Sep 302011

Melissa Satta said goodbye to Bobo Vieri and engaged Gianluca Vecchi.

She cried several times live on TV, shouting her love for Bobo Vieri, but Melissa Satta did not spend much time to end up in comfort.

Now, the beautiful Italian seems to have found emotional balance. Furthermore she even seems to be heading for the altar since she got engaged.

The man who healed her feelings in record time is a businessman Gianluca Vacchi, one of the men with whom Melissa was photographed by the paparazzi this summer.

And it took the model only two months to make him believe that she is woman he wants to spend rest of his life with.

Melissa Satta and Gianluca Vacchi during their sunny holiday.

Satta and Vacchi spent a short holiday in Sardinia and in autumn they reviewed each other in Milan.

In consequence the 42-year-old guy whose conquests reveals names such as Aida Yespica, Claudia Galant, Michelle Rodriguez, Ilaria Spada and Raffaella Zardo asked the big question and not long after that he engaged to Melissa.

As things moved so fast for Melissa, a possible marriage won’t wonder anyone.

Christian Vieri must be lucky because he already consoled himself. There is no shortage of beautiful ladies in the Italian showbiz.



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