Oct 072011

Michael Jordan is envied for his modern personalized airplane. Credit:yahoo.com

What kind of airplane is that featured in the photo???

Everyone knows Michael Jordan. He was probably the most talented basketball player so far and most representative for NBA. He owns the team Charlotte Bobcats that is a financial battle with L.A. Lakers and N.Y. Knicks.

Leaving the sport and going to business, wealth, fortune, etc, our attention is drawn by Michael Jordan’s new personalized aircraft. As revealed by the photo, the plane features the code N236MJ on its engines.

Of course it would not be quite difficult to figure out the significance of the numbers, letters. They mean the following: 23 – is Jordan’s number, 6 – the number of NBA championships he claimed and MJ – obviously the initials of his famous name. The plane reveals a North Carolina blue-colored tail fin and Michael Jordan’s logo is printed on the vertical stabilizer.

It looks like now the folks are wondering about the type of the airplane featured in the picture.



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  1. The plane is a Gulfstream GV

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