bed and highlighting the right side of her body.

Scarlett Johansson pregnant with first child (03/03/2014)

The release drew quite a lot of attention as it’s most likely to become an investigation case for FBI. It was reported that the actress was the latest victim of a photo hacker. Some sources revealed that the photo hacking might be ranked as a criminal act.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson posing here with the US Marines (Public domain)

Johansson’s hacker, Christopher Chaney, caught, apologizes.

According to the latest news reports, the photos are allegedly thought to have been hacked from the 26-year-old star’s mobile phone (that would confirm the photos are real?). Actress’ representatives said that FBI is looking into the incident.

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This would not be the first time FBI gets involved in a picture hacking scandal. They have been contacted also in the leak cases related to Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Greene, Hayley Williams, Megan Fox, etc.

Do you really think the leaked images feature Scarlett Johansson or it was just a tricky joke?

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Videoreport: Scarlett Johansson’s hacked photographs – HUFFPOST ENT.



  22 Responses to “Pictures: Scarlett Johansson bared in leaked photos”

  1. Are these celebrities as stupid as most of them look. Why on earth would you take naked pics of yourself and not expect their phones to be hacked ……. some people

    • because expected the phone safer than computers which are more exposed to viruses/spyware, etc.

      • Unfortunately phones are not safe. Assuming you do not surf the web on your phone then it may be somewhat safer than your computer. On the other hand with your computer at least you can put a router in between the computer and your cable/DSL modem. That can keep certain kinds of hackers out. But if you enable Wi-Fi on the router that might enable another kind of hacker path in. Security is complicated.

    • That doesn’t make any sense – read what your wrote again. Are you mildly retarded?

      • Well, technically a router could work with the router IF you are using wifi, but a phone does not use that. The other point is a Smartphone uses the same computer setup now that a computer or laptop/tablet does, thus vunerable to viruses…that’s why they can be hacked in the first place since they are pretty much mini-computers.

        Remember that before taking your cameraphone NSFW pics and vids to the cloud next time folks.

        • err router could work with the setup. The rest is okay…stupid no edit option

          And Thank you Scarlett of course 🙂

  2. ….magnificent photos. An apparently “un-retouched” woman…..bravo.

  3. If people really want to take nudes of themselves and not have them leaked, get yourself an old polariod camera. No computers or cell phones required.

    • maybe it was something spontaneous and the phone was more handy,,nowadays everyone uses the cameraphones…

  4. FBI for this? *sigh*

  5. I want to wrap my mouth around those puppies

  6. америкосы одни что ли?? да вы что, она же сама их в сеть наверняка выложила

  7. Whether Americans one that?? Yes you that, it in a network has for certain laid out them

  8. Next time, get an iPhone!

  9. to view uncensored photos : ….deleted…

  10. Android phones have many security problems and nothing is safe on them. Jessica Alba made the right move to the most secure platform, Windows Phone, maybe Scarlett should do the same. The next version having TPM, Secure Boot, and BitLocker encryption will be even more secure.

    I suggest people who want security only use the new Windows Phone 8 devices such as the Nokia Lumia 920 (great for photos too).

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